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Following in the steps of Asmodee, Passport Games along with GTS Distribution have announced an exclusive deal to only distribute Passport Games product through GTS.  This means that anything released by Passport Games Studio, Funforge, Splotter, Granna, Rule & Make, and ThunderGryph will now exclusively be supplied by GTS.  The step was taken in an effort to better control the value of the product from publisher to retailer and to better support retailers, and hopefully it will be able to do just that.  But since GTS is one of the largest distribution companies in the US, I don’t think anyone will have to worry about games disappearing from shelves.  You can read more about the deal in the press release below.

After studying several changes in the North American marketplace in recent months, we are pleased to announce that Passport Game Studio products will be sold exclusively by GTS Distribution.  We are confident that through tighter management of the distribution model, we can preserve the value of our products at the retail level for years to come.  This arrangement is the best strategy for long term success for us and our retail partners as it ensures the highest possible value of products we represent in the marketplace, while delivering the best level of support throughout the entire inventory, marketing, and sales process.
Key changes for core hobby retail:
  • Passport Game Studios will remain as a GTS brand, focused on bringing their partner studios’ games to the North American market.
  • The GTS Distribution sales and marketing teams will handle all communications and services to hobby retailers for Passport-branded products moving forward.
  • Passport titles in the U.S. are now exclusive to GTS Distribution, and will continue its international partnerships moving forward.
Passport’s partners and their titles include:
Funforge: (Tokaido, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time)
Splotter: (Food Chain Magnate, Antiquity)
Granna: (CV Line of Games)
Rule & Make: (Hand of Fate Ordeals, T2029: Terminator 2 Board Game)
ThunderGryph: (Tao Long, Dead Man’s Doubloons)

Passport Game Studios has announced CV Pocket, a new compact card game from Filip Miłuński in the game-of-life world of CV (2013). In CV Pocket, 2-4 players play cards and collect sets to travel by bicycle, car or plane to advance or block their opponents. Replacing the original dice mechanism from CV with card selection, players collect sets of wisdom, relationships, money and luck (even bad luck) to maximize their CV. Special cards and interesting combos abound.

Look for CV Pocket in early 2018.

Entropy: Worlds Collide, a fast 2-6 player card game of risk and deception, is coming soon from Passport Game Studios and Rule & Make Games. A remake of the 2015 game, Entropy. Worlds Collide puts players in the roles of one of 6 characters jettisoned into the nexus from parallel universes, each with unique abilities. Each character’s reality has been split into 4 shards, thrown into the Nexus. Players secretly choose an action card each turn, then resolve in initiative order. If two characters pick the same action, a temporal clash occurs, and neither gets their action. The first player to collect all 4 shards of their reality wins.

You can read a full press release about Entropy: Worlds Collide from Passport here.

Cool Mini Or Not (CMoN) has announced that Jules Vautour has been promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO), overseeing business in North America. Jules has working with CMoN since March 2016, previously working as Sales Director for Asmodee Editions from 2012-2015. You can read the full press release here.

ThunderGryph Games has announced a new partnership with Passport Game Studios for distribution of the Spanish game house’s recent releases. ThunderGryph made quite a splash recently with their Kickstarter games Tao Long, an asian-themed abstract game, and Dead Man’s Doubloons, a treasure seeking pirate game with fantastic components. The trick taking game Pot de Vin, a re-imagining of Sapotagem (2015) will join these two to be the first 3 games covered by the recent agreement. You can read the full press release from Passport here.

Rule & Make has just signed a global distribution partnership with Passport Game Studios. This means that games from this excellent Australian game company will be making it to your FLGS more easily thanks to Passport. Rule & Make made a name for themselves with the burger building card game Burger Up, and the successful Kickstarters Skyward: The Airborne City and Smiths of Winterforge. Skyward will be the first game distributed under the Passport Games agreement. The new agreement takes effect at GenCon50, in August 2017. You can read the press releases from Passport and Rule & Make here and here, respectively.

pocket madness cards

Scheduled to release in September from Passport Game Studios and Funforge comes Pocket Madness – a card game from Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc and inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s stories.

