Flatlined Games has announced an experiment for this year’s Essen Fair in October 2015. This year, they will be selling limited print runs of two new titles through pre-order for pick up at Essen. Flatlined states “These games may see a larger, industrially produced print run in the future”, but this is not guaranteed. Depending on gamer interest, this could be the only opportunity to get these games.

The games are:

  • Steamrollers, a dice-drafting train game designed by Mark Gerrits for 2-5 players. Players draft dice from a common pool to build a rail network, upgrade equipment, acquire special powers and deliver goods to score VPs. Each player used pen or pencil to track their growing network on a personal map. The player with the most VPs wins. The game is designed to play in 30 minutes.

    otter nonsense

  • Otter Nonsense, a card game designed by Eric Hanuise for 2-6 players. Using cards with illustrations of otters drawn by Elisabeth Hanchir, player play cards to three pile in the turn, following the direction and characteristic of the previous card. Inability to play a card forces the player to give a point to the previous player who blocked them. Emptying your hand earns bonus points. The first player to seven points wins. The game plays in 15 minutes.

Flatlined also has two other events scheduled for Essen:

  • Kwanchai Moriya will be signing games containing his artwork, particularly Rumble and Twin Tin Bots
  • Flatlined’s latest Kickstarter game Argo will be available for demos at Essen

Finally, Flatlined will have a few copies Dragon Rage, Rumble and Robin available at Essen. Details from Flatlined can be found here.

flatlined games logo

Below is the newsletter that Flatlined Games has put out for their loyal fans.  Having looked at what they are announcing I have to admit I am rather excited to play Robin when it comes over to the US market.  This might have something to do with the fact that I love the story of Robin Hood and the slew of Robin Hood themed games that are coming out this year are scratching a unique itch for me.  But I also like the proposed length and the fact that this appears to be a game which should be fairly easy learn initially and to teach to others after that as well.

Toward the bottom of the post you will see links to the publishers blog posts about the making of the game.  If you are an aspiring designer or publisher I would strongly recommend you check that out.  It gives you some nice insight into how their process works.

Hi everybody!

Essen is nearing and a newsletter update is long overdue, so here it is!

Flatlined Games ‘as it happens’ report

Flatlined Games is doing well, and it is now over one year that I left my consulting job to manage Flatlined games full time. It’s still a one-man-shop, and I still don’t have that Ferrari in the garage. Yet I’m still in business, so I must be doing something right. I am boot-strapping the company (i.e. no bank loans, and all profits gets reinvested as we grow) so it’s a slow growth operation but this is a sound business model and I have complete freedom, a rare luxury nowadays. It also means our product sometimes get out of print for a short while as we print in small batches and reprint often.

The current trend nowadays seems to publish and forget, and let new releases obsolete the previous ones. At Flatlined Games we strive to keep our games in print for as long as there is demand, and we try to make games that have a shelf live of several years, not just six months. This allows us to better recoup the development cost of a new game, it is better for our designers as they get royalties for a longer period, and it is better for retailers as they can do demos and work on advertising our products without risking that they become unavailable when demand actually follows their efforts. So if you are looking for our products and they are not available, ask your retailer to contact our distributors and they will get supplied as soon as possible.

Being an indie publisher is only possible thanks to your support, so thank you!

Most of 2014 has been spent preparing our international expansion. Thanks to our distributor Iello we have been in contact with their worldwide partners and our games are beginning to appear in their markets.

Our best-seller, Rumble in the House / Rumble in the Dungeon is now widely available in the U.S. and Canada, and will shortly be released in Chinese and Russian. We will pass 50.000 copies sold this winter, an incredibly huge success for that cool little game!

The first print run of Twin Tin Bots, the robot programming game from Philippe Keyaerts (SmallWorld) is almost sold out. Most Twin Tin Bots copies sold in Europe, so we are preparing a reprint that will make it widely available in the U.S.

Essen 2014

We will be attending Essen Spiel’14 from Oct.16 to 19, and our booth number will be 1D139, as last year.

Make sure to come pay us a visit, and check out or new release, Robin.
Illustrator Quentin Ghion will be on the booth most of the time, and designer Frederic Moyersoen will be there every afternoon from 14.00 to 15.00.
We’ll also be present at the BGG livecast Friday 17 at 15.00 for those of you who can’t make it to Germany.

New release : Robin


At the Essen Spiel’14 fair, Flatlined Games will be releasing Robin, the new game from Frederic Moyersoen (Saboteur).

In Robin players join Robin Hood’s merry men as they steal from the rich and give to the poor. Robin revisits the happy families classical game with a fun and clever movement and trade system that keeps all players engaged during the whole game.

Robin has very high production values, with 100% plastic cards that are very resistant and easy to shuffle, and a cool magnetic lid box that looks like a castle when opened.

Robin plays with 2-6 players aged 8+ and lasts about 30 minutes.

We published a series of articles highlighting the process behind the creation of Robin :

You can find a full description, pictures and the rules book on our website :

Essen preorders

We flew 700 copies of Robin in advance for Essen Spiel’14, to make sure the game is available during the fair. The main production is still on the boat from China, meaning it will reach distributors only after Spiel’14.

You can make sure you will get a copy by pre-ordering the game using this form :

All pre-ordered copies of Robin at Spiel’14 will come with an exclusive art print with room for autographs from the artist and designer