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Chrono Corsairs, designed by John Brieger and Vincent Hirtzel, is a game for 2-5 players that are locked in time!

Players are pirates on the cursed shores of Ouroboros Island where a time storm causes them to live the same day over and over again until the time storm finally breaks. The game is played over a series of loops where players will select plans at the beginning of each loop to move their crew around the island and collecting treasure along the way. The same events will keep happening each loop at the same time, so players will learn what the repeating day holds as the game unfolds. Once the time storm subsides, the game is over and the player with the most treasure wins the game!

For more information, click here.

Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates, designed by Don Beyer and Glenn Drover and artwork done by Disney artist Mark Page, is a competitive game for 2-5 players where you get to be a pirate captain managing a fleet of 3 ships!

Players will compete to be the richest captain by racing their way down 3 tracks for each of their 3 ships and reaching the Treasure Galleon to trigger the end of the game. While exploring the Caribbean Sea, players will plunder rich merchants, sell cargo in the towns they come across, and build their pirate crew through a light deck-building mechanic to sail faster! Their score will be based on how well they did on each track and the treasures they collected along the way.

This game is set to release sometime this month (September 2019). For more information, click here.

Last year Van Ryder Games released Season 1 of their Graphic Novel Adventures, a series of graphic novels with a variety of themes and storylines which blend a “choose your own adventure” style reading experience with puzzles, hidden numbers, and challenges. In October 2019, Van Ryder Games will release Season 2 of this series.

Season 2 will include Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty: Associates,
Sherlock Holmes: The Challenge of Irene Adler, Pirates: The Great Chase, Pirates: The City of Skulls, and Mystery.

In Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty: Associates, you will be able to not only play as the classic Holmes & Watson duo, but will also have a chance to play as their arch nemesis Moriarty (under peculiar circumstances) to question suspects and solve cases.

In Sherlock Holmes: The Challenge of Irene Adler, you will have the chance to either play solo or head-to-head against another player to either choose the role of Irene Adler, the new detective in town competing with the Baker Street Boys for business, or Sherlock Holmes. Either way, you will be using your wits and cunning deductive techniques to prove that you are London’s greatest detective of all time.

In Pirates: The Great Chase, you will have a chance to choose one of three different pirates with different stats to try and find the prisoner that has escaped your ship and is swimming toward a nearby island, all while keeping your eyes peeled for hidden objects and treasures along the way. Then, in Pirates: City of Skulls, you’ll continue your adventure by exploring a bustling pirate town and unlock the secrets within.

In Mystery, you will be playing the role of an aspiring super hero trying to prove your worth by undergoing trials in order to join the Legion of Champions, the famous super hero group.

For more information on Season 2 of Graphic Novel Adventures, visit Van Ryder Games’ official page here.

Minion Games has announced the Kickstarter campaign for the first expansion to the 2015 release Dead Men Tell No Tales which is entitled Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Kraken.  Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Kraken is designed by Kane Klenko and the artists are Jason D. KingsleyChris Ostrowski.

In this expansion, players will face the dreaded Kraken.  Adding the expansion adds a few new conditions to the game such as requiring players to kill the Kraken before they can escape the ship with their treasure and lives.  If the Kraken pulls the ship down or destroys it, the players lose.

Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Kraken comes with 1 Kraken miniature, 15 tentacle miniatures, a new character with meeple and miniature, status tokens and board for the Kraken, 42 game tokens, 1 cloth bag, new cards, and 5 player aids.

The campaign also offers a set of 7 miniatures for the base game characters that can be purchased alone or as an add-on.  Finally a start board that is split apart so that it is easier to mark tiles exploded is available as an add-on.  This new start board can be used to replace older versions of the base game before the the start board was updated in later editions.

Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Kraken campaign is running now and will end on February 15, 2018.  Please see the campaign page for any information on pricing.

