Dawn of the Archmage continues the rich fantasy world of Archmage Origins. Once the rulers of Sorcado, mages have fallen from power. Challengers arrive from every corner of the land. Knighted Paladins, land-hungry Lords…​ ​all seek to dethrone the mages. But mages don’t go down easily. It’s time to fight back!

SolarFlare Games announces their latest Kickstarter project, Dawn of the Archmage, a miniatures skirmish game in which each player controls a mage from a school of magic.  Each player will be summoning powerful monsters to the battlefield and pitting them against the other players in battle.  The winner of the game will rise above the other mages, ascending to the rank of Archmage.

Here’s a look at more from the press release for Dawn of the Archmage:

Each mage uses summoning powers to bring new and dangerous creatures to the battlefield. Expending massive mystical energy, their battle grows in frenetic power as monstrous beasts fight for the mages who control them, seeking to destroy all challengers in a magic-fueled frenzy.

In addition to summoning fearsome creatures to fight, mages possess a selection of powerful spells. With a single word, the battle can shift. Manipulating odds, controlling movement, and countering rival spells, the mage’s strategy will determine the supreme ruler of Sorcado.

The battle rages everywhere. Modular map tiles allow the mages to customize the battle area. Large, sprawling battlefields or close, confined ones…​ ​the fight is different every time. Will it be the Arena? The Forest? The Ruins? Or even Underground?

Dawn of the Archmage goes live on Kickstarter on August 1, 2017.  The project features two separate pledge levels, the first including one copy of the game, and the other including a copy of the game as well as the card game Archmage Origins.

Dawn of the Archmage is for 2-4 players ages 8 and up and plays in 40-80 minutes.  For more information on the project, visit the Kickstarter page here.

Fantasy Flight Games has just announced Anchorhead Cantina, a new skirmish map for Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Available as a 26×26 inch neoprene playmap, Anchorhead Cantina enters the tournament rotation. Perfect for the Imperial Assault World Championships in May 2017, Anchorhead Cantina includes tangles hallways, an outdoor junkyard, and evocative artwork of Greedo and Obi-Wan Kenobi, two Tatooine “natives”.

attack wing banner

WizKids continues its series of articles on their mega hit D&D Attack Wing Miniatures Game by taking a look at an army build that’s making waves in the tournament scene: the infamous 120-point 3BG (three ballistae and a frost giant).

Moonlite Comics’ Jay Kirkman talks strategy, and takes his own version of the build for a spin against Balagos, a Copper Dragon, and a squad of Sun Elf Archers. The article provides a detailed play-by-play, giving the reader a good sense for the game and why 3BG is so dominant.

“The Copper blasted an acid breath, hitting three of my four units (killing one), while Balagos brought the fire on the right. After a withering salvo of bolter fire girded by target tokens and artillery master upgrades, though, both dragons were seriously wounded in this initial exchange.”

We won’t spoil the rest! Check out the article for more details on Kirkman’s build, and a thrilling turn by turn overview of his epic battle.


“There’s always the chance that a single starfighter pilot can turn the tide of battle.”

Fantasy Flight Games continues their series of Star Wars: Armada previews with a look at the unsung heroes of large scale galactic conflict: starfighter squadrons. These versatile units can act as hard-to-hit front line attackers, escorts for the big capital ships, or as defenders frustrating your opponent’s best laid plans.

This preview takes a closer look at the Squadron Phase, which occurs after the capital ships have moved and features special squadron-only movement rules. It also discusses squadron strategy, special abilities like Bomber and Swarm, and the difference between standard and ace pilots like Luke Skywalker.

“The fighter squadrons of Star Wars: Armada may not be as large or hard-hitting as the game’s massive capital ships, but when they’re employed effectively, they offer your fleet tremendous tactical flexibility.”

Make sure to check out the full article for all the details.