Sentinel Comics


Like the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and GreaterThanGames is taking that approach to the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game.  Having had wonderful success with the super hero themed card game since 2011, on it’s 5th anniversary the final expansion for the game, OblivAeon, is now live on Kickstarter.  This new expansion promises to bring more of what you want in the form of heroes, villains, and environments along with some new items.  First is the addition of a mission system that will gain you allies and additional tools to aid in you in your fight against the mighty OblivAeon, the toughest opponent you will ever face.  Another addition is that you will be fighting the battle on two fronts now, with two environments as you fight back the Scions and Aeon to get at the final big bad.  Also new is that since the whole of existence is in jeopardy, villains you have fought in the past have come back as allies such as Baron Blade coming in as Luminary, and The Matriarch coming back as The Harpy.  All this is shaping up to make this exit of the card game a high note.

Now as for the campaign itself, already it is having meteoric success in raising over $375,000 within the first day and blowing past 14 stretch goals, unlocking things like a comic, new hero variants, and new environments.  Also available in this campaign is a mega collectors box to hold every single Sentinels card that has been released, and you can buy the Hero’s pack, which is a collection of every hero variant that has been released to date.  No more paying out big bucks for those limited early variants, now you will be able to get them all with fresh new artwork.  If you want to jump on the bandwagon like over 2900 other people (me included), head on over to the campaign page to pledge now.

Dice Hate Me Games and Greater Than Games have announced that they will be merging.  These two companies will be joined together under the Greater Than Games name with Dice Hate Me Games being an imprint.  This should have little impact on the consumer since both companies are attesting going itno this merger that they wil be maintaining their same catalog.  From a practical perspective this merger makes a lot of sense since Greater Than Games has already been doing warehousing and shipping for both companies.

As a result of the merger both companies can streamline some of the redundant operations which should have a positive effect on customer service.  Additionally they will be launching a new imprint Fabled Nexus which will be featuring Sci-fi and fantasy titles.  They will also be maintaining the Sentinel Comics imprint featuring all of the games in the Sentinels universe.

The first title being released by the joint company which is “Bottom of the 9th” will be launching on Kickstarter Sunday March 1st.

Company press release below

Greater Than Games and Dice Hate Me Games, two respected publishers in the tabletop gaming industry, are proud to announce that, as of Thursday, February 26, they will be coming together as one publishing entity.

While the structure of the companies may be changing, the quality of their products and customer service will not be. Greater Than Games has already been warehousing and shipping for both, and coming together as one publisher is a natural fit.

Dice Hate Me Games will become an imprint under the Greater Than Games name, along with two other imprints: Sentinel Comics and Fabled Nexus. The Dice Hate Me Games imprint will encompass previous Dice Hate Me Games titles, such as VivaJava: The Coffee Game and Compounded, as well as future products that fit the feel that fans expect. The Sentinel Comics imprint will include games such as Sentinels of the Multiverse, Sentinel Tactics, and future games set in the same comic book universe. Fabled Nexus will be a new imprint covering highly thematic science fiction and fantasy games.

There are no staffing changes accompanying the merger. All current employees of Greater Than Games and Dice Hate Me Games will continue in their current positions, while being able to draw upon the additional resources of the merged company.

There are several upcoming products that have been announced by both publishers, and this merger will not change those releases. The ongoing preorders for Sentinels of the Multiverse and Sentinel Tactics products are unaffected, as are future project launches such as Monster Truck Mayhem and Spirit Island.

March 1 will see the first joint project launch for Greater Than Games and Dice Hate Me Games. Bottom of the 9th, a two ­player baseball ­themed game, will be coming to Kickstarter. Bottom of the 9th, designed by Darrell Louder (veteran designer of Compounded) and Mike Mullins, is a fast­paced dice and card game for 1 or 2 players that boils the excitement of baseball’s final inning into a quick head­ to ­head competition between an ace pitcher and a star­studded line­up of heavy hitting batters. Bottom of the 9th will feature over 20 custom player cards with beautiful custom art from veteran artist Adam McIver that capture the look and feel of classic baseball trading cards. Tons of variable player powers, myriad customizable line­ups, the possibility of two added expansion packs, and rules for advanced league and solo play will keep gamers wanting to play ball time and time again.