You are not a special snowflake – but you can pretend to be Tyler Durden in the soon-to-be released Fight Club: The Home Game from Mondo. The two-player competitive deck-building game takes you deep inside Tyler Durden or his roommate as they fight for control.

The game comes with more than 140 cards, such as sleep/insomnia, fight and Marla, an instructional foldout poster, a ‘Slide’ tracker board and a Soap Tracker piece. Remember what the soap is made out of?  The cards are dual-use and in a shared draw row, with the characters competing to become complete or hit bottom.

So grab a friend and get ready for some mayhem! You can find out more here

Twenty-five years ago, Steven Spielberg brought dinosaurs to life before our eyes with revolutionary visual effects in the original Jurassic Park. To celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, MONDO is releasing Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene, an asymmetrical board game for 2-4 players, ages 14 & up.

Players of The Chaos Gene can choose from 4 different factions, each having unique play-styles and win conditions: Raptors, Tyrannosaurus Rex, InGen, and Park Visitors. The Raptors rely on their cunning and stealth to attack humans and other animals in the park. The T-Rex is loud and fast, rushing towards completing its own objectives. InGen must manage resources to keep the park up and running, despite the chaos wrought by the dinos. Finally, the Park Visitors bring unique character skills and potent faction abilities to the table, navigating the park’s dangers to accomplish their goals. The game comes with multiple scenarios and features modular environment tiles, which coupled with the asymmetrical faction options, should provide quite a bit of replayability.

MONDO’s lead game scientist, Luke Byers, spearheaded the development team for the game, which features the artwork of Matthew Woodson.

You can sign up for updates on the game’s website, with an expected release in fall of 2018.

For those attending San Diego Comic-Con, MONDO is offering opportunities to grab one of four Jurassic Park patches by visiting their booth (#435).

Random factoid: known for revolutionizing visual effects and CGI movie magic, Jurassic Park only contains about 14 minutes of dinosaur-related visual effects. And a whopping 4 minutes of those were computer-generated.

Mondo is best known for the array of geek merchandise, but as of late they have started spreading into the board game world with their first game, The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31.  Now they have announced their next game based on another cult classic film, Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene.  This new game will focus solely on the first movie and offers asymmetric play because you can play as InGen, the park guests, or up to three Raptors.  Personally this has me hooked just on this basic description and so I can’t wait to hear more about it.  Unfortunately the announcement was made only at MondoCon in Austin this past weekend, so to find out more check out this post from Jurassic Outpost, and watch here for more info as more details come to light.

Z-Man Games has announced plans to distribute Michael Schacht’s new game Smile. A card game for three to five players, Smile has players working in an environment where all sorts of critters have escaped their enclosures. Players will use lightening bugs as bait (critters love lightning bugs, obviously) to catch more lost critters than their opponents, while being careful to avoid capturing wild critters which will give players negative points.
The light is falling and time is growing short. There’s no telling what sorts of trouble your critters will get into if you don’t find them soon. Gather your lightning bugs and round up the best critters in Smile, arriving soon!
Game play unfolds over ten rounds. In each round players will unveil a number of critter cards equal to the number of players. Players then choose, in order, to stay in the round by placing a single firefly on the lowest value creature or to drop out of the round. When dropping out players take the least valuable critter still available, though gaining the many fireflies possibly now associated with that card. Deception and push your luck elements are in play as each firefly committed brings you closer to a valuable critter while at the same time depleting your store of lightning bugs. Drop out early and stock up on bugs for future rounds and make a dramatic comeback or take an early lead!
Additional rules add to the challenge. If you end up with two critters of the same color in the top-left corner you remove both from the game. This can come in handy for getting rid of negative point critters, or perhaps you can force an opponent to lose two valuable cards?
Michael Schacht is also the designer of Coloretto, Hansa, Aquaretto, Mondo, Mogul and many other games. His game Zooloretto won him the 2007 Spiel des Jahres award.

Mondo and Project Raygun’s first collaborative game has a release date now, October 2017.  This is the first game being put out by the designer game division of USAopoly that was launched at the same time as the game was announced.  Infection at Outpost 31 takes it’s theme directly from the movie “The Thing”, and featuring the characters of the movie as well like MacReady, Childs, and Garry.  The game itself is a hidden identity game where The Thing has infiltrated the outpost and created perfect imitations of the crew there.  It’s up to you to gather gear, battle The Thing, and take out the imitations among you before you escape the outpost and warn McMurdo Station.

This game is going to be coming in two editions, there is the wide print edition and a Mondo exclusive edition that they will sell on the site.  The Mondo edition will feature different box cover art designed by Jock, two additional minis not in the standard edition, a Mondo print, and a enamel pin.  Another thing that makes it exclusive is that only 1,982 of them will be made, in honor of the movie’s original release date.  So whether you want the standard edition or the Mondo edition, look for them both in October of this year.

USAopoly has been stepping up their game lately, and this time it’s the creation of a new division that will focus on higher end collectibles and games associated with them.  They are “about tapping into our emotions from our youth when thinking of our favorite toys, movies and experiences.”  

Initially they have some lines planned out for new vinyl figures like Forbidden Tikis, Iconauts, and The Tower Squad as well as other items that will be coming out later this year.  Also being talked about are partnerships with companies like MONDO and Slideshow to bring the licenses they own into the mix and release new products for them.  Needless to say I think this new direction for USAopoly could provide us with some solid new games on brand new IPs.  You can head to the USAopoly site to read the full press release.