plot thickens cards

In previous editions of The Resistance social deduction card game, there were Plot Cards and components that are now no longer available, and many players new to the game have requested these items.  Therefore, Indie Boards and Cards is currently running a Kickstarter project to provide previous components included in these previous editions to players who missed out on them.

These items have been grouped into a module called The Plot Thickens and is only running for a very short time, until Wednesday, June 1st.  The module includes:

  • The Plot Cards
  • Rogue Agents
  • The Sergeant
  • A full set of replacement Character Cards
  • A full set of replacement Mission Cards

This module will not include promos, as the goal of this project is to provide previously released material, not new material.

For more information on this project, visit its Kickstarter page.

iello gaes

IELLO has released an announcement that affects the way their preorders operate from this point forward.  Effective immediately, IELLO will be shipping out preorders for their products two weeks in advance of regular orders.  Additionally, new releases will not be sent to mass market or online retailers until after this two-week advance preorder period to allow brick-and-mortar retail stores the first opportunity at sales of these new releases.  This will be coupled with the company’s promo promotions as well.

For more information about this announcement, visit the news release on IELLO’s website.

demo copy program
As you may know, the board game industry has changed this April, with Asmodee North America (ANA) implementing new policies for distribution of their games.  According to ANA, the central concept for the changes is:
It’s important to support brick and mortar retail stores since they help grow the audience and build the hobby.
Following this idea, Stronghold Games is announcing a new Demo Copy Program. Friendly Local Gaming Stores (FLGS) will be allowed to get heavily discounted and/or free copies of board games for demos and playing. If you have a favorite FLGS, fill out the request form so you can let them know which games you’re interested in trying out.
There are also some new promos available on the Stronghold Games site (for 504, The Golden Ages, and Space Cadets: Away Missions, , as well as some games on preorder.
NOTE: Upon publishing this, Stronghold Games provided an update:
Our Sales & Marketing partner, PSI, indicated to us late yesterday that they would like to roll out the Demo Copy Program more slowly, ensuring that everything is working smoothly.  This slight correction takes place immediately:
PSI will begin the Demo Copy Program
during the last week of April
To ensure that we can provide the best service possible, the official start date of the Demo Copy Program is being moved to the last week of April.
At that time, demo copies will be available directly through our partner, Publishing Services Inc (PSI).


As most anyone that follows the Dice Tower would know, our Podcasts and videos are advertising free (with the exception of our sponsor, Cool Stuff Inc.). In order to provide that to our listeners we, once a year, create a fund-raiser on Kickstarter to not only go advertising free – but allow for expanded content. Upon reaching various different stretch goals, the Dice Tower will be adding Chaz Marler (Pair of Dice Paradise) as a part-time contributor as well as a possibility of him providing his top 100. Various other goals include the ability to have a booth at Essen as well as Jared Whitley producing his top 100. Hopefully, if we achieve enough, we will be able to hire a full-time video editor that will allow us to focus on producing more content!

To achieve these goals, there are a number of different pledge levels and promo packs available. Below are just a few images of some of the exciting things you can get by helping sponsor the Dice Tower in 2016. There is so much more than what’s listed below. You can visit the Kickstarter campaign here for all the details.

Dice Tower from Dog Might Games

Dice Tower from Dog Might Games

From WizKids - A promo card for Dice Masters:

From WizKids – A promo card for Dice Masters

 From Mayday Games - Promos for Mow Money and Garbage Day

From Mayday Games – Promos for Mow Money and Garbage Day

make mischief

From Portal Games - A new promo for Imperial Settlers:

From Portal Games – A new promo for Imperial Settlers

From Cool Mini or Not - A promo miniature for Blood Rage (Artwork above)

From Cool Mini or Not – A promo miniature for Blood Rage (Artwork above)

From Matagot - A new character for Ultimate Warriorz

From Matagot – A new character for Ultimate Warriorz

…and so much, much more! You can visit the Kickstarter page here. Please consider contributing and take home an exciting promo-pack. The Dice Tower would like to thank all of the companies contributing to this year’s campaign!!

spielbox logo

The September issue of Spielbox magazine will include two new mini-expansions.

In Sushi Go, player will be able to add the Soy Sauce which includes 4 new cards which rewards players who collect a variety of colors.

For Carcassonne, Half & Half includes 12 “half” triangle landscape tiles. This expansion is available in two versions; the first in Spielbox Magazine and the other in the Hans im Glueck online store.

For more information on these expansion or to order your copy of Spielbox Magazine, visit their online store.