Fans of the original adventure and survival game Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island will be interested to know what specific changes will be present in Portal’s new release of the game under the Portal banner.  According to Portal’s latest news release, the major notable changes will include:

  • a “typical” square game box, as opposed to the original’s coffin box
  • a fancier 1st Player Token
  • an additional 7th Scenario
  • Character Sheets on thick cardboard, as opposed to the thin sheets in the original
  • shaped wooden resource components, as opposed to the cubes in the original
  • redesigned Discovery Tokens with thematic names on them
  • character stickers for the wooden player pawns
  • a freshly-reworked rulebook (I like how Portal points out that the original “explains nothing” and the new one “explains everything”)

Preorders are currently being accepted, and this new release is scheduled for release in November of 2016.  For more information, visit Portal’s new release here.


In Fantasy Flight Games’ recent preview article Stay In Attack Formation, the company announces the four new ships included in the Wave IX expansions for the popular Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game.

Wave IX introduces new starfighters and pilots from The Force AwakensStar Wars Rebels, and the new canon and continues to emphasize skillful maneuvering and the importance of catching your enemies squarely in your firing arc.  The new ships included in Wave IX are

  • ARC-170 Expansion Pack
    • a rather sluggish and antiquated Rebel Alliance starfighter with powerful cannons, heavy shielding, and a tail gunner.
  • Special Forces TIE Expansion Pack
    • a specialized two-seater TIE craft with enhanced shields, weapons, sensor systems, and a dual heavy laser turret mounted to the bottom of its fuselage.
  • Protectorate Starfighter Expansion Pack
    • the Concord Dawn Protectorate starfighter, the “Fang fighter.”  A fast and sleek Mandalorian vessel custom-built for fighter combat and equipped with a hidden torpedo launcher and pivot wings that provided vector thrust control.
  • Shadow Caster Expansion Pack
    • signature starship of the young and ambitious bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo.  The Shadow Caster was agile and powerful, but lightly shielded, trading heavy ray shielding for speed.

Wave IX has a scheduled release date of late in the third quarter of 2016.  Read the entire preview article on FFG’s website.


Mayfair Games announces a two-player, area-control card game by Matthias Cramer, Fight for Olympus, in which players use the soldiers, heroes, and demigods of Greek mythology to achieve either a military victory or a territorial victory by controlling all of the locations on the board.  Players can recruit heroes and demigods of legend such as Heracles, Hector, and Achilles that can bring you closer to victory.

Fight for Olympus will include the following components:

  • 60 hero cards
  • 36 units cards
  • 16 wound markers
  • 4 color markers
  • Scoring marker
  • Game board
  • Rulebook

Fight for Olympus is a game for 2 players ages 8 and up and plays in 20 minutes.  It is scheduled for release in June/July of 2016.  Look for more information coming soon on Mayfair Games’ website.

guildhall fantasy 150

In 2013, the original Guildhall card game was met with critical acclaim, winning Boardgames Australia Awards Best International Game and the Fairplay À la carte award as well as being nominated for the Golden Geek Best Card Game and being Kennerspiel des Jahres Recommended in 2014.  However, AEG felt that the theme of the original Guildhall, which featured medieval peasants and merchant class people, was not very evocative and limited the game’s audience.

So when the time came to reboot this popular game, AEG decided to go with a fantasy theme that featured 18 character classes from some of their favorite role-playing games.  This reboot will contain a series of three different sets, formed by mixing up the previous two sets and adding six more cards to the mix.

Here is AEG’s official summary of the new release of the game:

In Guildhall players play different colored Profession cards into their Guildhalls, each which grants a special ability to build your own Guildhalls or to tear your opponent’s Guildhalls down. As players collect different colors in each profession, the abilities on the Profession cards increase in power and usefulness. When a player collects one of each of the 5 colors of a given profession they may trade that completed Guildhall for a Victory Point cards, which have abilities of their own and grant Victory Point points to the player. The first player to collect 20 VP points is the winner.

  • Cards and rules are taken from the award winning, critical acclaimed, and Kennerspiel des Jahres Recommended Guildhall Old World Economy and Guildhall Job Faire releases.
  • New fantasy theme and new profession art from Gunship Revolution.
  • Sold in three sets, each released one month after the other.
  • Releases may be combined and played together in one big Mega Saga deck or different – Professions may be combined to create custom play experiences, including the original Old World Economy and Job Faire releases.
  • Great card game mechanics allow for card combos and tactical decision making.
  • Reduced price point from previous releases.

