Oink Games

Oink Games from Japan is known for small card games which pack a big punch. Past hits from Oink have been the excellent games A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Insider and Deep Sea Adventure. Oink has just announced their next 2 games coming to western shores – Mr. Face by Jun Sasaki and Tricks and the Phantom by Takashi Saito.

Mr. Face is a social guessing game, where players play cards with leading phrases, such as “The clouds look so nice”, or “What is that smell?” One player attempts to build a facial expression on the board with supplied components, representing their phrase card. Afterwards, all players place phrases into the middle. Players then try to guess which odd phrase was the one which inspired the face. Mr. Face can also be played by taking selfies for the facial expressions.

Tricks and the Phantom is a deduction trick-taking game with a tiny deck of only 10 cards. The values and colors of the cards in the deck are known to all, reminiscent of Seiji Kanai‘s megahit microgame Love Letter. Each player plays one of their two cards face down to the middle, but denotes the color of the card by placing a token on the back. Players then try to guess which card is the “culprit” – the highest card. Cards are revealed, and successful guesses earn points, but be careful, several of the cards have special abilities, and the Phantom, the lowest card, can not only pretend to be any color, but also earns points for each other player tricked into incorrectly picking it.

Mr. Face and Tricks and the Phantom should be available in stores in the beginning of August. For more information, check out the Oink Games website here.

Flotsam Fight, by Oink Games, has players taking the role of explorers who are trying to survive their ship sinking after a massive storm hits them. The explorers try to save the treasure they amassed before it sinks to the bottom of the ocean, by loading it onto a lifeboat.

Players are dealt treasure cards which each have a value and the number of lifeboats they can occupy. Treasure can only be loaded onto the lifeboat if its value is higher than existing treasure in the boat. The player who can load all their treasure into the lifeboats wins the game.

Flotsam Fight is designed by Tomoyuki Maruta, is for 3-6 players, aged 8+, and plays in about 30 mins. You can watch The Dice Tower’s own Zee Garcia’s review for more information. It’s expected release date is February 20th, 2019.