Odin’s Ravens

odins ravens

Ahead of  a February release, Osprey Games has made available new photographs of components for Odin’s Ravens.  From the product page on Osprey’s website:

Every morning Odin sends his ravens, Huginn and Muninn, across the entire world to bring back news of what life is like on Earth. Naturally, after thousands of years, they’ve gotten a little competitive. Race through the landscape in opposite directions to be the first to return to Odin. Focus on speed, or enlist the help of the trickster god Loki to create shortcuts and hinder your opponent. Can you be certain Loki’s changes won’t help your opponent instead? There’s only one way to find out!

The photographs provided show a vibrant array of cards with new art by Johan Egerkrans as well as the two raven player pieces.  If these images entice you to explore the world of Norse mythology from a bird’s eye view, watch for this to release in February.

odins ravens

Odin’s Ravens Second Edition was a successful Kickstarter project back in 2013, at least as far as raising the funds requested to get the game printed. The game never came into existence and backers were under the assumption they had lost the money the had pledged…until now. Osprey Games has announced that they will be publishing a new edition of Odin’s Ravens with all new artwork by Swedish fantasy artist Johan Egerkrans. Additionally even though they are under no obligation to do so Osprey Games has stated that all backers of the Kickstarter project will be eligible to receive a free copy of the game.

While we have no connection to the Odin’s Ravens Kickstarter, the simple fact is that a lot of people who supported the game had been stung. Right from the start of our discussions, we knew that we wanted to do the right thing by those backers, and I am very pleased to be able to say that we are going to be offering a free copy of the game to anyone who backed the Kickstarter. Regrettably, we do have to charge shipping, but we’re delighted the backers can finally get the game they deserve.

This is of course great news for the backers of the original game but it’s also fantastic news for those of us who were not a part of it because we will also have the opportunity to purchase a great game but also show support for a company willing to go out of their way and fulfill a promise they never made.

Odin’s Ravens is designed by Thorsten Gimmler and is a two player only game that has each player control of the Norse God Odin’s two ravens racing across the land. The game is played over a series of races until one of the players reaches 12 points. It’s said to be a fast fun family game and you can watch Tom Vasel’s review here.

Kudos to Osprey Games for getting the game to backers and if you’re not a backer but are interested in the game it is due to come out in Feb. 2016. For more information on this news you can head over to Osprey Games’ website and read the article here.