Z-Man Games has announced the next game in the Oniverse series of games, Aerion by designer Shadi Torbey featuring art from Élise Plessis. The Oniverse is most famous for its flagship game Onirim (2010), the popular 1-2 player card game of pattern creation, door collection and inevitable reshuffling, as well as its successors Sylvion (2015), Castellion (2015) and Nautilion (2016). Aerion continues the theme of 1-2 players trying to collect a series of goal cards, this time by building 6 airships by collecting the best blueprints, resources and crew. Resources are collected by rolling 6 dice, using specific combinations to create your materials. If your roll does not make a resource you need, you can discard cards to reroll – but like Onirim, if you run out of cards in the resource decks, you lose the game. Again following on the success of Onirim, Aerion comes with 6 mini expansions changing the challenge slightly each time. Aerion comes with 133 cards, 6 dice, 16 tokens, 1 scary wooden pawn (remniscent of Onirim), and the rulebook. For more information, you can read the press release from Z-Man Games, and look for Aerion at your FLGS in Spring 2019.

Asmodee Digital has released a digital application version of Onirim, originally from Shadi Torbey.  The goal of the game remains the same: play through a deck of cards symbolizing a mysterious labyrinthine dreamscape, where Nightmares may pop up at any time (even several times in a row), to find 8 doors that designate the way out.  The game is currently available for $0.99 for iOS here and Android here.  The 7 expansions for the physical game are not yet available on the digital platforms, but perhaps something to look for in the future if the app does well.  You can learn more by checking out Asmodee’s website here or watching the trailer for the game on YouTube.

Z-Man games has announced their slate of games which will be released for sale this month.

Below are the publisher’s descriptions of the games.

fire and ice

Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice

New order will reign on the lands of Terra Mystica! With a new two-sided board and six new factions, this expansion is jam-packed with Terra Mystica goodness!

2-5 players
Ages 14+
30 min/plr


Bruges: The City On The Zwin

This expansion includes a new board, as well as boats that will add to the variety of strategy options available. Also, it is now possible to play with 5 players

2-5 players
Ages 13+
60 min.



Enter the Oniverse through a mysterious labyrinth. Try to find the oneric doors before the nightmares find you, or it will be too late! This edition includes seven expansions that change the game entirely.

1-2 players
Ages 14+
15 min.



In this three-player trick-taking game inspired by Tichu, the highest bidder will risk it all in order to score high, but could be trapped by the chimera hunters who are out for points of their own.

3 players
Ages 13+
45 min.

voyage of beagle

Robinson Crusoe: Voyage Of The Beagle

Discover this new amazing campaign for Robinson Crusoe! With five new scenarios where you are young scientist on the HMS Beagle, you are ready to dive into new adventures.

1-4 players
Ages 14+
120 min.

field of arle

Fields Of Arle

Discover the quaint village of Arle! Turn by turn, assign various tasks to members of your family while keeping an eye open for changing seasons. By trading ressources, your farm will grow and prosper.

1-2 players
Ages 13+
60-120 min.

zman games

Z-Man games has some games to share with us all this October.
Let’s get started with a little bit of of news before the spiel on…. Spiel in Essen.

The Pandemic: Survival! schedule is filling up fast. Z-Man has 10 confirmed events for 2014-2015 and counting. If you interested in running an event contact Z-Man.
If you had been looking for the recent 2014 Spiel Des Jahres Winner, Camel Up, or is it Camel Cup? I ted to agree with Donald, and Chris is indeed a lier.
Ok, now onto the games premiering at Essen.

For a few of this games the release dates go like this:

  • Chimera is the 1st week of November
  • Pandemic: contagion is the 1st week of November
  • The Battle at Kemble’s Cascade is the first week of November
  • Clash of Cultures: Civilizations sometime in November
  • Robinson Crusoe: Voyage of The Beagle sometime in November