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Fantasy Flight Games has provided a preview of the upcoming Hero and Monster Collection expansion for Descent 2.0, Shards of Everdark.  This expansion introduces four heroes from Descent’s first edition, “breathing new life into them with revitalized artwork and figure sculpts. In the same way, two monster groups from the first edition rejoin the game, as well as an entirely new monster group—the dark minotaurs.”

This latest preview discusses in more detail one of the heroes of this expansion, Arvel Worldwalker, and one of the monsters, the shades.  Arvel is a hero that boasts balanced attributes, and when she fails an attribute test, she can either recover 1 Fatigue or reroll the test.  Additionally, Arvel’s Heroic Feat enables her to return up to two of her Class cards to her Class deck and gain any number of Class cards from her deck worth an equal amount of XP.  This powerful ability allows Arvel access to her Class deck throughout a campaign to give her true versatility for any situation.

Shades are evil creatures that appear in larger numbers, with ethereal forms that allow them to warp next to heroes when they fail attribute tests and prey upon those that attempt to recover Fatigue.

For more details on the preview for this expansion, visit the article on FFG’s website.

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Plaid Hat Games is expanding their highly popular – and always adorable – Mice and Mystics universe with the upcoming tactical miniatures game Tail Feathers. Tail Feathers is a game for 2-4 players who must battle for aerial superiority over Downwood Forest. Defend your nest, outfly your enemies and always spend your cheese wisely.

Check out part 1 of Plaid Hat’s special Tail Feathers preview here, to learn about the basic setup of the game and see a brief overview of the four phases of each game round: choosing missions, changing tilt, taking actions and resolving effects.

Here is part 2, which will introduce you briefly to the Story of Tail Feathers, as you accompany Taphi the elf in accomplishing a task of the utmost importance.

tail feathers path

Finally, part 3 of the Tail Feathers preview will tell you all you need to know about that most important aspect of the game: flight! Check out the simple yet versatile flight templates, learn about the game’s unique tilt mechanism that determines the direction your bird will fly and find out how to build your flight path through the forest.

Be sure to check Plaid Hat Games regularly for more previews in the coming weeks. And if you can’t wait that long, you can download a pdf file of the Tail Feathers rulebook from either of the gameplay preview pages linked above!

wrath of the undead

Armies of vengeful, enraged Undead are about to invade Terrinoth and transform the game of BattleLore Second Edition! The diabolical forces of Terrors of the Mists and Heralds of Dreadfall promise to unleash unprecedented horrors upon the battlefield and strike fear into the hearts of all who oppose them. They offer commanders a fresh array of strategic options and pose a challenging threat to Daqan and Uthuk Y’llan armies. What’s more, you can field the ghastly military might of the Undead even before these expansions are available!

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the upcoming expansions for Battlelore Second EditionTerrors of the Mists and Heralds of Dreadfall.  Fans of Battlelore will be able to sample these upcoming Undead expansions by visiting a participating retailer for a series of preview events this September.  At these events, players will play a specially-designed scenario for the game including the Heralds of Dreadfall with the possibility of obtaining an exclusive alternate-art command card, a limited edition BattleLore playmat, or even an advanced copy of Heralds of Dreadfall.

Follow THIS LINK for more information on these events, or contact your local game retailer to participate.


Dominion Adventures, the ninth expansion to the popular deckbuilding game Dominion, was announced earlier this year. Dominion, a card game published in 2008, introduced the genre of deckbuilding into the board gaming world. In Dominion, everyone starts with the same cards, and during the game players can buy cards from a set pool of available cards on the table to add to their decks. With all of the cards introduced through the many expansions, no two games are the same.

dominion strategy cards is going to have a preview each day this week with cards from the new expansion. In addition to the single card previews, Donald X. Vaccarino, the designer of Dominion, will be previewing 3 cards from the expansion each day. Today’s cards are Lost City, Magpie, and Hero.

According to the designer, Lost Cities is a simple, vanilla card. Magpie can turn into a bunch of Magpies, but there are only 10 Magpies total (unlike Rats, a card from an earlier expansion with 20 copies).

The Hero is a bit more complicated – it isn’t in the Supply. There’s a whole chain of cards that you need to exchange through to get to the final level of Champion: Page -> Treasure Hunter -> Warrior -> Hero -> Champion. There’s another similar cycle of cards: Peasant -> Soldier -> Fugitive -> Disciple -> Teacher. Although this makes the actual cost of the final card pretty cheap, it’s a trade-off with the amount of turns it takes to trade in and upgrade all the cards.

To read the full article with Donald Vaccarino’s thoughts on his new cards, click here.

BoardGameGeek News editor W. Eric Martin has provided a preview of the much anticipated Pandemic Legacy. Unless you have been bunkered down in preparation for a true apocalyptic viral spread, you have heard the buzz behind this game by Z-Man Games and designed by Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau. Just in case you have recently tuned into boardgaming news, Pandemic Legacy is a stand alone game which can be viewed as a marriage of the original Pandemic game (designed by same Matt Leacock and largely responsible for the popularity of the cooperative game format) and a new “present actions and game results affect future gameplay” mechanic first introduced in Risk Legacy. According to Martin’s article and to help gauge how widely this new installment is anticipated:

On March 12, 2015, Z-Man Games announced that as of that date it had received preorders for 52,000 copies of Pandemic Legacy, its Spiel 2015 release from designers Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau that will debut in ten languages around the world on October 8, 2015.

