Shiba Inu House

Renegade Games is bringing Circus Puppy, the newest game from designer/artist Aza Chen (Cat Tower, Shiba Inu House), to North America. In Circus Puppy, 2-5 players draw those familiar, incredibly adorable, folded animal cards we know so well, and follow instructions stacking them on either the high or low stage to earn points. Be careful in this quick playing dexterity game not to let the growing towers falls. Circus Puppy features 45 dog cards in 17 different breeds, 5 stage cards, Shiba Inu Meeples (of course),, two stages (box and lid!), and score cards. You can read more details in Renegade’s press release or on their official webpage for the game. Look for Circus Puppy in Summer 2018.

Renegade Games continues it’s line of cute pattern matching games, which started with Kitty Paw, with their latest addition, Shiba Inu House.  In Kitty Paw you were arranging cats in different ways to match the goal card, in Shiba Inu House you are trying to do the same but with dog houses.  On each card in the top corners are one side of a house with a pattern on it, at the bottom of the card is the top of a dog house with an adorable Shiba Inu on top of it.  On your turn you will be playing down cards to try and form a complete dog house matching a pattern on one of the goal cards.  Goal cards will have patterns for one, two, or three houses that if you complete will be worth an increasing number of points.  Whoever has the most points at the end is the winner.

As a Shiba Inu owner I find this game beyond adorable and may get me to buy it just based on that.  However, if you are wanting a cute pattern matching game in the line of Kitty Paw, then this is your game as well.  Look for it on store shelves in March.