The three new sets will be called Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship (street date June 2016), Guildhall Fantasy: Alliance (street date July 2016), and Guildhall Fantasy: Coalition (street date August 2016).  For more information on this new release, visit the three blogs posted on AEG’s site here.

waka tanka

Cool Mini Or Not would like to announce the release of Waka Tanka, a bluffing card game by Bruno Faidutti.  In the game, players take o the role of Native American shamans working to prove their worth to the tribe–and sometimes, that means covering your mistakes and hoping no one will notice.  The following excerpt from the official press release sets the stage for the game:

During the Summer Solstice, the Sioux Tribes would send their most promising young wizards to the Great Shaman.

Each young apprentice had to try to become one with nature and ask Waka Tanka to make one of the Totemic animals of their tribe appear.

Those whose spell had no effect would lose their authority forever. That’s why some apprentices began masking their misfortune with any possible trick. But the other apprentices are watching…

More information about the game and its gameplay summary can be seen on BoardGameGeek’s page for this game.  Wake Tanka’s street date is May 20th, 2016.  For more information about the game and its release, visit Cool Mini Or Not’s website.

aquarium banner

Z-Man Games would like to announce Aquarium, a game designed by Tim De Rycke and Sander Vernyns in which players will use cards to reveal fish and plants, purchase them for points, and make your opponents pay more for less.

In Aquarium, players need to buy matching fish to collect points… but at what cost? Cross your fingers while competitors change your offer, add new fish, swap others, or even double their value! Build your own aquarium with colorful fish to score the most points! That is, if you can keep them alive until the end of the game.

The game uses a simple card system that promotes strong player interaction.  Aquarium contains:

  • 164 Cards
  • 80 Beads
  • 6 Player Screens
  • 1 Market Board
  • 1 Rulebook
 Aquarium is a game for 2-6 players ages 10 and up and plays in 45 minutes.  The game is scheduled for a spring 2016 release.  For more information, visit the Z-Man Games website.


F2Z Entertainment, known for publishing popular brands of tabletop games such as Filosofia, Z-Man Games, Pretzel Games, and Plaid Hat Games, officially announces a new game in the line of Z-Man’s Merchants & Marauders, Broadsides.  Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides is a two-player, stand-alone game that puts players “in the boots of a fearless ship captain.”  In this confrontational game designed by Joshua Cappel, players will be working to survive a deadly battle by spending resources to defend and repair their ship whilst trying to destroy the enemy ship.

The following is an excerpt from the official press release:

Through your spyglass, you see a profitable sea lane, just waiting to be claimed.  But competition is closing in, and the battle is inevitable: Load your cannons!  Hoist the red flag!  Will you be able to sink the enemy before they send you feeding the sharks?

Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides is scheduled for release at Gen Con in August of 2016.  More details will be released soon as it becomes available.


Overworld Games (Good Cop Bad CopNew Salem, and Booze Barons) would like to proudly announce their sixth Kickstarter campaign for their new title, Exposed.  In this game, “players are hiding in plain sight and mastering the art of pickpocketry to try to steal the most wallets from guests at a party. Just like in Good Cop Bad Cop, you don’t have to lie in this one, but you can if that’s your style. Each move you make gives away information about your secret identity so you’ll need to steal wallets with stealth and cunning to avoid getting exposed by other players!”

exposed box

This Kickstarter campaign has worldwide free shipping, promo cards that will be exclusive to backers for a limited time, and a money back guarantee.  Another interesting aspect of the campaign is that one of the stretch goals allows backers to earn more promo cards by taking pictures of crazy things related to the campaign.

Exposed will be released at GenCon 2016 along with the Undercover expansion to Good Cop Bad Cop.  For more information on this project, visit its Kickstarter page.


F2Z Entertainment is proud to officially announce the upcoming new expansion for their popular dexterity game, Flick’em Up!, entitled Flick’em Up!: Red Rock Tomahawk.  This follows last year’s first expansion for the game, Stallion Canyon, and continues the game line by adding an entire new clan and new game mechanics.

The infamous Cooper clan has begun taking over small villages.  Those villages, however, belong to the Native Americans, who are armed with bows and tomahawks, and ready to defend their land in 5 exciting scenarios.  But they best be careful around the Cooper clan’s new weapon: the relentless Gatling gun.

Flick’em Up!: Red Rock Tomahawk is set for an August 2016 release at Gen Con this summer.  More information on the release will be coming soon, and you can learn more about the game via the company’s website here.