Martin’s article from BGG news provides a hands-on sneak peek at gameplay. Martin was able to play the full game with one of the designers, the owner of Z-Man Games as well as one other who is involved in the distribution of the game to major retailers. In short, this Legacy format of Pandemic plays quite similarly to the original but is played over “Months.” Where the game begins to differ from the original is that cities on the map now have trackers on them indicating how many times an outbreak has occurred. As more outbreaks occur in the same city, bad things happen such as riots, which in turn can make future gameplay mechanics such as research and movement more difficult.

The “Legacy deck” is also new and provides setup instructions which change depending on prior games’ outcomes. “Scars” now affect characters, which replace the roles from the original, and remain between games. All changes seem to be tied directly to the Legacy format and leave core mechanics familiar to those already acquainted to the classic Pandemic game.

Some outcomes affecting the map or characters will require stickers to be place on the respective components to track the changes between games. Those familiar to Risk Legacy will appreciate this mechanic. How “well” or “poor” the outcome of each game will determine how many times you play the game to complete a campaign and the level of difficulty of each game.

I do not know about you but the idea of this beloved  co-op game being mutated (virology pun intended) into a new form where outcomes in one game affects future plays has me ready to don my hazmat suit and flip some cards anticipating the next disaster!

Check out W. Eric Martin’s article over at BGG news here.




If you’ve been following the progress of The Witcher Adventure Game, then you’ve already seen previews for gameplay and monsters.  Now, Fantasy Flight Games has released a preview for two of the classes you can play – The Witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia and Dandelion, the Bard.  Of the game itself, FFG writes:

In The Witcher Adventure Game, you take on the role of an iconic character and undertake adventures and quests in the Northern Kingdoms. Struggle to become the greatest hero in the realm, gain fame and renown by completing quests, and exterminate dread monsters from other spheres. Only the greatest of heroes will rise above his opponents to shape the history of the Continent!

To read more about Geralt and Dandelion, check out the preview here.

swamp orcs

Plaid Hat Games has released the latest preview for Summoner Wars: Alliance.  Today’s faction being introduced is the Swamp Mercenaries which is made up of two other factions the Swamp Orcs and the Mercenaries.  In this preview they are focusing on the Swamp Orc and will be covering the Mercenaries in the next preview.

swamp merc card

This faction is one that can new be described as vicious in an oh so delightful way.  Having abilities centered around the vine wall whether it is sowing them in the most inconvenient of places or utilizing them to supercharge your abilities.  Having the ability to stop up opponents with the snares of the vine walls truly does take the faction up to a very desirable level.

For the full preview head over to Plaid Hat Games website here.



Plaid Hat Games has released their second preview of the Jungle Shadows faction.  In this second installment on the faction they continue looking at the speed of movement and their style of attack.  Based on how this preview ends you can look forward to at least one more preview for this faction.

Head on over to Plaid Hat Game’s site to see the full preview here.



For those of you eagerly anticipating Summoner Wars Alliances unfortunately Plaid Hat Games has announced that they are not going to be able to meet their October release estimates and have revised their outlook for release to preferably before the end of the year.  They stated that the pre-order for the game should be available sometime soon.

They have also released the first previews for two different factions.  The first one is the Alliance faction Jungle Shadows.  This is a great race that tends to move fast and be very sneaky in doing so.  I like how they describe them.

The Jungle Shadows have the normal number of cards: no Conjurations, no special rules, no new mechanics. There are fewer cards to drool over, but the abilities are straight-forward, easy to use, and deadly.

The second faction they have previewed is the Vargath Vanguard which are the first faction designed by lead playtester Frank Balog.  Built around the strong leader Moyra Skylark thi will be quite the formidable race.  Frank describes how he was able to come up with the characteristics of the faction.

to read the full previews head over to Plaid Hat Games website.  Jungle Shadows here.  Vargath Vanguard here.


Fantasy Flight Games has released their latest preview for the forthcoming XCOM the board game.  This update focuses heavily upon the much bandied about app that accompanies the game.  This app is an integral part of the game and from all accounts is very well done even in the prototype form that most people have experienced at the various different conventions.  Fantasy Flight had this to say about the reception.

The initial response to our announcement of XCOM: The Board Game has been positively overwhelming. Our demo tables were packed at Gen Con Indy, then again at PAX, and fan sites have since set the net abuzz with news and reviews about both the game and its use of a free digital companion app.

Many other games have had something to accompany them but XCOM is bringing something new to the table which is a readily upgradeable addition to the game which will preserve playability in the long run due to their ability to have ever changing scenarios being presented to players.

x com board

To read the full preview of the app head over to Fantasy Flight’s website here.