Soaring Rhino newest game, Mammoth, is now on Kickstarter. Mammoth takes a unique approach to biome development in a game and offers two different modes of play.  The gameplay in Mammoth draws from the scientific premise that the mammoth was instrumental in preventing the permafrost from melting and fostering massive grassland growth. 

In the competitive game, players are herds of mammoths moving about the barren tundra and trampling the brambles to make room for the flora and grassland. In this tile placing game, players place either square or octagon tiles to do one of two things: expand the flower patch they are creating with their trampling or extend the path of the herd.  Points are scored for extending and completing flower patches. The game ends when the last octagon tile is placed.  Players will score points for the number of tiles in the flower patch their mammoth occupied at the end of the game.  Points are also scored for each tile in the length of the herd’s path.  The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.  

In the co-operative game, goals and action cards are used.  Now the players are scientists working together to guide the mammoth herds through the landscape to accomplish two goals in shaping the biome: create a flower patch of a specific color large enough to accomplish the color goal, and create a herd path in the manner required to accomplish the path goal.  The group will also have to score enough points required by the two goals.  Player actions are limited by the available action cards, but if the team plans well enough, they can ensure each scientist has the action they need.  If the players accomplish all their scientific goals before the last octagon tile is placed, they win the game.

Mammoth plays 2-4 players, ages 8+, in 30-45 minutes. Components includes game board, 4 plastic mammoths, 4 baby mammoth tokens, 4 animal path tokens, 72 small 1-point biocycle tokens, 48 large 3-point biocycle tokens. 40 double-sided square tiles, 52 octagon flower tiles, 2 octagon lab tiles, 4 penalty tokens, 8 goals cards, 14 action cards, a go first marker, and rulebook. The Kickstarter campaign runs until June 23 with an expected delivery in February 2020. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign to learn more about the game and the science the game is based on.


North Star Games will be releasing their first strategy game later this year.  Usually known for their party games like Wits & Wagers and Say Anthing, North Star recently had their kickstarter project for Evolution funded and backers are expecting to get their copy in October and full release shortly after.

Billions of years of struggling for food…

Billions of years of evading carnivores…
Billions of years of adapting to a changing environment…
This is EVOLUTION. A new card game where your choices determine which species survive, which ones thrive, and which ones will forever disappear from the face of our beautiful blue planet.

evolution cards

In Evolution, players do the work of nature by putting species into play and evolving them trait by trait to help them survive in a changing environment. There are two threats that players have to deal with for their species: starvation and getting eaten by carnivores.

How to Play
Each round consists of:
1) Drawing cards: 3 cards + 1 card per species
2) Playing cards:
– Play one face-down card to determine the amount of plant food available this round.
– Play cards to create new species and modify existing species.
3) Feeding phase:
– Reveal the food cards.
– Feed your species plant food
– Attack other species if you have a carnivore
4) Clean up phase:
– Remove species that received no food.
– Reduce the population of species that were not fully fed
– Place the food in your score bag.

When the deck runs out, the players conduct one final round, then score points.

End of Game Scoring:
– 1 point for each food in your bag
– 1 point for each population of your existing species
– 1 point for each trait on your existing species