pick up and deliver

Bezier Games has announced their newest game, Whistle Stop, by designer Scott Caputo (Kachina, Voluspa). In 1869, the driving of the golden spike sparked the start of the great railroad expansion in the U.S. In Whistle Stop, players build train routes west across the U.S., picking up goods and selling to small towns along the way. In exchange for goods, players gain shares in the railroads, or can hold the goods for bigger payoffs when they reach the west coast.

Players will need to optimize their actions, possibly gain new actions, block the other players and lay new tracks while managing their limited coal resources. The Game includes game board, 5 player boards, town tiles, coal, gold and whistle tokens, 60 resource cubes, 25 wooden trains, railroad shares, and upgrade cards. Whistle Stop supports 2-5 players and plays in just over hour, and will be released August 2017 at Gen Con. Pre-orders will be available at Bezier Games.


To add to the ever-growing list of board games that are being digitized in one form or another, Flash Point Fire Rescue will be joining their ranks in 2017.

Published by Indie Boards & Cards, Flash Point Fire Rescue from Kevin Lanzing  is a cooperative game where you take on the role of a firefighter attempting to rescue victims trapped in a building.  Each firefighter gains a special ability to help the team achieve this goal.  You must be quick, for as the fire spreads,  the building starts to weaken.  This could cut off rooms trapping someone in a room filled with fire or hazardous materials which may explode!  7 victims rescued is a win for the team, whereas 4 victims perishing is a loss.

Flash Point Fire Rescue, the digital version, will contain everything that you know and love from the board game.  No setup required…just start up the game and off you go!  The game will launch with 2 maps, lots of victims to rescue, and 8 different firefighters to choose from.  You can play solo, or with friends through online multiplayer.

Many more details are still unknown at this time, so be sure to check back with Dice Tower News for further updates.

For further information on Flash Point Fire Rescue the board game, please click here and here.

airlines board

Golden Egg Games, who have published games like Florenza and Historia, are Kickstarting a new game about the golden age of aviation called Airlines.  In the game Airlines;

You start the game with your basic Plane and a starting Airport.  In the course of the game you will take turns trying to improve your Airline by expanding your fleet and redesigning your planes.  Players will compete to pick-up passengers from different regions around the globe and bring them to their final destination. Each satisfied passenger awards that airline with one Victory Point.  The game is played over 3 rounds and by the end of the the 3rd round the player with the most points wins the game.

It is touted as a quick to learn game, taking under 20 minutes to learn, and boasting only 60 minutes of play time so it plays quick too.  But, what I think is the most interesting aspect of the game is the customizable plane minis that you build throughout the game.  At the start you have a basic plane that you then augment and extend to hold more passengers until you have a true jumbo jet.  If any of this sounds interesting then you can head over to the campaign page to pledge for your own copy.

orphans ashes

You know how it is.  You are on a stroll with your best frienemy when oops!  An orphanage is on fire.  You being you, you rush in.  This is your moment to shine!

Blind Ferret Entertainment announces its latest addition to its tabletop gaming line, Orphans and Ashes.  One player will take on the role of Cale’Anon, elf hero, who must race against the fire to find orphans and carry them to safety.  A second player will take on the role of the undead warlock Richard, who is fueling his dark magic with the innocent children and it is up to Cale’Anon to foil his plans.

This humorous game feature game mechanisms such as pick-up-and-deliver, push-your-luck, and dexterity elements.  With over 100 plastic, interactive components, Cale’s player must find a way for his future to physically hold on to orphan figures as he carries them to safety.  Cale can hold on to six orphan figures fairly easily, eight with some challenge, and more if the player uses some ingenuity.  If orphans fall off of Cale’s mighty shoulders, however, they are lost forever!

The game will be available for purchase on February 1st, 2016.  For more information, contact the company at costello@blindferret.com.

damage report

Kickstarter veteran Break From Reality games is back to bring you the first expansion for their succesful 2014 campaign Damage Report – a scenario driven, real time cooperative game of disaster prevention and spaceship repair that plays 2-6 players in around 45 minutes

Expansion Scenarios

Expansion Scenarios

Damage Report: On Fire introduces several new scenarios, including 2 semi-cooperative scenarios, new tools such as the stun wand and the fire extinguisher, and, of course, FIRE! A new fire mechanic will spread flames all around the ship while you desperately try to bring the ship under control.

Take a look at the full campaign here.

king of air steam

The World’s Fair gathers the greatest minds around the globe and gives them an opportunity to show business moguls and upstarts alike their genius. In Kings of Air and Steam: World’s Fair you are one of those business tycoons that wants to get the latest gizmo that will boost your productivity…but at what opportunity costs?

Tasty Minstrel Games has launched a Kickstarter for the first expansion of Kings of Air and Steam called World’s Fair. Kings of Air and Steam is a programmed movement pick up and deliver game designed by Scott Almes who also designed the Tiny Epic line of games. At the beginning of a round players program their airships movement for 4 turns, then they reveal one of the four cards that dictate their turn order and movement options; after moving they can take one of a number of different actions.

kings air steam cards

Kings of Air and Steam: World’s Fair adds new Technology Cards to the game as well as two new teams and 4 new characters. The technology cards are drafted at the start of the game and must be purchased with an action as well as a cost indicated on the card. These cards will add some surprise and more steampunk flavor to the game with the gadgets and gizmos on them. The two new teams will allow the full complement of 7 players to have some variety in the teams in play each game and bring new and exciting unique abilities into play.

