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BoardGameGeek, the repository of all things ludological, recently reported from Blizzard Entertainment’s  Blizzcon 2019 convention that the video game company and Asmodee are joining forces on a future board game: a World of Warcraft version of Small World. Not a lot of details exist at the moment, aside from pictures and a short announcement, but fans of the monumentally popular online game should be able to effectively scratch their board game itch.

Small World (2009), by designer Philippe Keyaerts is a multiple award winning critical darling, currently sitting in the top 250 games on BGG. In Small World, 2-5 players each merge a race with a power to create crazy hybrid troops in an area control board game across a, well… Small World. Players control the rise and fall of their troops, bringing in new races when their current army fades. From the photos, it appears that the Warcraft variant will follow the same path, showing races such as Humans, Goblins, Trolls and Blood Elves, coupled with powers such as Farmer, Herbalist, Ranger, or Enraged. The map in progress looks very small indeed, but is clearly labeled as a “work in progress”

Look for the World of Warcraft Small World project to come to light in Spring 2020, and a great thank you to our friends at BoardGameGeek for breaking this story.

The universe of Small World by Days of Wonder is expanding again. In the latest expansion by original Small World designer Philippe Keyaerts and T. Alex Davis 3-6 players will take flight to inhabit islands in the sky. This expansion is scheduled for a release at Esenin October, followed by a December release in North America

Seven new races and powers will be available in the new expansion. New races as well as all previously released races will now have the opportunity to fight to control additional territories in the sky.

It was a lovely spring morning; Giants were getting new tattoos and the rest of the Small World  inhabitants were preparing for another day of conquest. An eerie silence settled on the lands as a huge shadow glided over forest and mountain. Had the Wizards accidentally given their flocks of sheep flight again ?

All eyes turned to the horizon as an archipelago of Sky Islands floated over Small World… and realization dawned at the same time as the sun. New lands meant new riches! Within a few hours, the most enterprising races were swarming up a Giant Magical Beanstalk and a Stairway to Heaven on their way to wealth. The battle for the Sky Islands had just begun…

Featuring a double sided board, players will choose to add two or three islands in the sky with the new board as well as utilizing the original board which will be set for one fewer player (example – the original board would be set for 3 players if playing a four player game).

Access points via beanstalk and stairway are created between the Sky Islands and the regular board in different regions. A race standing on one of the access points can attempt to move into a sky island space with a matching symbol. Control all the regions on a Sky Island and gain an additional coin at the end of your turn.

The full ruleset is already available for download.

Box contents will include:

  • double-sided game board
  • 7 Fantasy Race banners
  • 94 Matching Race tokens
  • 4 Lost Tribe tokens
  • 5 Zeppelin/Burning Region tokens
  • 5 Trade Pact tokens
  • 3 transformed Drakon tokens
  • 2 Lightning Bolt tokens
  • 2 Cannon tokens
  • 2 Access point to Sky Islands tokens
  • 1 “END” token
  • 1 Summary Sheet
  • rules booklet

A storage tray is included in the expansion to hold new races, powers and tokens.

Award Winning Franchise

While only 8 years old, the game already has 16 expansions, which makes sense given the popularity and critical success of the game. The original Small World game won many awards when released in 2009 including:

Small World has shown up on many Dice Tower Top 10 lists, including:

Games Best for 3 Players– People’s choice #1
Top 100 Games 2015 – Eric Summerer #8

friday 13th

Friday the 13th

First published in 2010 in China and Germany, this Reiner Knizia (Through the Desert, Ra, Tigris & Euphrates) family, card game will get treatment for English, French, and Dutch.  Friday the 13th has also been distributed under the name Poison and Baker’s Dozen.

Bad omens are all around you! Whether it’s black cats walking in front of you, walking under ladders or breaking mirrors, you will want to play your cards smartly to avoid all the bad luck or risk gathering as much bad luck as possible to pass the curse on to your adversaries and ruin their hands! And watch out for the “13th” cards because they are always bad luck!

friday 13 cards

In a round, each player gets a hand of cards, with the cards coming in three suits that have values from 1 to 7 and a fourth “joker” suit in which all the cards have a value of 4. On a turn, a player discards a card from her hand onto a pile of the appropriate color (with jokers being playable on any pile) and gives the sum of all cards now in that pile. If the sum is higher than 13, then the player must first take all of the cards already in the pile, leaving only her card behind.