Sabordage is the french term for scuttling, that is purposefully sinking a ship to either avoid capture or because it was engaged in illegal activities.  Sabordage, the game, runs similar to it’s meaning in that you are trying to hastily build your ship, while making sure everyone else’s ship is sunk.  In the game Black Beard is on his death bed, and so as a final act shares the location of his treasure with you, as well as with all the other pirates.  So now it’s a race to build you ship, but no one wants to share the treasure so the fighting is already fierce by the time you get to the port.  Over the turns you will be drafting tiles to add to your ship and figuring out when the best time to fight and when is the best time to build.  Outsmart your opponents and get onto the sea with your ship in tact and you will be the winner of this quick and fun family game.

The game is designed by Romeo Hennion and boasts a play time of only 30 minutes for two to five players.  You can find out more about the game on Renegade Games’ website, and look for it on store shelves in March of this year.

Cartagena is an older game designed by Leo Colovini and is often described as a gamer’s version of Candy Land.  To play the game you will play a card from your hand and move one of your pirates forward, similar to the kids game.  But you have a finite number of cards, and in order to draw cards back up you have to move one of your pirates back.  This creates lots of choices because as you get your pirates out, you have less options and so you have to plan for that.  If you don’t properly plan you may end up unable to take the actions you want.  First person to get all their pirates out is the winner.

Now Rio Grande Games is reprinting this classic but also updating it and including the squeal game, Cartagena 2: The Pirate’s Nest, right in the box.  The art has been overhauled and several new variants have been included in the box to make the game feel fresh.  So if you want to get your hands on the new Cartagena, look for it on store shelves later this month.

AEG as of late has been all about their Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter, which is understandable given that it reboots a highly popular game, but they still have other games coming.  One of those games coming soon is the second edition of Oath of the Brotherhood, a worker placement style game set in the world of pirates.  As aspiring pirates you want to join the Brotherhood, but in order to get in you have to impress them by completing missions.  Missions are completed by spending the supplies you acquire, and those supplies also have a second use by giving you special abilities when you use them outside of missions.  At the end of the game, whoever has the most victory points is the winner.  Look for this game in May of this year.

Next, for the dice enthusiasts among us, Rory Story Cubes is coming out with several new themed dice sets.  The new sets are Moomin, Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Doctor Who, and Adventure Time.  Each set comes with 9 dice, and each die has 6 different symbols on them relating to the theme of the set, like ghosts on the Scooby Doo set or K9 on the Doctor Who set.  These are fun dice to collect, and are also fun to roll and try to tell a story with.  Look for these to hit store shelves in June.

Next is the latest expansion from Asmodee for their king of the hill game, Kharnage, called Tricks and Mercenaries.  This new expansion adds some units to the base game, giving you some more variety within your armies, but also introduces the Kradwallon deck.  This new deck is full or mercenaries with strange abilities and brand new action cards that anyone can recruit into their armies during the game.  These new events and units aren’t your typical units so expect hte unexpected when you pull them into the fold.  Look for this expansion to hit stores in the third quarter, and until then you can check out the preview on Asmodee’s website.

Last we have from Brotherwise Games their Boss Monster release for the year, Boss Monster: Implements of Destruction.  This new set of cards brings more items into the game with 24 new item cards that can be claimed, and even explorer items for 5-6 player games.  Also included in the set will be 5 new bosses to add to your roster, giving you even more variety to choose from.  This new set will debut in June at Origins, and go into wide release later this summer.

Thundergryph Games announced a new pirate themed game Dead Man’s Doubloons by Geek Fever Games. In Dead Man’s Doubloons, 2-5 players take control of a legendary pirate, sailing through the reefs surrounding a mysterious island looking for gold, gems and pieces of treasure maps. Once the player finds the buried treasure and returns it to their ship, the players engage in a final epic battle. Unlike other games, when a player has been destroyed in battle, they continue playing as a ghost ship. Ghost players can still win, but it is more difficult since their treasure is now cursed. The game comes with metal coins, tarot sized playing cards, acrylic gems and bag, board game and area tiles, and beautiful plastic ship models, 5 in solid colors and 5 clear for the ghost ships.

Visit Thundergryph’s website to read more about Dead Man’s Doubloons, as well as a chance to win the game.

