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Jellybean Games announces Village Pillage, a fast paced card game designed by Peter C. Hayward and Tom Lang.

In Village Pillage, each player has a village represented by a deck of cards containing farmers, walls, raiders, and merchants. Each village seeks to obtain enough turnips, by either growing or stealing, so it can either grow its village by adding more powerful villagers or acquire enough royal relics to become a kingdom of its own. It must do so while fending off neighboring villages attempting to become a kingdom first.

The game mechanic is a unique variation of rock paper scissors (raiders steal from farmers, walls block raiders, farmers profit off walls) on two sides at once. Each card features character art by artist Tania Walker (Dracula’s Feast, The Lady and the Tiger) and includes easy to understand symbology to resolve actions.  Peter C. Hayward, describes the game as “simple enough that kids can play it against each other while being engaging enough for adults to play on their own.”

Each turn, players simultaneously choose a card to play against each of their neighbors. The cards are revealed at once and resolved; Farmers gain turnips, Walls protect the turnips, Raiders steal turnips, and Merchants trade turnips in for powerful new cards or expensive relics. Then, everyone picks up their cards and a new round begins. The first player to reach three relics is the winner!

The game contains forty gorgeous villager cards, seventy-two turnip tokens, fifteen relics, and a bank card for each player.

The game is supported by a Kickstarter campaign beginning on the 26th of March.  Kickstarter backers will receive a sixth-player expansion for free. Stretch goals include expansion cards, and a double-sided chicken token for breaking ties. During the campaign, Jellybean Games will run a contest for backers to select which villager card will be the Ultimate Village Pillager.

Village Pillage is for 2 to 5 players aged 8+ and plays in about 20 minutes.  Like most of their games, Jellybean Games offers a free print and play version on their website.



We previously reported on Asmodee reprinting the game Watson & Holmes, and so to help build interest in the game Asmodee has released part of a new case on their website.  On the page you will find part of the case file as well as some of the locations you will find in the case, giving you a head start on solving the mystery.  Once the game Watson & Holmes has been published they will release the full files for this free bonus case for the game so you can print it up and add it to your game.  Will you be able to solve the mystery of Case X?

I will hand it to Asmodee, releasing additional content like this ahead of time is a solid way to get people interested in the game ahead of it’s release in 2017.

In case you were wondering if you could customize your game of Cards Against Humanity with your own content, your curiosity has been satisfied…

Being released from Cards Against Humanity LLC is a card pack entitled “Your S****y Jokes”   This pack will come with 50 blank cards, 40 White / 10 Black, allowing you to add whatever content to the game you wish creating a customized version of your game.

Does your group have a lot of inside jokes that would be served well in this game?  Do you feel the content is too extreme, and you need to ‘lighten the mood’ by adding some tamer material?  Do you feel the game isn’t raunchy enough and you can do better?  All of these things are now possible with this expansion.  CAH’s website states that this also comes with a guide to help you create content for the game that ‘doesn’t suck’.

Love it or hate it, Cards Against Humanity isn’t going anywhere and this pack of blank cards allows you to create content for your game in any way you see fit.

Cards Against Humanity: Your S****y Jokes contains:

  • 40 White Cards
  • 10 Black Cards
  • Instructions for writing your own cards

For more information on Cards Against Humanity, please follow the link here

MAGE Company has released its December 2015 News bulletin with the following items of interest.

January 18, 2016 Kickstarter Announcement

aether captains

MAGE Company will Kickstart an old print-and-play game by Todd Sanders, Aether Captains.  This steampunk themed, scenario-based, asymmetric board game for 2-5 players pits one player, the commander of the mighty zeppelin fleet, against the many waves of marauding sky pirates.  You can preview the upcoming Kickstarter project here.

New Partnership

MAGE Company has partnered with Ninja Division, and the above Kickstarter of Aether Captains will be an immediate product of this partnership.  Below is MAGE Company’s official announcement:

MAGE Company has proceeded to a partnership with Ninja Division known for Ninja all Stars and Super Dungeon Explorer games. The board game publisher best known for its titles 12 Realms, Raid & Trade and Res Publica: 2230AD, has now entered in a publishing agreement with Ninja Division, to make its products widely available to the North American and Canadian markets. New distribution partners will begin production of 12 Realms and Raid & Trade soon and they are expected to start distributing early in 2016. 

MAGE Company also has announced two new supplementary game products:

New Box and Foam for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story

bedtime story

The production for 12 Realms: Bedtime Story, the 2nd big expansion for 12 Realms is also moving along, with the box and foams of the game being the last production update by MAGE Company. The board game box measures 31*31*10 cm and comes with 3 foams to protect the miniatures from ALL the 12 Realms boxes. The foams can accommodate both Heroes, and Dark Lords, while they also come with custom holes to fit the buildings and other bigger sized minis.

Premium Square Sleeves Now Available

The 53*53mm premium sleeves are now available for pre-order in the MAGE Company online shop! MAGE is the only one producing premium quality sleeves of this size. The re-production is now finished and the estimated time of arrival of the sleeves to the German warehouse is December 20th. These premium quality transparent sleeves can be used in games like Raid & Trade and 12 Realms, as well as fit other games with 50*50mm cards, like Kingdom Death! Check it out at

zombie invasions

Frugal Rock Games announced that Zombie Invasions, a print and play game, is now available. Zombie Invasions is designed by Tavis Dunn.
Zombie Invasions is a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Horror Combat System and allows for 2 – 5 players to take on the role of Zombies and Survivors in a strategic turn based fight for survival.
Survivors must employ their wits and a selection of weapons in order to defeat wave after wave of shambling nightmares. Meanwhile the Zombie Master who takes control of the horde must use superior numbers and devastating attacks to bring the Survivors down at any cost.
The game is designed to bring fun, strategic thinking and competitiveness to the table top and can be enjoyed by anyone from the recommended age of 14 and up.

This is a fully designed and play tested board game created by Frugal Rock Games. The game files contain everything needed to print, construct and play Zombie Invasions Basic Game. With the choice of printing from the colour or printer friendly files.


  • Full ZI Basic Game Rule Book. (27 pages)
  • Zombie Master and Survivor Character sheets.
  • Weapons (2 pages), Bonus Box (4 pages), Zombie Master Zombie Cards (2 pages)
  • Zombie, Survivor and Bonus Box tokens.
  • Action Point, Damage, Zombie Deployment and RIP counters.
  • Grided Board.
  • Encounter and Post Encounter cheat sheets.