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Various monsters from the Godzilla franchise are ready to throw down in a new expandable card game from Bandai. Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, MechaGodzilla, Space Godzilla, Jet-Jaguar, and Burning Godzilla are featured in this video trailer. The game is designed by Ryan Miller, a co-designer of Epic PVP and Axis & Allies and Zombies. It is for two to four players and features the Chrono Clash system:

Instead of traditional turn-based play, in this system players share a power resource track, moving the token back and forth based on the power value of the cards they play.  The position of the token determines when play passes to the other player.


The Godzilla Card Game releases in September 2019, and subsequently, there will be store tournaments with prize support. The base game includes four pre-built decks of fifty cards and a communal sideboard of sixteen cards.

Although this will not be the first board/card game featuring Godzilla, many more would have to be released to catch up to the number of movies (35 as of 2019).

Avalon Hill has announced the launch of the newest board game in the Axis & Allies series – Axis & Allies & Zombies. Introducing zombies adds a fun, modern twist into the iconic World War II strategy game.

“It is 1941, and the world is at war. The Axis war machine is crushing everything in its path, while the Allies are rallying together to mount a heroic stand. And then zombies show up.”

Axis & Allies & Zombies includes an introductory scenario to provide new players with an easy-to-setup prelude, as well as quick-start rules for more experienced players to jump right in. The game also includes an expansion for the Axis & Allies 1942 board game.

Box contents

• 1 Game Board
• 1 Battle Board
• 5 National Setup Charts (one for each power)
• 70 National Control Markers
• 12 Custom 6-sided Combat Dice
• 6 Custom 6-sided Zombie Dice
• 50 Plastic Unit Stacking Counters
• 210 Plastic Miniatures (including 30 all-new zombie figures)
• 60 Cards
• Paper Money
• Rulebook (including quick start rules)
• Introductory Scenario
• Also includes an 80-card expansion deck for the Axis & Allies 1942 board game!

Axis & Allies & Zombies is designed by Wizards of the Coasts’ award-winning designers and developers – Mike Mearls, Scott Van Essen, Ryan Miller and Mons Johnson. The game is for 2-5 players, ages 12+ and it plays in 60-180 minutes. Axis & Allies & Zombies is available now.

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Wizards of the Coast (under the Avalon Hill imprint) have made more details available regarding the upcoming Axis & Allies & Zombies board game. It’s designed by Mike Mearls (known for Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate, and Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft), Scott van Essen, and Ryan Miller (both known for Magic: The Gathering TCG, Duel Masters: TCG). Axis & Allies & Zombies will support 2-5 players, aged 12+, and will play in 60-180 minutes (each additional player above 2 players seems to add 40 mins to the game).

“In this new take on the iconic World War II strategy board game, each player takes command of one of the major powers, joining either the Axis or the Allies. Players fight for victory against the opposing faction and a terrifying new foe—zombies. Will players survive the onslaught or succumb to the uprising?” [source]

The game will be set in 1941 with the world at war. The Axis war machine is crushing everything in it’s path while the Allies are gathering their forces to make a stand. Then the zombies show up. Players will take the role of a commander of one of the five major powers (Germany, the Empire of Japan, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the USA) while the zombies will be a non-player faction . Winning battles will help to defeat your human enemies but it will also feed the ever growing, flesh-eating horde with fresh corpses. Players will have to fight both their human enemies as well as the undead hordes.

The game should include the following content:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Battle Board
  • 5 National Setup Charts (one for each power)
  • 70 National Control Markers
  • 12 Custom 6-sided Combat Dice
  • 6 Custom 6-sided Combat Dice
  • 50 Plastic Unit Stacking Counters
  • 215 Plastic Miniatures (including 30 zombie miniatures)
  • 60 cards
  • Paper money
  • Rulebook
  • Introductory scenario

Axis & Allies & Zombies is expected to release October, 26th 2018.


AEG F211 Interview Image

Alderac Entertainment Group, in partnership with Fun to 11, is preparing a Kickstarter campaign to launch January 21st for their latest fast-paced card game designed by Ryan Miller and Luke Peterschmidt.

“Whether you choose a more traditional combo like the Human Paladin, or an unconventional one like the Goblin Barbarian, the choice is yours.”


In Epic PvP: Fantasy, players combine a Class deck and Race deck to pit their combination against other fantasy fighters. Many of the traditional classes and races are planned, and even more may be unlocked during the campaign. To learn more about Epic PvP ahead of the Kickstarter, check out AEG’s full announcement.