Portal Games has announced an expansion to Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot, a literal dice chucking game about pirates, called Angry Ocean.  The original game of Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot came with scenarios that dictated the adventures you took and custom dice to represent your ships and the enemy’s ships during the game, so of course the expansion adds more of that.  The expansion has two new NPC characters and custom dice to go with them as well as two new scenarios where you are either pirates about to retire going on one last adventure, or you are fighting the sea itself in the form of krakens, rocks, and whirlpools.  The expansion is set to be released at GenCon this year and expanding to the rest of the world later that month, you can read the full press release from Portal Games below.

Portal Games announces Angry Ocean

The first expansion for Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot adds new adventures, and two new non-player, character dice.

Gliwice, Poland – July 1, 2016. Today, Portal Games announced Angry Ocean, the first expansion for Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot. Angry Ocean adds two new scenario packs as well as two custom dice with a character card for each.

Angry Ocean includes two new scenarios. The first, Angry Ocean, the ocean fights back with krakens, rocks, wrecks, and whirlpools. In the second scenario, Old Dogs, players are veteran pirates, near retirement that are out for one last adventure. Your galleons begin the game fully equipped and cannot be modified after adventures. The Old Dogs just want treasure!

This expansion also includes 2 new custom dice and a character card associated with each. When used in a scenario, these non-player dice offer unique surprises and strong strength values for the players to contend with.

Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot is for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and older, and takes approximately 45 to 90 minutes to play. Angry Ocean is an expansion for Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot and requires the base set to play. The expansion contains 30 cards, 2 unique dice, and a rules sheet. Angry Ocean will be released at Gen Con 2016 in August and will be available worldwide later that month. MSRP will be announced at later date. For more information, you can visit the Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot page on our website at http://portalgames.pl/new_en/all-game-list/rattle-battle-grab-the-loot/

About Portal Games

Portal Games is a publisher of award-winning games such as Imperial Settlers, Stronghold, Tides of Time, Legacy, and Neuroshima Hex. Founded in Poland in 1999, Portal Games has developed into one of the most renowned European game publishers and design teams. Their commitment is to produce only the highest quality Board Games That Tell Stories.

pirate den

Pirate Den was a successfully funded Kickstarter game that was supposed to ship to backers sometime around October of last year (according to the campaign). Originally created by Gamesmith, Pirate Den was a short 3-5 player “pirate” themed bluffing game that sported some really good artwork. It’s designed by Richard James and Boyan Radakovich. That’s about where the fun ended. To date, the game was never published and backers were left without their funds.

Well, Patrick Nickell, owner of Crash Games, announced that Crash would be fulfilling the campaign. Recently announced, via a Kickstarter update. You can click here for a link with more information.

Hey Pirate Den Backers!

Patrick from Crash Games here. I had wrote a pretty long update regarding Crash Games involvement with Pirate Den and I want to scrap that and make this as concise and clear as possible.

To stay up to date on Pirate Den you can subscribe to Pirate Den Updates List. This subscription is ONLY regarding Pirate Den and nothing else.

The link to subscribe is here: http://eepurl.com/bvt4cz

Pirate Den is now the property of Crash Games.

Crash Games had zero involvement with Pirate Den prior to purchasing the rights to the game several months ago (outside of being a backer). Since that time I have re-laid out the entire game, vastly improved the production value and prepped the files for manufacturing all on Crash Games dime.

Fulfilling the commitment of providing the original backers with their copy of Pirate Den (of which I am a backer) is at the top of my list.

I personally submitted files to put Pirate Den into manufacturing several weeks ago with Panda Games Manufacturing and next week I will have the PPC (pre-production copy) in hand.

Pirate Den is currently slated for Q4-2015 delivery to Crash Games and I will fulfill it to backers while absorbing those extra manufacturing and shipping costs.

Crash Games will NOT be asking you for money.

It will be difficult to manage the process of obtaining your shipping information but I have some ideas about how to make this possible, I’m actively working on a solution and I will report back.

I understand this process has been very frustrating. Crash Games is known for quality games and for good and transparent communication so rest assured if you are a backer you will be getting Pirate Den and you will not be kept in the dark throughout the process.

I will be in touch next week once I have the PPC in hand. Until then get excited!

Patrick Nickell, Founder
Crash Games, LLC