Silver is the first in a series of card games by Ted Alspach (Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Suburbia, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf) that can be played as a stand along game or combined with other games in the Silver series.  Silver will debut at 2019 Gen Con and hit stores in September.  Silver Bullet will follow in time for Essen Spiel.

Silver is a werewolf themed card game where each player manages a village made up of five villagers beset by werewolves.  Each card shows a resident, their unique ability, and a number – which is how many werewolves that resident attracts.  However, villager cards are dealt to each player face down and the players do not know how bad the werewolf threat is to their village.   The game begins with everyone peeking at two of their five cards. On each turn a player chooses a villager to replace or activates a villager’s ability. There are fourteen special abilities which allow players to view more face down cards, trade with neighboring villages, protect cards, and more.  Once a player is convinced his or her village is the safest from werewolves (has the lowest sum of villager cards), that player can call for a vote. If correct, the winning player scores zero for the round.  If not, the player receives points equal to the sum of the villager cards plus ten!  All other players will receive the sum of their village points, and the player with the lowest score earns a silver medallion which grants the village some protection in the next round. After four rounds, the player with the lowest score wins.

Silver Bullet is similar to Silver and features fourteen brand new residents and special abilities. It can be played as a stand-alone game, or it can be combined with Silver by swapping villagers with the same card value from one deck to another, creating a whole new experience with the game.  Silver Bullet also comes with a silver bullet which allows a player to take aim at any villager after nightfall.

Future games in the Silver series will offer more residents, more special abilities, additional silver tokens to grant the winner a unique power during a round, and endless combinations for the series.

Robert A. Kouba, designer of BattleLore (Second Edition) and Battles of Westeros, is working with 8th Summit‘s team, the publisher’s of Run, Fight, or Die and Agents of Smersh, to develop and launch the SVG (or SoloVerse Games) system. As it’s name implies, the new series of card games are designed for solo play, but will be sold in many single deck packs that will allow for a mix-and-match customizable experience. The first installment, known as Supehero Solitaire, will be a line of single decks consisting of a single hero facing off against a single villain. These decks can be dismantled and recombined to pit different heroes against different villains.

A single deck with its scoring markers are all you need to begin playing. However, most players will want several decks to experience the ability of customizing their gaming experience by swapping entire suits of cards. The decks are self-contained and there is no need to purchase boosters. Each deck will include 10-20 tokens but a game may be played with generic tokens, so SVGs are extremely portable. For the avid player, a core box will be available that stores multiple decks.

More themes are coming, including a mystery theme, so if comic book-style superheroes aren’t your thing there is more in the wings waiting for you. Their introductory line is certainly hitting a lot of the same chords that Sentinels of the Multiverse played, but with such a solitaire focus and different trappings on the way it is sure to appeal to many different crowds. No word on a release date as of writing this, but there will be demos of two decks at the upcoming Origins Game Fair. Until then, check out their website for the clean art and more information!