Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new age: a new age of Twilight.  Twilight Imperium, that is, in the form of a fourth edition of the epic 4x space strategy game that has been loved and celebrated in the gaming industry for many years.  This new edition celebrates 20 years of this epic space opera board game of expansion, diplomacy, and war to control the galaxy, best explained in this excerpt from the official release:

For twenty years, the custom space operas created by Twilight Imperium have thrilled gamers like nothing else. Now, Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition builds on the grand space opera found in previous editions while streamlining rules and putting player interaction center stage…Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition aims to be the most complete version of the game ever printed. Seventeen playable races are included in the game, offering a wide variety of starting faction options. Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition brings a galactic space opera to your table, and no two games will ever be the same.

This new version of the game will include 350 plastic units, 51 system tiles, 561 command and control tokens, 80 action cards, 50 agenda cards, 40 objective cards, 59 planet cards, 184 technology and technology upgrade cards, 41 promissory note cards, and much more.

TI veterans will likely be asking (as I did!) what the main differences are between TI3 and TI4.  Some of the main changes include a stunning new graphic design and layout, but with the same great and familiar artwork flavor.  Additionally, changes will be seen in game mechanisms such as Trade, Technology, PDS Units, Space Docks, Politics, and the Imperial Strategy Card, to name a few.  FFG has anticipated the question of specific changes to the game in their product description, which can be read here.

The game is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2017.  To read the entire article that announces the new version of the game, click here.



Battle Hardened Games has restarted their first Kickstarter project, 1750: Britain vs. France Card Game.

Designed by Jason Huffman, 1750: Britain vs. France is a 2-player card game for ages 14 and up and plays in about 45 minutes. It is a mid-level, strategy wargame where one player represents Britain and the other represents France.  Each player engages in a battle of dice and card-play to capture enemy forces, persuade foreign powers to be allies, and gain control of the most colonies around the world.

As you build your empire of conquered world colonies, you will need to use your political skills to convince other powers to help you attack and defend your conquests with a roll of the dice.  To skew the outcome in your favor, use historic event cards to affect the tide of battle.  Shrewdly choose which colonies to conquer and which generals to recruit to lead your forces in this medium-weight wargame with surprising depth.


Have you ever fancied yourself a world leader hellbent on world domination?  Do you enjoy the idea of colonizing free world?  Or maybe you’re just a history or art buff that loves a great-looking game?  In any of these cases, you should definitely give a look to 1750: Britain vs. France Card Game!

To learn more or pledge today for as low as $29, <click here>.