Mr. B Games

Mr B Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Vintage Racers, a microdeck racing card game for 2-4 players, although 2 copies of the game allows up to 8 to play. Vintage Racers, by designerSean Brown takes place in the wild and lawless days of early 1900’s automobile racing. In the game, players construct a race track from a deck of road cards, then create a car by drafting pieces of an automobile. Different cards add to better braking, better tires, quicker top speed, or better acceleration. During the race, players are allowed to change the speed of their car up or down according to their acceleration or braking. Hitting turns too quickly can do damage to tires. Each racer has a number of “expertise” cubes, which can be spent to break these rules.

The limited Edition of Vintage Racers will be available here on Kickstarter for only a short time, with no late pledge after. Remaining copies will be sold directly from Mr. B. Games and via our website as supplies and demand last. 

The Kickstarter Campaign for Vintage Racers continues through April 15, and the game is expected to ship in September 2019.

Travel back in time to the world of Ancient Greece with their art, academia and mythology in Hellenica by MR. B. Games. This game combines a multitude of mechanics such as area control, resource management, strategy and combat that makes it infinitely replayable. The object is to reach 3 of your chosen objectives.

“Your goal is to become the preeminent symbol of Greece for all posterity by completing a combination of secret and public goals. Will you be remembered as a warmonger or a peaceful philosopher? Great priest or apostate? Will you develop a devotion to the gods or focus on the advancement of your people? Can you guide your civilization during these turbulent times? Will your vision of Hellenic civilization be remembered for all time, or will you merely be a stepping stone for another…?”

As you try to reach your 3 objectives you will take 7 steps per turn:  Research/Advancement, Worship, Build, Train, Supply Troops, World Event , Pass, Upkeep Phase. All of these steps are specific and intricate and the direction you take will depend on the goals you have. If you want to gain more favor from the Gods then you would build more temples and try to earn more favor tokens. If you have a military objective you would build more barracks and train more troops.

Hellenica is on Kickstarter until September 7th, 2018 and will be exclusive to this campaign and MR. B. Games. So don’t wait!

“The Limited Edition Core Game of Hellenica will not be available outside of this campaign and direct from MR. B. Games and will feature solo play and support up to 7 players. Rather than make those expansions, we are including everything we have in the Core Game (think of it as the the Core Game AND the first two expansions already bundled together!)”

And check out the campaign page to see Mark and Randy from Dice Tower as they preview this epic game!

The news broke  this Wednesday that three industry veterans have started up a new design studio out of Worthington, Ohio – Laboratory H. They are Jeff and Carla Horger, designers of games such as Thunder Alley, Grand Prix, and Orient Express, along with Jonathan Anglin, graphic designer and art director. Previously the three came together to venture into publishing as Nothing Now Games, but have now switched gears to focus on design and development and leaving the printing, shipping, and fulfillment to their new partnership with Mr. B Games. As stated in their press release:

   “Laboratory H, LLC announces its first steps in the board gaming industry. This trio of industry veterans has assembled to create a creative lab dedicated to producing unique, challenging and fun games. In addition to announcing its founding, Laboratory H would also like to thank Mr. B Games for bringing our company into the fold as an affiliate studio of the established senior company.”

There’s a lot of history here that has culminated to this point of origin for Laboratory H, but it’s good to see this is the end result. This is a positive restructuring of skills and abilities to bring about new games and new opportunities. They appear to have one tentative title coming to Kickstarter this fall, Dark Domains, so we will need to keep our eyes peeled on that and what else the future may hold. If you are interested in learning more about Laboratory H and new games in the pipeline from them, I suggest taking a look at their website for more news and announcements.

Mr. B Games has announced the 2nd edition reprinting of Phil Eklund and Sierra Madre Games classic Bios series. Like most of Eklund’s games (Greenland, Neanderthal), the Bios series uses real science and heavier mechanisms to simulate some of the big questions in the world. Bios: Genesis allows 1-4 players to progress from a simple ingredient in the primordial soup using both card drafting and dice mechanics, with the ultimate goal of creating life. The new second edition includes materials for 4 organisms per player instead of the original 3. In Bios: Megafauna, 2-4 players start as a plant or animal, then work up until someone wins by becoming the dominant carnivore or herbivore. Players must drift with continents, withstand huge ecological events and out-compete their competition. Megafauna includes 250 wooden bits, 160 cards, 42 disks, 5 punchboards and 20 dice.

Both Bios: Genesis and Bios: Megafauna are expected to arrive in stores in November 2017.

Mr B Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Aviation Tycoon, an interesting mix of stock management and pick-up-and-deliver for 2-5 players by Ted Cheatham (Silk Road) . In Aviation Tycoon, players invest in 4 different airlines, represented by 4 different colored stock cards. The board has routes from the 4 airlines, connecting cities of different colors. Random passenger cubes are placed on these cities, and their color shows the home city to which they want to travel. Players can collect more stock cards on their turn, and the game includes an interesting balance of cards which are public, and some which stay hidden. Players can move passengers home along any airline’s route, which then generates money for that airline. When stocks payout during designated rounds, players distribute this generated revenue, with the lion’s share going to the owner of the president’s stock (usually the stock collected in a particular airline), then the player with the most stock in that airline, and so on down the line. Players also have special abilities they can activate each turn, however these ability cards rotate around the table each round. Event cards revealed each turn can be good or bad, sometimes closing airports or generating more money for stocks. The player with the most money at the end of a specified number of rounds is the winner.

