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Time is ticking, like a timebomb set up by an arch nemesis to destroy your city. But that ain’t going to happen today… Because you’re Batman… And you will stop it. Or maybe you Robin! Or Nightwing!

The time of heroes will be arriving on February the 27th for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – a miniature board game from designer Frédéric Henry. In this game, one player will mastermind a crime, with an army of goons and grunts abd lead by a well known Arkham inmate while other players will be donning their cowls as the Dark Knight and his companions (and maybe some unexpected characters from the DC comic book universe).

This scenario based game will be coming right from the pages of some of the most well known Batman comic story lines. You will be tracking down the mastermind of many strange crimes with your detective skills as in “Hush.”  You will be fighting against an enemy that has been sent out to destroy you and your family, as in “The Court Of Owls.” You may also encounter a criminal who, through no fault of his own, falls (or possibly doesn’t if you save him) into a vat of acid, as in “The Killing Joke.” And if you don’t want a scenario based game, there is a head to head mode in which both players draft an army and fight it out on the streets and dark places in Gotham.

An impressive line of characters have been revealed on  including Robin, Commissioner Gorden, Catwoman, and the Riddler. And because this is a miniature game on Kickstarter, there will be a ton of unlock-able goodness. With over 100 different sculpts confirmed by DC, this game will pack a punch in plastic but won’t rob you blind. Estimated at around $120 for a base pledge and around $300 if you want everything, this game will have plenty to offer you and keep you coming back for more.

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Asmodee has posted four new scenarios, free for download, for the recent Conan board game by Monolith Games. The new scenarios feature the same excellent stories, artwork and depth as the originals. Additionally, the new scenarios make use of the recent expansions Yogah of Yag, Crossbowmen and Kushite Witch Hunters. The new scenarios are:

  • Conspiracy in Khauran (4 players) by Tony Berart – Uses Crossbowmen
  • Yogah’s Rebirth (4 players) by Ben & Peps – Uses Yogah of Yag
  • Yara’s Trap (2 players) by Tony Berart – Uses Yogah of Yag
  • The Cursed Mirrors (3 players) by Tony Berart – Uses Kushite Witch Hunters

For more details about the new scenarios, go to Asmodee’s website here.

Conan, a new board game coming from Monolith Board Games, was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter – having raised nearly 3.5 million dollars. I had a chance to see a demo copy at Gen Con list last month and have to tell you, I’m really excited about this one! Below is pictured many of the components that will be part of this exciting new release.

So, if you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still get in on obtaining a copy of the game, directly from Monolith’s web site, by using a pledge manager they have created. Click here for more details.

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With only 27 hours left to go, there’s still time left to jump on the Conan bandwagon. Almost 2.5 MILLION dollars have been raised for this extremely successful Kickstarter campaign from Monolith Board Games. Conan is a cooperative game set in Robert E. Howard’s famous Hyborean land of Conan the barbarian. Getting in on the campaign will net many rewards that have been unlocked including some wonderful looking miniatures. The picture, below, shows all the stuff that one can get by backing the game. You can visit their Kickstarter page here for more information.