The round ends once all the cards have been played, then players compare how many cards they have in each of the three suits; whoever has the most cards throws them away, while everyone else scores 1 penalty point per card. Each joker is worth 2 penalty points. Whoever has the fewest penalty points after each player has started a round once wins!

Components include 50 cards.  Friday the 13th is for 3 to 6 players, ages 8 and up and a play time of 30 minutes.

zombie 15

Zombie 15’

Designed by Guillaume Lémery and Nicolas Schlewitz, this real time, cooperative, zombie-themed game is expecting to release August 2014.

Zombie 15′ is a frantic, scenario-based survival game in which time is scarce and cooperation is key.  Set in an apocalyptic world where anybody that could have watched a NC-17 movie has been turned into a zombie, each player is a 15 year old teenager working as a team with the other players to survive.  The game comes with a 15 minute soundtrack that provides ambiance and timing and a 15 scenario campaign, Death at Your Heels.

zombie 15 pieces

Other components include 32 double-sided tiles, over 100 figures, over 100 cards, and a plethora of tokens.  Zombie 15′ is for 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up with a play time of 15 minutes.

Twin Tin Bots

Designed by Philippe Keyaerts (Small World, Evo) and originally published by Flatlined Games last year as a multi-lingual edition, Twin Tin Bots will be brought to the U.S. by IELLO.

Each players controls two harvester Bots trying to harvest the most crystals and bring them back to base. The Bots are programmed using simple orders but communications are limited.

Components include a dual-sided game board and crystal track, 18 plastic crystals, 12 plastic robots, 6 bases and programming boards and 6 x 6 order tiles for each player.

Twin Tin Bots is for 2 to 6 players, ages 13 and up and a play time of 50 minutes.

Heroes of Normandie Expansions

Heroes of Normandie designed by Yann and Clem and published with Devil Pig Games, is a World War 2, strategy miniature game minus the miniatures.  Two players control armies and assign tokens for initiative and bluffing.  The base game is required for all of the following expansions.

normandie scenarios

Heroes of Normandie: Scenario Pack D-Day

This is the first expansion for Heroes of Normandie.  It adds three new scenarios (which can be combined for a complete landing campaign) and a new Landing-Scenario-Generator.  New recruitment options include US Engineers and German Festungskompanie.

Components include two new platoons with units, 6 double sided boards, and more counters.

normandie river set

Heroes of Normandie: Terrain Pack – River

A minor expansion for Heroes of Normandie.  This pack introduces rivers to the base game.

Components include 5 double sided tiles and ruins and explosive counters.

normandie rifle

Heroes of Normandie: US Rifle Platoon

Another minor expansion pack that incorporates a Rifle Platoon onto the battlefield.

normandie rangers

Heroes of Normandie: US Rangers

Another minor expansion pack that incorporates US Rangers, a close combat unit, onto the battlefield.

normandie panzergenadier

Heroes of Normandie: German SS Panzergrenadier

Another minor expansion pack that incorporates the SS troops and an evil leader, Heinrich Von Kamptz.

normandie extra units

Heroes of Normandie: Extra Units (US and Germany)

Another minor expansion pack that incorporates more weapons and vehicles to gameplay.  Duel weapon and multi-player rules can be found here.

normandie box german

Heroes of Normandie: Army Box German

This army box has a counter tray that helps to bring order to your collection and has extra components for the Panzer-Lehr-Division.  It includes 3 new units Panzergrenadiere, Sturmpioniere, Panzergruppe High Command (Artillery, Airstrike, Smoke, Directives), 3 new heroes, 15 wooden order tokens, and 2 dice.

normandie box us

Heroes of Normandie: Army Box US

This army box has a counter tray that helps to bring order to your collection and has extra components for the Fourth Infantry Division.  It includes 3 new units: Recon Platoon, Sherman Platoon and Weapon Platoon High Command (Artillery, Smoke, Directives), 3 new heroes, 15 wooden order tokens, and 2 dice.