In Pocket Madness you will be playing cards meant to evoke the powers of the slumbering Ancient Ones, in hopes to drive your cultist friends insane while securing your own victory in the process!  Pocket Madness is for 2 – 4 players, fast paced and easy to learn.

Do you have the Willpower to drive your fellow cultists mad before you slip into insanity?  Put Cthulhu into your pocket…if you dare!

Pocket Madness comes with:

  • 70 cards
  • 40 plastic madness tokens
  • Rulebook

For more info about the game, click here.

Passport Game Studios will release three new games in August.


From the designers of Sheriff of Nottingham and Warehouse 51 comes Quartz, a push your luck Dwarven mining game. Players each play as a Dwarf in a group of friends that find a new mine filled with crystals. After making a wager, you each have five days to mine and sell crystals. The dwarf who is able to navigate the risks of the mine, whatever challenges the other dwarves throw in, and make the most profit will be the owner of the mine.


In another push your luck game coming soon heroes must adventure to the dragon’s castle to recover the Golden Sacred Cheese. The kingdom is counting on a hero to step forward and return the symbol of prosperity and unity. In Mythe players draw cards from other players’ hands until they either decide to stop and move forward, or draw an obstacle which must be dealt with, delaying the hero for that turn.

3 wishes

When you and your friends are granted wishes from Genie, your wish doesn’t always go as planned. This is true in 3 wishes an 18 card micro-game. Players use memory, bluffing, and luck to end the game with set of three wishes. But be careful, if you end up wishing for time travel, you’ll end up in a paradox and lose the game.


Passport Game Studios would like to announce their upcoming June 2016 releases entitled Kingsport Festival: The Card Game and Simurgh.

kingsport card

Kingsport Festival: The Card Game is a game is which players take on the role of high priest of the shadowy cults of Arkham, with the goal of dominating the city.  In this card game, players are now the bad guys, thwarting the attempts of the investigators and preserve your sanity, all at the same time.


Simurgh is a game in which players take on the role of the heads of powerful clans in a fantasy world, where humans and dragons alike hunt and go to war together.  Each player’s goal is to gather the most Power Points by breeding dragons, gathering resources, and making use of special abilities.  On each turn, players will receive 1 main action and any number of free actions.  Throughout the game, players build the board by drawing and placing Action Tiles and use them to score points or to provide new Action Spaces.  When all the scoring spaces are filled with tiles, the game ends at the end of the round and Power Points are tallied.

Both of these new games are scheduled to be released in June of 2016.

For more information on these new releases, visit the official press release here.

scott passport

Passport Game Studios, publisher of tabletop board and card games, announced on Tuesday, January 11, 2016, that Scott Morris will serve as the new President of the company.

The official press release follows:

Morris’ background is very diverse, both in, and out of, the gaming industry.  For the last two years, Scott has been the Vice President of Arcane Wonders, fostering the growth of the company.  In addition, he is also a published game designer, with the recent release of Firefly: Shiny Dice from Upper Deck Entertainment, and has been an active member of the board game community through vlogging at and on social media.  Prior to Arcane Wonders, Scott was a Director at Dell, Inc. in Round Rock, TX, spending 16 years in sales, services, business development, and executive positions.

Scott is passionate about the tabletop industry and more importantly, is passionate about experiences. “I’m very excited to be joining Passport Game Studios! This is a great company that has helped bring excellent titles to the marketplace and I look forward to continuing that trend, and increasing it, with the team and our amazing partners.  In my mind, game publishers provide entertainment options for consumers, and more than anything, consumers want a great experience.  From the moment a consumer picks up one of our games from their store’s shelf, to the purchase, to unboxing, playing, and placing it on their personal game shelf, I want them to have the best experience possible, every step of the way,” said Morris.  “Tabletop games offer players a chance to engage with other people, to foster a community, and to create memories; that’s what drives me, and it’s what I’m most excited about creating with the PGS team, memories and experiences that last lifetimes.”

