Shinobi 7

Coming this February from Shinobi 7, is Sonic the Hedgehog Battle Racers!

Available as a single player game as well as 2 and up, players will choose a racer, route and then race to the finish line, trying to avoid each other and varying obstacle. Players use speed, abilities and special powers to collect rings along the way. The track changes with every race, making the experience different each time.

The base board game comes with 64 agility cards, 50 ring tokens, 40 Badnik tokens, 15 rock tokens, 10 track sections, 4 miniatures, 4 racer profiles and 4 speed tokens. It is for ages 9 and up with a playing time of 30-60 minutes.

A boss expansion, Dr. Eggman, will be available, which adds his miniature and boss cards, as well as new track sections. In March, the boss expansion, Shadow, will also be available, adding his miniature, boss cards and new track sections, as well as breakaway platforms.

The cult-favorite barbarian, Conan, is going to receive more tabletop-gaming love over the next year or so. Shinobi 7, a publisher who specializes in pop-culture IPs, announced that they required the rights to Conan for two upcoming games. The first of which, a miniatures game, will hit Kickstarter in early 2019 while the second, a competitive card game, will head straight to retail at an unspecified time that same year.  As quoted from the press release:

As a lifetime fan of Conan, I am honored to take part in the ongoing legacy of Robert E. Howard’s phenomenal body of work,” says Jason DeAngelis, publisher of Shinobi 7. “Our team of game industry veterans is developing a line of games that’s sure to delight and surprise fans of Conan and Robert E. Howard.

It’s an interesting time to be a fan of Conan, especially after the well-received Monolith-produced miniatures adventure game and it’s expansion. I’m very curious how Shinobi 7 will differentiate their miniatures game from it’s already well-known predecessor. I’m also curious if the competitive card game will capture the same sort of pulp adventure that is synonymous with the brand, given that it’s described as involving characters within that world fighting for glory. Unfortunately, details beyond that are scarce, so only time will tell. If you are interested in learning more about either Conan-related releases, be sure to keep an eye on Shinobi 7’s website as they say that further details, components, and release dates will be on their way.

Shinobi-7 announces the card game based on the wildly popular anime: My Hero Academia: The Card Game.  Interact with your favorite characters from the show! For 2-4 players age 8 and above- play to recruit Students to your Hero Agency. Select the best Students along with the best combinations of Quirks (Super-Powered Abilities) to complete your missions and become the ultimate Hero Agency.

To be released in the Fall of 2018- the game will include  60 Student Cards, 60 Action Cards, 40 Mission Cards, 10 Recruiter Cards, and 1 Rulebook.

Shinobi 7 has reached an agreement with Diamond/Alliance for exclusive distribution of all of its products.

This agreement means that Diamond/Alliance will be the sole distributor for Shinobi 7 products to all hobby markets, toy stores, comic shops, book stores, and other mass market outlets. Under the deal, current Shinobi 7 products will shortly be relisted by Diamond/Alliance. Current products will be released through Ninja Division until March 15, 2018.

Another part of the deal has Seven Seas Entertainment acquiring a complete ownership interest in Shinobi 7. Originally, Shinobi 7 was created as a joint venture between Seven Seas Entertainment and Ninja Division. Now, Ninja Division will be removed from the equation.

In the meantime, Shinobi 7 will continue its focus on “the production and publishing of high quality tabletop games based on exciting licensed brands.”


Shinobi 7 has announced plans to release Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers, based on the Sonic the Hedgehog IP made popular in early 90s video games. The newest Sonic game has 2-5 players taking control on Sonic as well as both his friends and rivals in an obstacle-laden race. Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers will include five 40mm scale pre-painted miniatures; Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Tails, and Dr. Eggman.

Battle Racers is scheduled to be available in retail in the second half of 2018.

A modular course is built by players before the race. Once the race begins players will need to both avoid opposing racers as well as a litany of dangerous obstacles. Players will control their speed, deploy special abilities and unique powers all while trying to collect as many rings as possible.

Shinobi 7 is already preparing for an expanded world, with expansion packs ready that will include one pre-painted character and their racer. Larger expansions will also include additional track sections for greater racing variety.

About Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog originally found his fame as video game franchise created by Sega in the early 90s. Sonic the Hedgehog was considered the mascot character by Sega during the heyday of the 16 bit era console wars.

Sonic, the protagonist of the game series, is a blue hedgehog named Sonic who often finds himself in trouble with the antagonist Doctor Eggman. While Doctor Eggman attempts to take over the world, Sonic and his friends always arrive just in time.


The latest incarnation of My Little Pony has quite the following among the geeky subculture and has spawned many fan inspired creations taking place in the cartoon’s world.  And companies that cater to those interests have not over-looked this, evidenced by the creation and distribution of the RPG My Little Pony: Tales of Equestria.  But unfortunately for RPG fans of the series, there hasn’t been a US distributor, until now.  Ninja Division and Shinobi 7 have acquired the licensing rights to the game and will begin releasing the game at the start of 2017.  First up will be the core rulebook, then The Curse of the Statuettes Adventure Story Box Set which will contain all you need to get up and running quickly, and finally Tokens of Friendship to use in the game.  After that they promise quarterly releases of new content to keep the game fresh and moving forward.