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Plaid Hat Games has just announced their new game, Super Punch Fighter, a card driven arena battle game with a video game theme from designer Robert Klotz. In Super Punch Fighter, 1-6 players try to knock their opponents off of the stage a la Smash Brothers, and complete achievements, earning stars towards victory. Players each control a fighter with its own deck of cards representing button mashes. Place thumb tokens on the cards to increase movement, allow more draws, initiate extra attacks, or even block. Don’t mash buttons too haphazardly, because you can only remove tokens from 4 cards. Any cards which still have a token at the end of a turn are discarded. Unique fighter cards can be played if you have enough buttons available, and if you start a new fighter card with the last button from a previous card, you can combo the attack. Super Punch Fighter also comes with a 1-2 player cooperative “minion rush” stage. Look for Super Punch Fighter coming Q1 2019, and for more information and pictures, check out Plaid Hat Games’ official announcement here.

Two new clans are set to be added to Crystal Clans from Plaid Hat Games. In Crystal Clans, a 2-player battle card game designed by Colby DauchJ. Arthur Ellis, and Andrea Mezzotero, players take on the roles of clan factions, each with their own unique armies, who fight to control powerful crystals on a battlefield.

The Gem Clan uses the Crystal Force ability which lets them gain +1 attack for each crystal in any score area (including their opponent’s). This army is composed of nomadic artisans who rack up crystals throughout the game.

The Moon Clan has a ghostly, pirate crew, based army from the ship, Risen Anabelle. They make use of the Plunder ability to remove units from their opponents’ hands, and also have access to the Pirate and Reanimated keywords for their aiblities.

More details on how these clans play will be revealed on the Plaid Hat Games website soon.

The Grave King and The Protector of Argaia are 2 new decks which expand the game of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn from Plaid Hat Games. In Ashes, an expandable card game for 2-4 players, players take on the roles of Phoenixborn, who are demi-gods and protectors of their world. Unfortunately, the Phoenixborn are at war with one another and seek to bath in the ashes of their defeated foes in order to absorb their power and be the sole, remaining god with dominion over all the land. Ashes is designed by Isaac Vega and features amazing art by Thander LinDavid Richards, and Fernanda Suárez.

The Grave King deck includes the Phoenixborn, James Endersight, who uses divine and ceremonial magic to sacrifice and resurrect his armies in order to overwhelm his foes. The Protector of Argaia deck has Fiona Mercywind, a Phoenixborn of Birdsnest who uses Sympathy and Charm magic.

Gen7: A Crossroads Game, coming soon to a store near you, is a grand narrative game with a massive branching path, where the choices players make will alter the direction of the story. Gen7 uses the Crossroads mechanic, previously seen in the Dead of Winter games, which constantly challenge players with a variety of unique situations that will force them to make difficult moral decisions.

Now Plaid Hat Games has announced an expansion to the base game – Gen7: The Breaking Point. This expansion adds components for 5-6 players as well as a new scenario.

The base game of Gen7 is available for preorder and should be arriving at retailers soon. Gen7: Breaking Point is also available for preorder and will be available early next year. just announced the news that Mice & Mystics, a cooperative board game by published by Plaid Hat Games and designed by Jerry Hawthorne, is in negotiations with Dreamworks Annimation to become a full-length movie!!

“Alexandre Aja attached to direct and co-write the script with “Aquaman” scribe David Leslie Johnson. Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee and Jon Berg are producing.”

Mice & Mystics is a beautiful dungeon-crawl game for both adults and families and sports several expansions. You can find out much more about the game over at the Dice Tower here (including reviews and features)

Great stats but one big drawback characterizes the new Fire Clan while the Light Clan is based on the fortune of prayer. Both new clans are coming soon for Crystal Clans by Plaid Hat Games.

The Fire Clan

Like many fire-based entities, this clan burns bright and fast. Consume, the clan-specific ability of the Fire Clan, requires you to discard the bottom unit from any squad led by a unit that has Consume at the end of your turn. This even includes single unit squads! However, there is no requirement that a unit with Consume leads its squad, so you can avoid this penalty with some clever squad-building.

On the other hand, maybe you should lead with a unit with the Consume ability – they do have some fantastic abilities.

Meldien, one of the heroes of the clan has an ability, Intense Burn, which allows you to instantly destroy the top enemy unit (unless it has more than 8 defence) when you move into its zone.

The common unit, Ashen Assasins, is quick, and reasonably priced for their stats. They have the Ashes to Ashes ability, which allows them to lead a squad that has +3 attack for each hero unit in your discard pile.

Searing Guards don’t have Consume and don’t add much to a fighting force on their own, but their ability essentially makes their numbers infinite. Searing Guards can help you secure empty crystal zones and setup a score. These guards are also instrumental to the Searing Songstresses, who gain strength for each Searing Guards unit on the battlefield.

The Light Clan

Do you feel lucky? Who cares! If you play the Light Clan you don’t need to rely on luck you can use the power of Prayer.

You can remove a Prayer unit in your hand from the game to gain 1 initiative or to search your draw pile for a card of your choice and put it in your hand. Your prayer is answered, but there are two big drawbacks. First, you just dumped a card from your hand, so you will need to replenish sooner rather than later. Second, you’ve reduced the size of your deck, which could cause a reshuffle (and your opponent gaining a free crystal) to occur much more frequently.

Servants of the Light aren’t great fighters but they do have Prayer. Their Enter the Light ability allows you to get some use out of them first, since whenever they are destroyed you may elect to place them back on top of your draw pile. This allows you to save their Prayer for when you really need it. They also work well with the Priestesses of the Light’s Beyond ability, which allows you to reveal up to 3 units from the top of your deck and grants an extra attack. If you stack your deck just right, the Priestesses can deal a whopping 12 attack!

