New Years

portal 2015

The new year brings with it a large portion of people making resolutions (52% I recently learned) and also reflections on the previous year.  Portal Games, while not making any resolutions other than to do better, did look back on 2015 and noted some of it’s successes and failures throughout the year.  In short they found the following:

  • Success 1 – they made many more con appearances
  • Success 2 – they made quite the splash at Essen with 8 new releases
  • Success 3 – they hired additional talented people
  • Success 4 – increased presence and strength in Poland
  • Success 5 – a growing fanbase of awesome people

But, unfortunately with the good comes some bad:

  • Failure 1 – they slid back into some bad habits in regards to rulebooks
  • Failure 2 – explanation videos were not produced when promised
  • Failure 3 – did great in the US, not so much with the rest of the world.

To read the full blog post you can head over to Portal Games site, and maybe even leave a comment of encouragement as they try to improve themselves 2016.

iello timeline

IELLO games France has put out a picture card on their Facebook page welcoming in the new year.  They have hidden 21 of their games within this image some in obvious ways like game boxes and some in somewhat more subtle ways.

The whole team of Iello wish you a great 2015! We have hidden in the card 21 recent games and even (mostly) coming this year. How many can you find? – IELLO’s translated caption

See the original post in French here.