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The 2017 entries into the National Toy Hall of Fame have been announced, and Clue is the latest board board game to receive the award. The other 2017 entries include Paper Airplanes and the Wiffle Ball.

In 1943 pianist Anthony Pratt and his wife Elva Pratt developed a board game version of the fancy murder mystery parties that were popular between the two world wars. In their new game, Cluedo, players move around a board to eliminate possible locations, weapons and murderers to answer the questions of who the killer was, what room was used, and what the weapon was.

In 1947 the Pratt family was given a patent but post-war shortages of material made production impossible. Once material starting becoming readily available Waddington’s Games in London published the game as Cluedo in 1949, and Parker Brothers released Clue the same year.

From the National Toy Hall of Fame announcement:

Americans in the 1950s loved mysteries, whether encountered in Agatha Christie novels or Alfred Hitchcock films. And designers gave Clue an appropriately puzzling mansion, Boddy Manor, with many rooms in which to commit murder. The aptly-named victim, Mr. Boddy, is surrounded by the familiar, suspicious manor guests. Was it Miss Scarlet with the rope? Is Mrs. Peacock hiding the lead pipe? Does Colonel Mustard carry a revolver? And what is it with Professor Plum? With a fixed number of potential murderers, weapons, and locations, Clue offers 324 different murder scenario combinations—so the game plays differently nearly every time. Clue’s enjoyable, repeatable play ensured its success during the years since its introduction. It remains one of the 10 best-selling games.

Previous notable board games to be inducted include:

Monopoly was introduced in the inaugural class of 1998.

The Strong

The Strong, located in Rochester New York,  is an  interactive, collections-based museum devoted to the history and exploration of play. It houses the world’s largest collection of historical play material and is home to the International Center for the History of Electronic Games, the National Toy Hall of Fame, the World Video Game Hall of Fame, and the American Journal of Play. Each year new toys, including board games, are introduced into the National Toy Hall of Fame.


The giant search engine has decided to put some of the most popular search queries into a deck of cards, creating something a bit difficult to use.  The deck of cards is a normal 52 card deck, but each card only shows the suit and a general knowledge type question which indicates the value.  An example is “_____ Kong, last seen climbing the Empire State Building” for the king card, or “Heath Ledger in Batman” for the joker.  While these cards aren’t for sale, I find it interesting that you have a bit of a trivia game added to the cards, meaning if you can’t figure out the answer, you don’t know what you are holding. You can read about it here.

immortal 2

The following is a press release from Game-o-gami:

Game-O-Gami just launched a Kickstarter project to bring 2 new factions, the Egyptian and Celtic pantheons, to “Immortal” – the strategy game of warring mythologies:
The Egyptian and Celtic pantheons will join the Norse, Greek, Japanese, and Native American pantheons, for a total of 6 playable factions in Immortal. This new Kickstarter project functions as a stretch goal for the previous Immortal Kickstarter project which funded in July. So if the new Kickstarter successfully funds, then all of the new content (50% more cards, artwork, and special abilities) will be automatically added to every copy of the game when it releases next year.
In addition to upgrading the game for everyone, this Kickstarter project is also raising funds to produce a deck of custom Playing Cards, featuring the amazing artwork from the game. Each of the 54 cards in the Playing Cards deck (4 suits + 2 Jokers) will have a unique illustration of a god, goddess, hero, or monster from Norse, Greek, Japanese, or Egyptian mythology.
This is a short 16-day Kickstarter campaign, running until October 8th.