Promotional Items

Arcane Wonders has announced the release of a new set of promotional items that will be available exclusively to brick and mortar retail stores. A box of 12 unique promotional items along with instructions will be available for use at in-store events.

The Arcane Wonders Retail Support Kit will include promos for Mage Wars Academy as well as four games from the Dice Towers Essentials line: SpeechlessRoyals, Onitama and Sheriff of Nottingham. The Dice Tower Essentials line of games are those that Tom Vasel the gaming godfather himself, believes are essential for any gamer’s collection.

The promotional kit, which will certainly help convince Sheriffs everywhere that there’s nothing in the bag but chickens, will only be available while supplies last and only is available to brick and mortar stores.



Organized play is the new big thing with publishers today, it’s their answer to the question of how to drive more business into the stores and not online retailers.  So Iello has started to set up organized play for popular games like King of Tokyo/New YorkSea of Clouds, Big Book of Madness, and Medieval Academy.  That means there will be new promos for the games as well as opportunities for tournament play and events to take place in stores for said promos or other prizes.  So be on the lookout for these events that will be coming to your FLGS, and if you run a FLGS you can visit the Iello Organized Play website to be able to order promos and other materials to host these events.


There are a number of geek worthy holidays around the year, Free RPG Day, International Tabletop Day, and even Local Comic Shop Day.  Local Comic Shop Day is coming up soon on November 19th, and USAopoly has some promos to be released on that day.  Right now retailers can order a promo kit that will include:

You can check the Local Comic Shop Day website to see if your shop is participating and then look for this pack of goodies in their shop on November 19th.


Renegade Games is joining other game publishers in creating a retailer program, called Play Renegade, that is meant to bring more value and benefits to shopping at brick and mortar stores.  Their preferred method for doing this is through the offering of promos, and their game FUSE will be the first game in the program.  For every retailer that orders more than three copies of FUSE, they will get a set of translucent dice for the game that they can use for promotions or giveaways to draw people into the store.

More games will be added as time goes on so keep an eye out for those, until then you can read the full press release on the Roleplayer’s Chronicle site.

watch it played rodney

Rodney Smith, widely considered the nicest guy in board games has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support Watch It played for another year. Watch It Played is a YouTube channel that’s main focus is to teach viewers how to play games, and does it well. The channel also releases a significant number of game play videos in which viewers are asked to participate by helping make decisions for the players between episodes.

Here, Rodney explains why he’s asking for support:

“I have had the privilege of working on Watch It Played full time because of the support of my family, sponsors and viewers like yourself. The money I make from the show is how I contribute financially to my family, which allows me to keep creating videos.

If you have enjoyed some of the videos we create, please consider making a donation and claiming a perk!”

This year if the campaign is successful, extra funds will be used to:

  • Organize a live-streamed day of game playing
  • Support Pep MacDonald’s ongoing contributions to the Channel
  • Update the set and acquire better equipment

As with any crowdfunding campaign, Rodney is offering Perks to those who support Watch It Played. These perks include game promo’s such as a playable Rodney character for Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games; FLGS location card for 51st State from Portal Games; a Scythe encounter card from Jamey Stegmaier; Above and Below Building from Ryan Laukat, and a limited quantity of last year’s Promo’s. Also, as my favorite available perk, you could be listed as a Producer at the end of Watch It Played videos, and get early access to game play content.

This is Rodney’s only fundraiser for the year, so if you’re looking to offer your support, check out the IndieGoGo Campaign now.


With the success of the advent calendar promo pack of board game expansions, Frosted Games has decided to do another pack, this time for Easter.  The Brettspiel Easter Basket 2016 will contain promos and mini expansions for 8 different games including ones for T.I.M.E. Stories, Colt Express, and Imperial Settlers, as well as the micro game WH1CH GAM3.  You can head over to the geeklist on BGG to take a look at the full list of games and then wait in aticipation for the release in March.

draccus card

Iello / Worldbuilders are introducing a new monster for King of Tokyo, based on a monster from Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles. The Draccus will be available from the Worldbuilders booth at Gencon (#663) and later from the author’s website. Proceeds from sales of the promo will support the humanitarian efforts of Heifer International. According to the announcement, both parties to this partnership are excited to have an opportunity to collaborate:

The folks at IELLO are also big fans of New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, and were tickled to find out that Pat loved playing King of Tokyo. They hung out a bit during Gen Con 2013, and a plan was hatched to bring the coal-chomping, resin-addicted Draccus out of his novel The Name of the Wind and into Tokyo Bay.  IELLO couldn’t wait to share their love for Rothfuss’s books with the boardgame community, and vice-versa. The new Draccus monster was designed by King of New York artist Régis Torres, and is fully playable in the original King of Tokyo game as well as King of New York.


Though the year is far from over, 2014 has already been a banner year for Gamewright’s latest signature card game, Sushi Go! The game, created by Australian designer, Phil Walker-Harding, made its debut to great fanfare at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year and has quickly risen to become one of Gamewright’s hottest selling games. It has also garnered much praise from the game playing community and has won several awards, including an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold award.

Processed with Moldiv

Driven by the strong world-wide demand for the game, Gamewright is proud to announce that they have forged six international publishing partnerships for Sushi Go!: Zoch Verlag (Germany), Cocktail Games (France), (Italy), White Goblin Games (Netherlands), Devir Iberia (Spain/Portugal), and  Lifestyle (Russia). “We have been overwhelmed by the positive international response to the game; it illustrates how a simple yet compelling game play can transcend age, language and culture.” says, Jason Schneider, Gamewright’s Director of Product Development. Specific publishing dates have yet to be formally announced but most publishers should have the game available for retail purchase by the end of this year.

In addition to the international partnerships, Gamewright is also releasing a Soy Sauce Promo Pack, a four card booster set that can be added to the current base game for added depth of play. Soy sauce cards are worth four points if a player collects the most variety of card colors in a round. This limited edition promo pack will be available at the store for $5.00.


Japanime Games is proud to announce their Retailer Support Program. This program has two main phases, and will roll out sequentially. The first phase is the Premier Store Program. Retailers who have physical locations and host at least 1 sanctioned Krosmaster: Arena Tournament or Tanto Cuore Tournament per month can qualify for Premier status. Premier stores can purchase items such as organized play kits, which include promotional prize support for tournaments; and tournament kits, which include boards, scenery and dice for tournament play – everything needed for an 8 player Krosmaster tournament other than the figures themselves. They will also have access to special Pre-orders offers of upcoming product that will include promotional figures and cards for all Japanime Games titles. In addition, Premier stores will have access to limited edition accessories as well as unique promotional opportunities. Japanime Games also has increased the robust nature of their demo team, and are happy to partner demo staff with willing stores and communities. This program is going into effect immediately, with special offerings being available for Premier Stores that are already running Japanime Games events.

The second phase of Japanime Games’ Retailer Support Program is the launching of a Minimum Advertised Price Policy for all retailers. Starting January 1, 2015, Japanime Games will require that all retailers no longer post an online price of less than 20% off of MSRP. Japanime Games hopes that this will reduce the concern many retailers have over the online deep discount distribution of their products. This will go into effect immediately on January 1st.

The key to Japanime Games’ future is in the community it has fostered. While we reach out to the community on Facebook, Twitter and Kickstarter, as well as at over 30 conventions a year, it is vital to have the connection with the local game store. This program will benefit our fans, the stores and the brands that we have been building over the last year.