Kings of Air and Steam: World’s Fair is wonderfully illustrated by Josh Cappel who also did the artwork on the base game and can be found on Kickstarter here. If you don’t own the base game and are interested in the expansion there is a pledge level for both so head on over to Kickstarter and check out the latest in the TMG line of games.

loaded up

Few themes speak to the pick up and deliver mechanic as much as cross country truck driving does. Loaded Up & Truckin’ is now on Kickstarter and looks to satisfy your pick and deliver needs as well as area control and push your luck. Loaded Up is designed by new designer Joe Roush and published by Nothing Now Games (NNG). Additionally it is developed by Jeff Horger, who has a lot of industry experience as the designer of Manoeuvre, 20th Century Limited, Thunder Alley & the upcoming Fast & Furious: Full Throttle.

loaded up compo

Loaded Up & Truckin’ places you in the position of running a small start up trucking company with the goal of becoming one of the big guys.

All across America trucks rumble across the interstate carrying products from manufacturers to retailers. As a small start-up company with a truck, an office and a dream you are throwing your hat into the ring to challenge the big boys.

The freight has to be moved and there is stiff competition for who can get loads first and who can make the most profitable routes. But watch out, Smokey is on the prowl. So put the hammer down and let it all hang out. You have to get… Loaded Up & Truckin’

Amassing money is one way to score points but your deliveries will be compared to other players as well so truckin’ from city to city picking up and delivering packages along the way will help you win. The rule book is available for download as well so if the game interests you be sure to check it out.

Loaded Up & Truckin’ plays 2-6 in about 20 min. per player and is on Kickstarter now, so head on over and check it out.


Dr. Steve Finn – recently dubbed ‘King of the Filler’ by popular reviewer Richard Ham – is hoping to bring you something a little more involved with his newest kickstarter campaign. Foragers is a strategy game of prehistoric influence in which players have to explore the board looking for the best food and then bring it back and share it with the village before it goes bad. Players have to keep moving to find new sources of food, seek out better tools to improve their foraging efficiency and be careful not to get into fights with the other players (unless they know they can win!).

foragers comp

Designed for 2-4 players with a play time of around 60 minutes, Foragers uses a card driven action selection system designed to provide a highly varied gameplay experience. Each player simultaneously chooses an action card at the beginning of each round, and players then alternate taking actions from their card or from the communal action card which all players can use (if they get there first). With 10 possible action cards (plus the communal action card) in the game and 5 different actions on each card, the possible combinations are endless!

For those interested in Dr. Finn’s Games, the campaign is also a great opportunity to get your hands on his previous titles – which can sometimes be difficult to find in stores – with combo pledge levels available for games such as Capo Dei Capi, Let them Eat Shrimp and the classic Biblios.

Be sure to check out the full campaign here!


Fantasy Flight Games have released the rules and a video overview.  Designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek (Imperial Settlers and Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island), this fantasy pick up and deliver game is based on the video game trilogy.

Last month FFG previewed the quests found in the game.

space movers

Recently launched on Kickstarter is Space Movers a sci-fi themed cooperative game.

Space Movers is a cooperative board game with the same look and feel as the fun science fiction movies and television of yesteryear. Classics like Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and Battlestar Galactica were our inspiration. That inspiration mixed with innovative game mechanics gives Space Movers a ground breaking yet comfortable feel. Most importantly, Space Movers is firmly rooted in story, fun and adventure.

You are playing the role of a crew member on the “merchant” ship Liberty.  You and your compatriots clandestine origin story is told in the included comic book Finding Liberty.  Ending right where the game begins.  This is slated to be the first of many comic books continuing the story of the game with others coming along with game expansions in the future.

space movers 150 space movers in the box

Throughout the game you will be trying to reach objective which are continuations of the story started in the comic and featuring art of a similar style to the comic as well.  Throughout the course of the game you will need to be pick up and deliver cargo in order to receive the necessary resources to keep your ship running.  Additionally you are trying to avoid detection of scouts as you are galavanting through the galaxy.  Once scouts have you detected you there is a skill check required to lose them.

Additionally the designer touts a new style of dice rolling specifically aimed at effecting the outcome of your previous rolls.  You roll one dice at a time needing to score a 5 or higher on a 10 sided dice.  By having you roll one dice at a time that allows you to try to get dice to interact with each other knocking dice which would not pass a skill check onto a different face.  You finish off your dice rolling with a blank six sided die.

This project seems to have received positive reviews from everyone who has done a preview on it and is still waiting on a preview from one of the member of the dice tower’s own preview team.  With what appears to be decent components right out of the gate.  Included with this is a soundtrack that should add a good deal of tensions and excitement to the game.  Stretch goals revealed so far seem like they will improve the aesthetics of the game but are not make or break components.

to read all of the details and possibly join in as a backer check out the Kickstarter here.