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Lead your team to the safety of the escape pods and leave station Argo before the Aliens kill you!

Push the others to make way in the cramped corridors, and use Astronauts from other teams to slow down the Aliens. Be careful however because if too many die, everyone will lose!

Bruno Faidutti (Citadels, Incan Gold) and Serge Laget (Cargo Noir, Mystery at the Abbey) have once again teamed up to bring a new game from Belgian publisher Flatlined Games: Argo.  In Argo, players are a team of space miners that have awoken in an unknown deep space mining station.  Am much as the team would like to know where they are and how they got there, there is no time, as alarms are blaring and predatory aliens are attacking the station.  There is nothing for it but to run to the nearest escape pods and escape the installation, avoiding the aliens’ terrible jaws.

Argo is a fiercely competitive game in which players adopt an every-man-an-woman-for-themselves approach, yet all the while not letting too many of their compatriots get eaten by aliens, lest they all lose the game.

As the players avoid horrific deaths at the mouths of the alien attackers, they reveal tiles as search for escape shuttles.  Players alternatively control the aliens as well as their own miners, and since there are not enough escape pods for everyone, some miners will be left behind…or eaten…

Argo is a game for 2-4 players ages 13+, and plays in about 40 minutes.  If successful, this project will fund on March 3, 2016.  For more information and to support Argocheck out the Kickstarter page for this project.

rebellion setup

Star Wars™: Rebellion is the board game of epic conflict between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance for two to four players. Take control of the Empire and unleash your military might to snuff out the Rebel’s base, or begin a full-scale Rebellion focused on guerrilla tactics and sabotage.

Fantasy Flight Games has released a new article detailing the rules for combat and how battles can play a part of your strategy in the upcoming strategy board game, Star Wars: Rebellion.  In the article, the following points are outlined:

  • Theaters of War
  • Space Combat
  • Ground Combat
  • Retreat
  • Using Battles to Reshape the Galaxy

Theaters of War

There are two different theaters that battle can occur in: space battles, and planetary ground battles.  Each theater is independent of the other, and only units in a given theater can battle enemy units in that same theater.  It is possible for a player to win a space combat in a given planet’s orbit, yet lose the subsequent ground combat on that same planet.

Space Combat

In Star Wars: Rebellion, space combat occurs when one side’s units occupy the same space location as another side’s.  When a battle takes place in a planetary system, space combat is resolved first.  Each unit in the battle contributes certain dice to the player’s dice pool (a combination of black and red dice).  The custom dice faces provide combat results for the player when rolled, allowing him to allocate them strategically in the hopes of eliminating enemy units.

Ground Cambat

If ground units from two sides occupy the planetary surface, then a round of ground combat immediately follows a round of space combat.  Ground combat follows a similar system as space, but with differing unit types and abilities.

ground combat

Leaders play a strong role in the game, both in space and ground combat, as they add powerful bonus in combat and allow for the drawing and playing of tactic cards that can turn the tide of battle.


After a round of space and ground combat are complete, each player has the option to retreat from combat by moving their units to an adjacent system.  If this occurs successfully, resulting in no remaining opposing units in the system, the combat is over.  Combat will also end if all opposing units are destroyed.

To discover more about how combat shapes a game of Star Wars: Rebellion, read the full article here.


From the Publisher

Eagle-Gryphon Games is proud to announce Glenn Drover’s Empires: Galactic Rebellion, the sequel to the hit Empires: Age of Discovery, coming to Kickstarter Saturday, December 12.

In the game, players will take on the role of leader one a rebel faction.  Players will recruit and train specialists, scientists to help you develop technologies, smugglers to build trade networks, diplomats to sway Senate decisions, Heroes to conduct covert missions, and Troopers to fight your battles across the galaxy.

Empires: Galactic Rebellion contains over 400 highly-detailed miniatures including 8 Capital Ship Fleet sculpts, 100 coins, and more.

When looking at the idea of a sequel to Age of Discovery, I wanted to create a game that would be familiar to fans of the original game, but was a unique game experience. The theme allowed for a new starting point and suggested many new mechanics that could make the game very different and interesting. The galactic senate, the imperial military (planet-side troops and fleets), covert missions, and lots more conflict (as you would expect in a Space Opera-Galactic Rebellion type game) make for a new experience that’s also tremendous fun,” says Glenn Drover, designer of Empires: Galactic Rebellion.

Watch for the release of the Kickstarter on December 12, 2015.

endure the staras

Genetically Engineered Planetary Explorer Candidates, or GEPs for short, are creatures that were grown to be a custom designed race […] The Hikari was 12 months into it’s G.E.P.E.C program when one of the larger creatures, project name Titan, escaped and killed 37 civilians.

