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Tuesday, announced the first ever Internation Catan Day to be held Friday, April 24th. Per the Facebook site, the event will be part of a wider Catan Con 2015 held April 24-26 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Converntion Center in Nashville, Tennessee and hosted by U.S. Catan publisher Mayfair Games.

The event will have all things Catan on display, a regular event schedule, and free open play.

Additional highlights per the event page include:

• Mammoth Carpet/Floor Games (Catan, Star Trek: Catan, Catan Junior, Pompeii, Hot Tin Roof and more)
• Giant Tabletop Games (Catan, Lords of Vegas, Shear Panic and more)
• Many of your favorite Catan games and even a few you probably haven’t seen in years including the original Catan Historical series, Settlers of Nuremburg, Das Buch and more.
• Be a part of a smaller version of “The Big Game” – a 100-player version of the world record setting Catan game.
• Play in the Catan National Championship Qualifier.
o 1st place winner will receive a trip to Gen Con 2015 (travel included, standard hotel room/double occupancy, and guaranteed seating into the semi-final on Sunday)
• The Train Gamers Association (TGA) will be joining us for a modified Puffing Billy game track and a Settlers of America Tournament.
o Winner of SOA tournament will receive a 4-day Gen Con badge & a TGA ribbon for Gen Con 2015
• Catan Teen Tournament (ages 12-17yrs)

For more info, check out’s announcement page, Mayfair Games’s info page and finally, the Facebook event.

ceramic tokens 2

Everyone seems to want to upgrade their game components and now on Kickstarter is a great way to upgrade the more common resources for some very popular games.  These are about 4 cm across and look like they should have some good heft to them.  The idea behind these reminds me a lot of what people like about the game Splendor which uses chips for its gems.  Though you get a lot of chips in that game.

ceramic tokens 3

Initially they are looking at the five main resources of the Settlers of Catan along with Gold, Silver, Stone.  These look to be quite nice though on the pricier side.  In order to have enough resources to play a game you will be looking at hundreds of dollars in chips.  I would assume that these are fairly likely to be able to be produced in a fairly timely manner since gaming chips like this are regularly produced with whatever imagery the purchaser wants on them.  That being said like any kickstarter project there are many factors that can cause ship dates to slip from the March 2015 date that they are giving as part of the campaign.

You can find it on Kickstarter here.


Clever Move has a great list of 10 great and not so great costumes that you can wear to your upcoming halloween party.  This is described by the author as being 10 costumes but I only counted 9 different examples they give.  Now some of the examples have multiple costumes in the picture.  But I don’t think that counts.  This list ranges from funny stuff like an Operation suit to Pandemic themed costumes.


Head over to Clever Move’s site if for no other reason than to see how creative some people can be in making their costumes here.

catan faiduti board

I have found that Bruno Faidutti has a tendency to really think deeply about games and what makes them tick and be appealing to us that play them.  This is a very good thing especially considering that he is a game designer.  In this post on his blog he goes over a talk that he gave off the cuff at Gen Con 2014.  This talk was about postcolonialism and how it relates to games.  He talks about how the Settlers of Catan is given a somewhat different name in a very meaningful way in his native France.  Instead of being the Settlers of Catan it is the Colonists of Catan.  They don’t have a different word for Settlers and Colonists there.  This led him to start thinking about the actual differences and how we handle the settings of games.

This post takes a very intriguing look at not just something like the colonization of a country and therefore the dealing with natives but other issues we see in regards to how we treat the people invovled in a particular game setting whether it be historical or geographical.  It is interesting some of biases he points out people having and some of the we accept as a result of those biases.

I strongly encourage you to head over to his blog and check out this insightful post here

Catan Collector's Edition coming this November

catan ancient egypt

If you have ever wished to test your settling prowess across the plains of ancient Egypt you will have your chance this coming November.
Mayfair Games has announced Catan Collector’s Edition – Ancient Egypt. You will be settling along the banks of the Nile as you build villages and great temples in honor of the Pharaohs. But watch out for that ever present robber. He will stop at nothing to interrupt your progress.

The sun of Catan rises over the hot desert sands of Ancient Egypt. Klaus Teuber has re-worked his masterpiece The Settlers of Catan™ for this unique collector’s edition.

For more information, feel free to ride your oxcart over to Mayfair Games

    stubble magazine

    Stubble Magazine posted this brief documentary about “a pitiful boy who tries and fails to make his family proud by competing in the Settlers of Catan World Tournament.”  Tom Johnson directed, Taylor Baldry stars, and music is by Mr. Jenkins and Ashley Hopkins. Enjoy!

    settlers of catan

    Mayfair Games Press Release

    Mayfair Games is happy to announce the locations of the Canadian Catan WorldChampionship (CWC) Qualifiers. The winnerof each qualifier will represent Canada atthe 2014 World Championships in Berlin,Germany.

    Western Canadian Championship

    The Western Canadian Championships willtake place at the Trilogy Gaming Club May31, 2014. Information about Trilogy GamingClub can be found at Pleasecontact them for further information aboutthe format of the tournaments. Specificevents are also listed on the Mayfair Gameswebsite.

    Pre-Qualifier Events for the WesternCanadian Championship:

    • February 28 – March 2, 2014 GottaCon
    • March 29, 2014 Trilogy Games
    • March 29, 2014 Meeples Board GameCafé April 19, 2014 Trilogy Games

    Eastern Canadian Championship

    The Eastern Canadian Championships willtake place at Games for All August 24, 2014.Information about Game Summit can befound at Pleasecontact them for further information about the format of the tournaments. Specificevents are also listed on the Mayfair Gameswebsite.

    Pre-Qualifier Events for the Easter CanadianChampionship:

    • August 28 – 31, 2013 Fan Expo Canada
    • April 6, 2014 Games for All
    • April 12, 2014 The Dam CharityTournament
    • May 9 – 11, 2014 Ottawa Comic Con
    • May 16 – 18, 2014 Rideau Curling Club

    settlers of catan

    From an article on ICV2:

    Mayfair Games sold around 370,000 copies of the Settlers of Catan English language base game in 2013, a Mayfair spokesperson told ICv2.  We asked because in a New Yorker profile of game designer Klaus Teuber, the magazine reported that Mayfair had sold over 750,000 Catan-related products in 2013, and we were curious how many of those were base games.  The answer is roughly half.

    Over 18 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide to date.

    Mayfair hopes to sell 500,000 copies of the Settlers of Catan base game in 2014, the spokesperson said.


    Games in the Main Stream:  Klaus Teuber, the creator of Settlers of Catan

    Bringing up the hobby with a stranger can probably elicit one of two reactions:  “You mean like, Monopoly?” or “You mean like, Settlers of Catan?”  This is, of course, a vast generalization, but a good example of the two worlds of board gaming.  In what appears to be an ongoing segment here at Dice Tower News, we will once again bring your attention to an excellent article profiling one of the major names in our hobby.  In this case, the creator of Settlers of Catan, one Klaus Teuber.

    The New Yorker gives an interesting and in-depthlook at Mr Teuber and his many accomplishments, profiling both himself and the creation of his biggest game to date, as well as offering an insight into the financials and sales generated by the biggest game around.

    While many gamers these days would argue that Catan has transcended the niche hobby of board games,and is in and of itself a main-stream game; it is worth noting that for a lot of people, it was the gateway to a wider world, beyond Parker Bros. and the like.  Looking past the fifty or so different expansions, licensed versions, and digital editions, this game, and the creator, remain a keystone in an ever-expanding hobby.