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Chartered: The Golden Age is a historic and economic building game known for its easy game system.

Back on Kickstarter with some new revisions. This is a Euro style game that sees you as a merchant, looking to profit from the budding trade in Amsterdam in the 1600s. You’ll be investing in enterprises like Tea, Gold and even Opium. Constructing larger and lager warehouses to stock these wonderful wares. And all this is done with two simple choices that you have on your turn. Buy some land or build a warehouse.

Your goal? Profit and wealth. You’ll be changing the face of Amsterdam in a 3-Dimensional aspect, with plastic warehouse pieces that can be stacked as well as be placed side by side. All this is done with card collecting, much like in Ticket To Ride. But you are going to have to time your action well. Building in the right space at the right time could make you a lager profit that you could then spend to invest into one of the nine different stocks. Then remembering who has invested in what, becomes another element of strategy, as players can become the owners of those warehouses. This will net them a very large profit at the end of the game.

New addition to the game are scaling, so a two player game feels as tight as a six player game. Also there are now events that will happen. These will shake up the market a little, just like in real life. A ship of rich silks could sink in a storm, rising the demand and value for them.

A very laid back, smooth euro that feels familiar as well as having a great challenge. You can find it now, on Kickstarter

Bezier Games has announced their newest game, Whistle Stop, by designer Scott Caputo (Kachina, Voluspa). In 1869, the driving of the golden spike sparked the start of the great railroad expansion in the U.S. In Whistle Stop, players build train routes west across the U.S., picking up goods and selling to small towns along the way. In exchange for goods, players gain shares in the railroads, or can hold the goods for bigger payoffs when they reach the west coast.

Players will need to optimize their actions, possibly gain new actions, block the other players and lay new tracks while managing their limited coal resources. The Game includes game board, 5 player boards, town tiles, coal, gold and whistle tokens, 60 resource cubes, 25 wooden trains, railroad shares, and upgrade cards. Whistle Stop supports 2-5 players and plays in just over hour, and will be released August 2017 at Gen Con. Pre-orders will be available at Bezier Games.

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Chicago Express, a game designed by Harry Wu, is not a stranger to the board gaming community.  It’s a fun route – building and share-trading game from Queen Games.  Well Queen has began a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new release of the base game along with the 1st expansion *and* a new module.

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Chicago Express is a family friendly train game for 2-6 players in which players take on the role of investors of late 19th century America. The Goal: Make as much profit as possible in the thriving railroad sector.

Take part in the development and the expansion of the 5 largest railway companies of the country. It is their aim to make high profits through the expansion of the rail network towards Chicago, the development of town and mountain hexes, and the purchase of company shares.

Chicago Express is the large scale release of Winsome Games’ Wabash Cannonball. Wabash Cannonball is the first game of Winsome Games’ Historic Railways System. German Railways (the funding reward for this project) is also part of the Historic Railways System.”

To learn more about the Kickstarter campaign you can click here.