If you like cooperative games and sci-fi, then Endure the Stars might be the new game for you. Now on Kickstarter, Endure the Stars is a 1-5 player cooperative dungeon-crawling game set on the ruined spaceship Hikari. Scientists were attempting to genetically engineer life forms (GEPs), but now the GEPs are trying to destroy everyone on board the ship.

In the game, players will choose from 5 classes: Captain, Medic, Psychic, Marine, and Engineer. Players can spend actions to move, attack, search for items/weapons, and use special abilities. They work together and try not to make too much noise, or they’ll attract the GEPs, which are controlled by the game. This makes it a fully cooperative dungeon crawl type game!

With a modular board and different missions and campaigns, there should be a lot of replayability. Also, the game comes with a bunch of pretty neat looking miniatures, and the theme looks pretty immersive.

To read more about Endure the Stars, check out the Kickstarter page here.

flatlined games logo

News came in just this week of the imminent Kickstarter campaign for Argo, a sic-fi game from Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget and published by Flatline Games.  Here is the official announcement:

Flatlined Games will soon start the Kickstarter Campaign for Argo, the new game by Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget.

In Argo, you are astronauts trying to escape a space station before the Aliens get you. The spots in the escape pods are limited so you will need a good balance of cooperation and competition to win this game!
The campaign for Argo will start in a few days, do not miss it!


Argo has been in development for over two years and originally hoped for an Essen 2015 release, but due to delays the game is hoping for a successful Kickstarter campaign and a 2016 release.

For more information on Flatlined Games and Argo, visit the company’s website here.

xwing force awakens

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that The Force Awakens™ Core Set has now arrived for X-Wing!

On Friday, September 4, 2015, Fantasy Flight Games released The Force Awakens Core Set for the popular X-Wing Miniatures Game in select retail stores, some stores even opening in the wee hours of the morning to sell this new core set along with lots of other Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise.

The Force Awakens Core Set includes a similar assortment of basic components needed to get your X-Wing collection started and to the table right away.  However, this new core set includes the following additions to the game:

  • New Resistance pilots and starships that can be combined with pre-existing Rebellion fleets
  • New First Order pilots and starships that can be combined with pre-existing Imperial fleets
  • Includes 1 Resistance T-70 X-Wing with new pilots and upgrades, such as the Weapons Guidance tech upgrade
  • Includes 2 First Order TIE/fo Fighters with new pilots and upgrades

xwing force awakens stuff

 All the components needed for a full game of X-Wing including:

  • 3 Plastic Ship Bases
  • 6 Plastic Pegs
  • 8 Ship Tokens
  • 3 Maneuver Dials
  • 11 Maneuver Templates
  • 1 Initiative Token
  • 4 Evade Tokens
  • 4 Focus Tokens
  • 6 Target Lock Tokens
  • 7 Shield Tokens
  • 3 Stress Tokens
  • 6 Asteroid Tokens
  • 5 Satellite Tokens
  • 6 Mine Tokens
  • 34 Assorted Tokens
  • 13 Ship Cards
  • BB-8
  • R5-X3
  • Proton Torpedoes
  • Weapons Guidance
  • Wired
  • 1 Poe Dameron
  • 1 Blue Ace
  • 1 Red Squadron Veteran
  • 1 Blue Squadron Novice
  • 1 Omega Ace
  • 1 Epsilon Leader
  • 1 Zeta Ace
  • 2 Omega Squadron Pilot
  • 2 Zeta Squadron Pilot
  • 2 Epsilon Squadron Pilot
  • 1 Range Ruler
  • 3 Red Attack Dice
  • 3 Green Defense Dice
  • 1 Learn to Play
  • 1 Rules Reference
  • 1 Mission Guide

Fantasy Flight Games will be publishing a series of articles over the next several days that will “more closely examine the Resistance’s signature T-70 X-wing, the First Order’s TIE/fo fighter, and what The Force Awakens Core Set means for the future of X-Wing Organized Play.”  Keep watching for these articles as Dice Tower News brings them to your attention, and on FFG’s website.

While this new core set is currently only available at select Force Friday locations, it is now shipping for wider release, and should be available later this month at your favorite local game store.  For more information on this new release, visit FFG’s website here.



In a previous article, we talked about Split Second Game’s new game Paradox, a game where a space-time disturbance called The Quake is removing entire worlds from existence. Now Paradox is live on Kickstarter, complete with a bunch of stretch goals with new scenarios!