Rob Merickel, Co-Founder of Passport Game Studios said “Passport has experienced a steady and promising growth trend over the last few years, and in today’s market we recognize the need to scale quickly in all areas. We feel that Scott’s wealth of experience gives us the opportunity to do just that.”

Passport Game Studios has already seen much success with Funforge’s Tokaido line, and has just announced some of its 2016 lineup which includes …and then, we held hands (LudiCreations), Food Chain Magnate (Splotter) among many others.

Passport will be an exhibitor at the GAMA Trade Show this spring at booth #235.  For further inquiries, Scott may be contacted here.

passport pegasus banIn a press release announced today, Passport Game Studios and Pegasus Spiele have formed a partnership and will immediately be releasing two new games – Hospital Rush, a light worker placement game, and Grog Island a pirate-themed dice/auction game.

hospital rush grog island


Press Release – For Immediate Release

Passport Game Studios Partners With German Publisher Pegasus Spiele

New Partnership Agreement Adds Two New Games To Passport’s Catalog

Auburn, Washington, May 13, 2015: Passport Game Studios has forged a new alliance with German publisher Pegasus Spiele (German Kennerspiel des Jahres winner 2014) and its editorial partner eggertspiele (German Spiel des Jahres winner 2014). The new partnership has hit the ground running, with Passport proudly publishing two of Pegasus Spiele’s and eggertspiele’s newest games, available as early as July 2015.

Hospital Rush, one of the new titles from the Passport/Pegasus partnership, is a light, funny worker placement game for 3-5 players. Players fight to become, for better or for worse, the next doctor at a bustling hospital by curing patients and outdoing their competitors…but before long, dirty tricks and backstabbing become the method of choice to claw their way to the top. Thanks to individual player abilities, every game plays out differently. May the best (or most devious) intern win!

Grog Island, the second of the new titles from the Passport/Pegasus partnership, answers every landlubber’s question: What exactly do pirates do when they retire? In this game, 2-4 players – ex-pirates, all! – invest their hard-plundered loot in bizarre businesses, such as peg-leg shops, carpentries for figureheads, workshops for voodoo dolls, or the infamous “Grog Hole” pub. Players are able to buy new real estate through clever auctions-by-dice, and are able to trade with the occasional merchant for parrots and treasure chests to keep things interesting.

Passport Game Studios has a history of successful cross-continental partnerships, partnering with French publisher Funforge, Italian publisher Stratelibri, and Polish publisher NSKN Games to bring internationally popular titles to English-speaking audiences around the world. Of this newest partnership, Passport’s Vice President of Operations Richard Dracass had this to say: “Passport Game Studios has been truly fortunate in the partnerships we’ve made over the past few years, and this partnership is no exception. We are absolutely thrilled to add our new partner Pegasus Spiele/eggertspiele to our ranks, and to add Grog Island and Hospital Rush to our catalog.”

Grog Island and Hospital Rush will begin making their way to retail stores in July through Passport’s standard distribution channels.

Passport Game Studios is an independent board game publisher based in the Pacific Northwest. Since the company’s founding in 2012, Passport has partnered with a selection of hand-picked companies to publish over 30 English-language titles for gamers in North America and beyond. The company’s mission: To provide the best tabletop games in the world, to the gamers who love to play them. For more about Passport Game Studios, visit

Pegasus Spiele Verlags – und Medienvertriebsgesellschaft mbH, based in Friedberg, Germany, was established in 1993. Within the last decade, the German company has established itself as both a distributor throughout Europe and a publisher of successful board games. Several of Pegasus Spiele’s titles have garnered prestigious nominations and awards. This includes nominations for the Spiel des Jahres in 2009, 2010 and 2014, nominations for Kennerspiel des Jahres (expert game of the year) in 2011 and 2014, and awards for Deutscher Spielepreis (German Game Prize, Spiel des Jahres 2014, and Kennerspiel des Jahres 2012 and 2014. For more about Pegasus Spiele, visit