Aviation Tycoon will be on Kickstarter through June 5 and is expected to deliver in December 2017.

Mr. B Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Metras, a 3-4 player game in which you play the head of a noble family, competing for the favor of the emperor over five rounds. Players have 4 tracks on their board, corresponding to their Espionage, Wealth, Exploration and Fame. During the game Allies and Servants can be placed to boost these tracks, but each track can only have as many helpers as the current round number. Additionally, each helper is unique, being more skilled in some areas than others. The main mechanism of the game involves an auction system for action cards, which then become a player’s 3 actions for the round. Players auction using influence, which translates to victory points, and the actions themselves rely heavily on the values of the player’s 4 tracks. Players need to be careful in what order action cards are won, since some may boost tracks to the point that others become useful. Five mission cards are available to complete using the players’ exploration values, which both dictate whether the player is skilled enough to complete the mission, and determines a multiplier for how many points the player receives.

Metras will be on Kickstarter through April 24, and is expected to ship November 2017.

Mr. B Games and L4 Studios are currently running the Kickstarter for the 5th Player expansion for Glenn Drover’s WarQuest, a high-strategy, fantasy adventure game in which players are competing to recruit an army from the various races of Myrathia and become the ruler of the land.  This 5th player expansion introduces experienced units and the warlord faction’s elite guard to the WarQuest experience.

The 5th player expansion includes the following:

  • 1 Warlord
  • 2 Lieutenants
  • 30 experienced units:
    • 4 Satyr Infantry
    • 2 Satyr Archer
    • 4 Dwarf Infantry
    • 2 Dwarf Crossbowman
    • 4 Elf Infantry
    • 2 Elf Archer
    • 4 Goblin Infantry
    • 2 Goblin Archer
    • 4 Orc Infantry
    • 2 Orc Archer
  • 5 Experience Dice
  • 5 Faction Dice
  • Setup Guide
  • Companion Rules

This project is set to fund on February 10, 2017.  For more information, visit the project’s Kickstarter page.


Alien Uprising is a Kickstarter game from two years ago all about the humans fighting back against the Zothrens, alien “bug” races.  The original game took place on one of the Zothren planets, and this time the bugs have managed to find Earth and are coming to take it.  So it’s up to you and your friends to don mechanized suits of armor to be able to kill of these bugs, but you didn’t want to work together did you?  No this time it’s a competitive game as you are competing on the televised stage to see who can take down the most bugs.  To do this you will be drafting cards to build your mechanized suit as well as other cards to either give you a boost you slow down your opponents.  In the end, after all the dice have been rolled, whoever comes out with more kills is the winner.

Art for this game looks a little different, taking a bit of a cartoon like approach as compared to the previous games.  Regardless though, if you are looking for a fun and fast card game set in the Alien Uprising universe, head over to the campaign page to pledge for a copy!

madness at midnight

Madness at Midnight recently went live on Kickstarter. Now you, and up to 4 other players, can control a band of deranged cultist to fulfill sinister plots, and control key locations in Arkham. Beware, though, as your opponents will try to undermine you and possibly call in the feds to end the game and take the win away from you.

The first player to reach 13 victory points win, but if you don’t keep the investigators at bay, they’ll call in a federal raid and make everybody lose – except for the cult with the least points who escapes notice.

Madness at Midnight is a game from Mr. B Games, and it’s designed by Mads L. Brynnum and Richard Launius.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here.

Mr. B. Games would like to announce two new projects launched on Kickstarter, Days of Ire: Budapest 1956 and Trick of the Rails.

days of ire

It’s 1956 and waves of protests in Poland are once again showing the cracks in the Eastern European communist bloc. Emboldened by these signs, students and intellectuals in Budapest, the Hungarian capital, organise a protest of previously unseen magnitudes. As the communist leadership sweeps in to kill the movement in its tracks, a violent response is provoked, thus sparking the Revolution of the 23rd of October.

In Days of Ire: Budapest 1956, 1-4 players can experience a historically-inspired, card-driven board game that can be played both co-operatively or in a one-versus-many setting.  This game is set during the most explosive time of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 in Budapest, in which the revolutionary players will be collecting cards and fighters to resolve events and other challenges posed to them by their Soviet opponent (real or simulated) and trying to stay alive throughout the 7 days of fighting – while ensuring that the city doesn’t fall to pieces.

For more information and to support the Days of Ire Kickstarter project, visit its Kickstarter page here.

trick of the rails

The following is the description from the Trick of the Rails Kickstarter page:

Trick of the Rails is a trick taking, stock holding, track laying card game for 3-5 railroad investors and is themed on the rise of the American railway period.  Trick of the Rails combines 18XX-like portfolio management and a trick-taking card game. Players collect stock certificates and make the companies more valuable by laying the rail network.

Designed by Hisashi Hayashi (Trains), Trick of the Rails was originally published in 2011 by Japon Brand and Mr. B. Games is now funding this new version via Kickstarter.  For more information on the project visit its Kickstarter page.