Monopoly – Cheaters Edition

Target are making a strong investment in board and card games and have signed up 95 exclusive releases to draw in hobbyists and the casual audience alike. They plan to fill shelves with over 130 new board games.

“There’s something special about breaking free from screens and spending real, face-to-face time with family and friends—and that’s why our guests are loving the ever-growing board game trend. We’re out to make Target their go-to destination for great games, so over the past couple of years, we’ve more than doubled our assortment and we’re constantly working with the nation’s leading game makers to create even more unique, exclusive games for our guests to enjoy with those they love.” -Kelly Caruso, senior vice president of Hardlines, Target

Some “Throwback finds” aimed at the more casual market include Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart, Superfight ’90s Deck, The Golden Girls: Any Way You Slice It, and Target exclusives, MacGuyver: The Escape Room Game, and The Brady Bunch Party Game.

The entry level hobbyists can find what they call “brain strainers” such as Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger, the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, Hackathon, and Target exclusives, Ticket To Ride: New York, Ryan and Majorie Lauket’s Megaland, and The Oregon Trail Game: Journey To Willamette Valley.

More casual, party games (dubbed “family face-off” games) include Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition, Spin Off, A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King, and Target exclusives, Blank Slate, YeahNOPE, and Rustic versions of Sorry! and Battleship.

Kids games include Chow Crown, Pie Face Cannon, Yeti Set Go, and Target exclusives, LOL Surprise: The Water Surprise Game, and Tic Tac Tongue.

With a growing list of exclusive titles it shows that Target sees enough potential in the board game market to make it worth drawing hobbyists to its stores.

Hasbro has announced a new version of Monopoly coming later this year that will allow players to do what apparently nearly half of them have been doing anyway: cheat.

Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition will encourage players to cheat by having “Cheat” cards in the middle of the board, with cheating goals for players to attempt. If you succeed, you will be rewarded. If you get caught, though, there will be penalties!

These cheat cards will ask players to do everything from taking extra money from the bank to “accidentally” putting a hotel on one of their properties. If caught, they may have to hand over money to another player, or to the bank, or even go to Jail (and put on the plastic handcuff that also comes with the game and is attached to the Jail).

The object of the game is still to be the player with the most money, but now players have other ways to achieve that end.

Cheat cards are not the only changes in this version of the game, though. Some of the spaces on the board are different than they are in standard Monopoly. For example, Pennsylvania Avenue is free. Some other properties have reduced prices.

“‘A recent study conducted by Hasbro revealed that nearly half of game players attempt to cheat during Monopoly games, so in 2018, we decided it was time to give fans what they’ve been craving all along – a Monopoly game that actually encourages cheating,’ Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of Hasbro gaming tells INSIDER.”

Will Monopoly cheaters find the game as fun now that they’re being encouraged to do so?

We’ll find out later this year when Monopoly: Cheaters Edition is released.

For more information, check the Insider post.