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Studio Chahut have spent 6 years sweating buckets to bring you Post Human W.A.R. on PC. It’s a turn-based, tactical and psychological strategy game where you form your armies and set off on an adventure through solo campaigns, or face other players online!

“At the dawn of our third millennium, mankind went extinct, leaving behind a deeply affected planet Earth. Ferocious mutated animals, household robots converted for warfare, and inventive monkeys in tracksuits battle it out to decide the fate of the human heritage.”

The designers have placed heavy emphasis on the strategy element of the game with nothing left to chance. At the beginning of a battle each player creates an army then selects a secret unit to be the Champion from those in their army. The first player to kill the opposing Champion wins the game. These simple rules allow for strong tactical choices in the selection of your army as well as the bluffing and subterfuge in order to protect your Champion. Terrain also plays an important part during combat as you’re able to create barricades and destroy obstacles. The game is played from an isometric point of view and on hex-grid based maps.

There are various modes of play including:

  • Solo campaign
  • Local multiplayer
  • Online multiplayer
  • Friendly matches
  • Competitive matches

Humans may be extinct but the remaining robots, monkeys, and mutated creatures make for interesting armies. Absurd humor, rich content, 18 solo missions, 3 different universes, 3 factions and 36 playable units set against a post-apocalyptic background provides an interesting play experience.

Indie publisher, Playdius, have made the game available on Steam.

If you own a smart phone, you are no doubt familiar with Zynga’s infamous Words with Friends. An almost exact copy of Scrabble, with some changes to point values of letters, Words with Friends became so popular it even spawned a board game to rival the very board game it originally ripped off.

Unknown to me until today, outside of the U.S.A. and Canada the Scrabble trademark is owned by Mattel. And Mattel has now attempted to enforce its trademarks against Zynga, taking the fight to the English Court System first to the High Courts and then to the Court of Appeals.

But strangely enough, NOT for Words with Friends. The straw that broke the toy company’s back in this case was Zynga’s release of Scramble with Friends. Zynga didn’t even rip off Scrabble in Scramble. In that game, they ripped off Boggle.

But Mattel actually holds a trademark (CTM) to not only Scrabble in England, but also the word Scramble as it applies to electronic games. And they petitioned the court over the similarity between the Scrabble and Scramble words, as well as a similarity present in the Scramble with Friends logo.

The High Court dismissed all of Mattel’s claims, after which Mattel went to Appeals for another go. Appeals instead found mostly in favor of Mattel. Scramble was indeed too similar to Scrabble, and while many generic uses of the term Scramble are all over the Internet the trademark is still valid on that too.

Will Zynga have to rebrand its game in the EU? There’s no word yet what the ruling will mean for the future. While the inability to trademark actual gameplay is just about an established legal fact, words and especially names will certainly get you into hot water. Going back to the example of Words with Friends, a visually and vocally dissimilar name attached to a clone of a game is obviously the winning combination.