Paradox is a sci-fi puzzle game where players are scientists trying to repair the worlds’ time connections by playing and score timeline cards. But each time, they create a space-time disturbance and fracture other worlds.

Paradox takes familiar boardgame elements such as card drafting, set collection, and resource management, then adds a Bejewelled-like grid of colorful disks for each player to manipulate, along with a universe of worlds that must be protected by game’s end. As a result, Paradox presents players with a unique experience that is simple to learn yet challenging to master as players navigate three interlocking systems to protect these worlds from the chaotic forces of the Quake.

The art is also fantastic – the cards are illustrated by 15 different artists, and the illustrations line up to create panoramic pictures with all the possible time-periods mashed together.

Check out the game’s Kickstarter page before July 26! The page includes additional information including the beta rulebook and some reviews.


Ystari Games has officially announced that their new game, Starfighter, will be in stores on June 27th. Starfighter is a quick (30 minutes) 2-player card game of space combat.

Take part in the Third Solar War: groups with divergent interests face each other for supremacy in space, or for a mineral-rich hunk of rock.

In 2115, war is a show. Gigantic cruisers fight through interposed fighters whose pilots are true super-media-exposed heroes. These are the Starfighters!

starfighter cards

In the game, each player is trying to damage the enemy’s Cruiser and cause its surrender. The game is played over a series of rounds with three phases: Reinforcements (draw Squadron cards), Deployment (play cards onto your Cruiser board), and Combat. The Squadron cards have upper and lower sections – the upper sections get covered up as other cards are played over them, but only visible sections of the cards can be used for combat. Cards also have effects when they’re played, such as movement, pivoting (switching upper and lower sections of the card), and destroying cards. During combat, players can move their entire Cruiser board, and it shifts relative to the other player’s board, so Squadron cards are constantly fighting against different sectors!

There are three different modes of play: Training, Skirmish, and Total War. Check out the rules on the game page at Ystari’s website to learn more about the gameplay.

Starfighter sounds pretty unique – the movement of the entire player board and the double sided cards sound like it will add a lot of strategy to a simple-to-learn game. See the announcement for the release here.



In the dawn of the year 5341, technological prowess, political stability, and collective intelligence allow some 193 billion people to live in peace… Until the unthinkable happens: The universe begins to rapidly implode, threatening the fabric of space, time, and life.

As an elite member of the Human Organization to Preserve Existence (H.O.P.E), you are tasked with saving the universe by jumping to the far reaches of space, terraforming hostile planets into habitable worlds, and seeding new civilizations with life.

In HOPE: The Board Game, players are trying to colonize galaxies across the board, which is composed of 36 hexagonal tiles that appear multi-dimensional through an optical illusion (each tile is made up of 3 colors). Players travel throughout galaxies on a single color using movement tiles, and their frame of reference shifts periodically, causing them to move on a different color. To score points, players need to colonize all three colors of the tile with pioneers. In order to win the game, a player needs to have the highest number of pioneers  scored, and the players collectively need to save the universe – if the Regression progresses too quickly, then everyone loses!

hope bits

There are multiple modes of play, including a traitor mode where the traitor wants to prevent the other players from saving the universe. Furthermore, there are variable player powers – each hero has a specific set of skills that can be used for the mission.

In 2013, HOPE won the International Competition for board game designers organized by the National French Game Center (article in French). It was also mentioned as one of the 6 New Games to Look Out For by the Swiss Gus & Co blog, so it’s definitely a game to check out.

To learn more, see the game’s Kickstarter page here – they include full rules as well as a print and play version of the game!

For centuries, the Factions have been at war. However, it wasn’t until recently that they developed the ability to create a bomb so powerful as to destroy entire planets. Now the secret is out, and it’s a race to see which faction will be triumphant and become RULERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

Cosmic Kaboom is a new dexterity flicking game from Minion Games. Unlike other board games, this game doesn’t actually have a board – the players set up their own boundaries of space by placing their base tiles on the table. Then, they can place their planets anywhere in the space, as long as they aren’t touching other planets (fans of String Railway may find similarities with this open-space ‘board’ setup). In the game, players each have 3 planets scattered throughout the ‘board’. They can flick spaceships around to collect energy – when they collect enough energy they’ll be able to toss the space bomb onto the board, destroying planets and getting points. The game ends when all planets of one color have been eliminated – so there’s no player elimination during the game. There are also cards that give variable player powers and special bonuses.

Cosmic Kaboom sounds like a very unique game – not only is it a dexterity game, but it also has a free-form board! If you’re interested, you can find more information, including gameplay videos and reviews, at the Kickstarter for Cosmic Kaboom.