Shimmerstone Clerics can use their Barrier to protect the rest of their squad from receiving damage, often giving you a second chance at destroying an enemy squad. Radiant Paladins have Revive, which allows you to return a common unit from your discard pile to your draw pile every time the Radiant Paladins are activated.

You can pre-order the Fire Clan and the Light Clan now.

Learn more about Crystal Clans by watching some Dice Tower coverage.

Ashes: The Ghost Guardian expansion deck is coming soon for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. This deck uses Sympathy and Illusion magic to summon ghostly creatures that manipulate the flow of battle. It also has a bunch of control options that allow players to gain a glimpse of the future so they can plan accordingly.

Meet Rimea Careworn – the Phoenixborn of Shadowreck – leader of the Ghost Guardian deck.

Rimea has the power to gaze into the future and even manipulate the outcomes to her desire! Her Visions ability allows you to look at the top three cards of a player’s draw pile and rearrange them. The best thing about this ability is that it doesn’t exhaust – you can always be assessing the future! If Rimea sees an outcome that she doesn’t want to contend with, she can cast aside that timeline by putting that card on the bottom of the deck.

Rimea also has one of the more unique Phoenixborn stat lines in Ashes. Her spellboard value is 5, which allows her plenty of options for tailoring her spellboard with a wide variety of summon books and utility ready spells. Rimea has 20 life to help her to survive late into the game, which is advantageous for strategies revolving around building up a robust spellboard to overtake their opponent! Her weak point is her battlefield value of 4 but fortunately, she has enlisted the help of a premier ally: the Ancestral Army!

The Ancestral Army is made up of the spirits of Rimea’s ancestors – an army of elite warriors. This card is one of the most reliable allies in the game, with a well-rounded stat line that can hold its own against other high-ranking opponents. The Dauntless ability allows the army to make quick work of a small unit and immediately ready for battle again. The Inviolable ability protects the army from incoming spells but also prevents you from augmenting the army yourself.

Watch The Dice Tower coverage of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn.

Ashes: The Ghost Guardian expansion deck (as well as the other new deck – Ashes: The King of Titans) is available for pre-order from Plaid Hat Games now.

Plaid Hat Games has quickly followed up their release of Starship Samurai with the announcement the expansion, Starship Samurai: Shattered Alliances.  The expansion includes two new Samurai Mechs: Hanzo and Ishida.  Hanzo enables a single and alone ship at his location to become indestructible, while Ishida is capable of amassing wealth quickly.  Each of these mechs come with beautifully crafted miniatures and their own action deck of 40 cards.  The theme of the Shattered Alliances expansion is carried through to the cards which feature some actions that are clan specific, meaning that they can only be used when the clan token shown on the card is part of that player’s Alliance.  Starship Samurai: Shattered Alliance is available for pre-order now and will be available later in the year.  See Plaid Hat Games to learn more about this expansion.

Guardians, the forthcoming game from Plaid Hat Games, will be receiving a hero expansion.  The Uprising hero pack expansion will be released later this year and includes four additional heroes, along with their associated power deck and ultimate cards.

Guardians is a card game for two or four players featuring variable player powers.  Each player creates a team of three heroes which are then used to combat the other opponents.  The Uprising expansion will add to the available roster of heroes to form your team.  Uprising will also introduce “blast damage” to the game.

“This hero pack also introduces a new way bring the pain to your opponent’s heroes: Blast Damage. When a player is dealt blast damage, she must allocate it to heroes she controls. Place it all on a single hero or distribute it evenly, but be careful not to leave your team vulnerable to future attacks! Blast damage adds a new element of strategy and tactics to Guardians, so take cover and brace for impact!”

Click here to read the announcement from Plaid Hat Games.  Additional information on Guardians can be found on Plaid Hat’s product page by clicking here.

Plaid Hat Games announces Gen7: A Crossroads Game.  In Gen7 places players on an international colony ship, 142 years into a 210-year journey.  Thirteen generations will be born on the vessel before it reaches its final destination, and for six generations, everything has gone as planned.  The players are the crew of the 7th generation.  Together, the crew must work together to maintain and pilot the ship towards its destination and preserve the mission of the colony.  However, each crew member also has his or her own objective that may not be in everyone else’s best interest. In the lonely expanse of space, paranoia and intrigue play out aboard an interstellar ark.

Gen7 is a narrative game.  The game is played over the course of seven episodes, and each episode defines each player’s goal.  Accomplishing those goals can help players advance in rank and gain new perks to perform their job better.  However, victory is not won by accruing the highest individual score or rank; it is the players’ actions that will determine how the story ends and whether victory is achieved. The fate of the human species lies in their hands.

Gen7: A Crossroads Game plays 3-4 players, ages 14+, in 60-90 minutes.  Contents include:

  • 130-page Plot Book
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 12 Board Tiles
  • 4 Player Barracks Sheets
  • 370 Standard Cards
  • 52 Mini Cards
  • 14 Divider Cards
  • 25 six-sided dice
  • 6 eight-sided dice
  • 4 twelve-sided dice
  • 108 Resource Markers
  • 50 Status Markers
  • 4 Merit Track Markers
  • 4 Hibernation Markers
  • 3 Round Track Markers
  • 1 Logic/Instinct Track Marker
  • 1 Bookmark Token
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 1 Officer Spotlight Token
  • 9 Envelopes – Stuffed with Secrets

Stay tuned to Plaid Hat Games for previews of the Gen7 over the coming weeks.  Gen7 is available for pre-order now.