Modiphius Entertainment, publisher of games like Thunderbirds and the Mutant Chronicles RPG, are making good on using the Star Trek license by releasing a new RPG based in the universe.  At the start you will only be able to play Starfleet characters, but you will have access to the whole of Star Trek lore from the original series to Enterprise and all the movies.  This new RPG will also use the same 2d20 system that Modiphius’ other RPGs use and will be designed by Jason Little, one of the designers behind the X-Wing Miniatures game.  And speaking of miniatures, the RPG will also include the launching of a new line of Star Trek miniature figures.  This is of importance because no miniature line for Star Trek has been produced in 17 years, and now you will be able to obtain iconic characters like Sisko, Picard, Kirk, and Spock.  All of this is slated for release in the summer of 2017.  You can sign up for playtesting at major conventions, or sign up for alerts through Modiphius’ website.  Until then, live long and prosper.

Modiphius Entertainment announces two new releases: Achtung! Cthulhu: Dark Tales from the Secret War and Dust Adventures: Operation Apocalypse.

Dark Tales from the Secret War

This is a collection of 13 stories that mixes the H.P. Lovecraft mythos with mankind’s finest and darkest hour in World War II.  This series of stories expand and expound the Achtung! Cthulhu universe, allowing players to “peer deeper into the sinister cult of the Black Sun, the terrifying technology of Nachtwolfe and gain valuable insight into the brave men and women of Section M and Majestic who oppose them, in a series of tales which will thrill and delight and even inspire even more Achtung! Cthulhu adventures.”  Dark Tales is available in print or in PDF format.

Operation Apocalypse

This is a 136-page campaign for the Dust Adventures RPG series that will take players to the pre-Mayan ruins in the Amazon jungle.  Highlights of the campaign include:

  •  A globe-trotting story that will take you to such places as South America, Turkey, Thailand, and the Philippines.
  • The introduction of a new alien species fighting the Vrill, as well as the secret history of their intergalactic war.
  • All-new information on the three blocs.
  • Epic action set-pieces, including a battle aboard a top secret Axis aircraft carrier.
  • Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare scenarios for the large-scale battles of the campaign.

For more information, visit the Modiphius website here.