pandemic survival

Z-Man Games has announced the 2019 season of Pandemic Survival. Survival takes the classic game, but standardizes the roles played, the initial infected cities, the player deck and the infections deck. This means that each and every game session of the 2019 season will start at the same place, allowing for fair tournament play.  This is the 5th year Z-Man has organized Pandemic Survival, and once again players can compete for prizes and the elusive Pandemic Survival World Championship. The ultimate champion will win a trip to any city on the Pandemic board.

Pandemic (2008) by Matt Leacock is the poster child for all great cooperative games, dominating “best of” lists, sitting in BordGameGeek’s top 100, and collecting more awards than one can count. In this classic game, players act to stem the four diseases taking over cities all over the globe, as more and more infections relentlessly appear. Players take on specific roles, such as Medic, Scientist or Operations Expert, each with a special ability. The evil infections deck denotes which cities gain infection cubes each round, and cities with 4 or more cubes will “explode” into neighboring areas, quickly taking down the whole map. Players win or lose as a team by either allowing the world to succumb to infection, or curing all 4 diseases.

There are a few changes in this year’s competition – players must bring their own copy of the original base game, however the card decks will be pre-stacked and sorted, allowing for quicker setup, and “ease of assembly”. For more details, rules for this unique style of tournament play, and the schedule of games, check out Z-Man’s press release here.

pandemic survival

F2Z Entertainment, the collective publishing company behind Z-Man games, has announced Pandemic Survival 2016. No, it’s not the next edition of Pandemic Legacy, but this year’s worldwide Pandemic tournament.

“Following the success of previous Pandemic Survival seasons, we are happy to announce that a total of 25 countries will be holding tournaments this year, all culminating to the Pandemic Survival World Championship 2016 that will be held in Barcelona next November.”

The champions will get to choose a trip to any city listed on a normal Pandemic board. Hopefully they’ll avoid the plague while they’re there. Last year’s winners are preparing for their trip to Seoul, South Korea.

For more information, check the Z-Man events page HERE for a list of events and locations.

If you would like more information, you can contact Kalinda Patton, Organized Play Coordinator, at