Miniatures Gaming

Wargamers rejoice – the Kickstarter Campaign has just started for the Metro Morph modular card wargaming terrain by Jacob Smith and Crowd Forge Studio. This system uses heavy duty 2mm cardstock pieces, which clip together in innumerable ways to create structures in a 28-32mm gaming environment. The pieces are themed to an industrial sci-fi setting, and come with protective stickers for repeated clip application, as well as stickers to hide clips and edges. The pieces can create durable, large structures which can bear repeated use and heavy wear. After gaming, the clips can be removed and the pieces can be stored flat again. The system can be used to create anything from scattered rubble, complex 2D game boards, to large 3 dimensional multilevel buildings.

The Kickstarter for Metro Morph will continue through December 20, and the final product is scheduled to ship in September 2019.

Dog Might Games, woodworking group extraordinaire, is offering The Skirmish Box on Kickstarter. This new box is designed for miniatures, including an optional metal bottom for miniatures with magnetic bases. As with other Dog Might offerings, there is a large selection of woods, stains, carved lid designs, and colored felt bottoms. 6 designs are available in either standard or large size, with varying spaces for dice and cards. Dog Might has partnered with Wyrd Miniatures this time around to offer official Malifaux faction logos as an option for lid engraving.

The Kickstarter for The Skirmish Box continues through May 23, and is expected to deliver in October 2017.


Now on Kickstarter, Rainn Studios is bringing you the second set of their successful tabletop terrain system, TerraTiles: Coasts and Rivers. TerraTiles is a tabletop terrain system for all your Tabletop Miniature gaming needs that is affordable and portable, with no painting, flocking or assembly required. Made of cardboard hexagons measuring 9 inches each, you can set it up quickly and easily with plenty of room for all your miniatures and other standalone terrain pieces, with beautiful illustrations of rivers, grasslands and coasts among many other terrain features. Coasts and Rivers is the followup to the original Misty Moorlands set of TerraTiles, which is also available to backers of this campaign. Be sure to check out the full campaign here!