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Plan B Games is bringing a new expansion to Century: Golem Edition! Eastern Mountains, designed my Emerson Matsuuchi, works much like Eastern Wonders for those familiar with Century: Spice Road where players will explore the Carvania Mountain ranges and establish a trade network. Of course, this expansion will resemble the Golem Edition artwork, illustrated by Chris Quilliams and Atha Kanaani, utlizing manga inspired art. This expansion is now available for pre-order along with its playmat.

For more information, visit Plan B Games’ website here.

To celebrate the release of their new digital offering The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, Fantasy Flight games is offering a limited edition version of the physical game that has been around since 2011.

The special edition is available now as a preorder directly from Fantasy Flight Games. An order for the collectors edition of the card game includes early access (August 28, 2018) to the new digital game on Steam including some in-game bonuses such as unlocked packs and avatars only available to those who pre-order this set.

The “The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game Limited Collector’s Edition” physical bundle will include a complete starter set, a custom playmat, MP3 soundtrack, art prints and your very own One Ring (the power of invisibility is not included). To attract new and experienced players alike, the starter set will feature new artwork on all cards, but will retain complete compatibility with existing sets and expansions. There will also be two new heroes in the set,  Thorin Stonehelm and Gildor Inglorion, and two new quests. And for those who really like to set the scene, you’ll get a code to download the score for the digital game that you can use to enhance your game nights.

See the pre-order page for more information.


Secrets lurk in the shadows of the King’s castle…barbicans, moats, courtyards…and clever Secret Passages…

Today, Bezier Games (One Night Ultimate WerewolfSuburbia, and the upcoming Favor of the Pharaoh) announces the first expansion to the Essen 2014 hit, Castles of Mad King Ludwig by Ted Alspach.  This expansion takes Castles of Mad King Ludwig, currently ranked #84 on, to new levels of intrigue, by introducing dozens of new components and several new mechanics.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria was known for his eccentric castle-building, having created some of the most iconic castles in the world during his short reign. He is known as the “Swan king” as his signature castle, Neuschwanstein, translates roughly to “New Swan Stone”. One of the elements of a castle that Ludwig didn’t get to build during his short lifetime was a moat, something he longed for as a moat separated two of the castles he frequented as a young boy. But he did get to indulge in another of his architectural desires: Neuschwanstein has several secret passages added specifically at Ludwig’s request.

Designer Ted Alspach had the following to say about Castles of Mad King Ludwig Secrets:
“Barbicans and Moats change the way you construct your castle, upping the spacial element that so many people enjoy in the original Castles game.  The new rooms provide immense replayability, and coupled with placing Secret Passages and collecting Swans for money and/or points, it really broadens the overall game experience without increasing complexity.”
Secrets will be available for purchase in October 2015.  Preorders are available by visiting
Bezier Games 2015 Preorder Special
Bezier Games would also like to bring attention to their 2015 preorder special!  You can now order Castles of Mad King Ludwig SecretsSuburbia 5 Star, and Favor of the Pharaoh together in one package!  What’s more, this preorder special also includes three additional sets of dice for Favor of the Pharaoh and 1 set of Suburbia 5 Star Game Con Bonus tiles (featuring Kublacon, DiceTower Con, Gen Con, Essen Spiel, and BGG.con!
To take advantage of this preorder special, visit the Bezier Games 2015 Preorder Special link HERE.