My wallet keeps taking a beating, but luckily I have a budget and a wife so I won’t spend too much, but lets take a look at some projects that might be worth your money.  First on that list are some giant dice in the form of 55mm spin down dice being brought to you by Todd Brammer, the maker of d20 earrings.  Both dice look great with the color options being molten gold or silver, and that is pretty much it.  You can get one for $8 or both for $15, just a no frills Kickstarter to get you some giant spin down dice.  So check out the Kickstarter page if you are interested.

Next we have another webcomic turned game and that is Heart and Brain the Party Game.  This is a card, party game which is a melting pot of different challenges that you will have to face in order to get the tokens you need to win.  On your turn you will draw from one of two piles, the heart deck or the brain deck.  The heart deck has mainly goofy challenges grouped into dares, double dares where you perform it with someone else, voting about different situations, or challenges which involve things like beating you in a mini game or making you laugh.  The brain deck is more about the mind with things like challenges on naming things, contests like who can name more famous comics, and true/false votes where you reveal something about yourself that is either true or false and everyone has to guess.  There are also cards to play a game similar to Cards Against Humanity where you are trying to play your best phrases to match a prompt that was drawn.  Overall if you like the humor and antics of the Heart and Brain comic, this kind of game will be right up your alley.  Check out the Kicktstarter today.

After that is a new worker placement game with dice called Dice Hospital.  In this game you are running a hospital, trying to cure patients to earn points.  At the start of the round there will be a pool of dice rolled and those will be distributed into ambulances, thus making up the patients you will draft for that round.  They are ordered in these ambulances by worst to best so while if you take the worst batch, you will get first pick on upgrades, while if you pick the best you will be picking upgrades last.  Once these dice are in your hospital you will pick out an upgrade which could be better rooms to add to your hospital, or new employees which give you special abilities.  Once you have picked an upgrade it’s time to treat your patients, with the pip value on the dice indicated how healthy your patient is (6 means ready to discharge, 1 means almost dead).  You will place out your nurses on different rooms to be able to treat your patients, and as you discharge them you will get points for how many you can discharge in a round.  At the end whoever has the most points is the winner.  The base game looks great, and the deluxe game upgrades with both a dice tower and 3D ambulance to hold dice, looks even better.  Check out the Kickstarter for more information and to pledge.

Next is a campaign to get some excellent minis for the Starfinder RPG being put out by Paizo.  The campaign is pretty simple in that there are two levels to pledge for, each getting you the same basic miniature package along with slots for you to customize your pledge.  Each pledge gets you figures for the legacy heroes like Seelah the paladin, Candy and Cola, and more generic sculpts like an elf operative, gnome mystic, or halfling pilot.  The slots in each pledge will allow you to pick from a lineup of seven enemy encounter packs, 25 different heroes, two fleets, and six different big enemies, allowing for lots of pledge customization.  Overall if you are wanting a good set of minis for Starfinder at about $3 a mini, you can’t go wrong with the ones in this Kickstarter campaign.

Up next we have an “anime” turned board game from Rooster Teeth called RWBY: Combat ReadyRWBY: Combat Ready is a battling game where you will be taking on the roles of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang as you fight against the villain Roman and his minions.  This is a fully cooperative game and will be taking place in two areas, the sideline and center stage.  The player on center stage is battling the main villain of the scenario by playing cards and inflicting as much damage as possible.  The players on teh sidelines can use their cards to aid the player on center stage, or take care of the minions or other bad events happened all around them.  All of these will be played out using the cards you have, by playing the cards against the enemies you are facing.  You will then flip over both your card and the villain card and whoever is faster gets to deal damage.  If you are able to string consecutive hits together you can build up battle fury, making you faster and giving you access to an ultimate attack.  In the end if you eliminate the villain you win, but like most coop games, there are lots of ways to lose.  So if this RWBY inspired game likes interesting to you, check out the Kickstarter page.

And last, but certainly not least, we have Steamforged Games latest creation, Resident Evil 2 the Board Game.  This brings the iconic survival-horror genre video game to the tabletop, putting you and your follow players up against all the horrors and monstrosities that have been created by the Umbrella Corporation.  This game is a dungeon crawl game where you are venturing out into the streets of Raccoon City in a bid to escape the horror all around you.  This game brings a resource management aspect to the dungeon crawl genre as the Resident Evil games were known for giving you just barely enough to survive, so you can’t be frivolous with your bullets or medicinal herbs.  Plus there is a tension deck, telling you about strange sounds and figures that you see as you go down the streets and alleys.  Can you afford to explore that room?  Will you have enough bullets if the giant monster shows up?  You will have to keep answering that question as you play the game.  If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out the Kickstarter page.

Wizkids, publishers of the most popular RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, are releasing a pre-painted miniature line with a focus on bringing younger kids into the RPG world.  The line will feature younger characters with special abilities and animal companions that travel with them.  In the setting of the RPG they travel in, “fledgling adventurers gain their powers and abilities at a young age, allowing them to defeat the evil creatures in their world. Their powers, however, are fleeting. As the children grow, they begin to lose their powers over time. When they enter adulthood, most forget they ever adventured in the first place as everyday responsibilities take hold.”

The miniature line looks great, and the RPG setting sounds interesting, so look forward to this new line to launch in early 2018.  You can check out Wizkids’ website for more information and to see the figure designs.


WizKids just announced that they will be partnering with Lookout Games, original publisher of Agricola, to bring to the market six new expansions to the game.  Agricola is a farming game designed by Uwe Rosenberg and is highly regarded, even with the majority complaining about the feed your people mechanic.  So wanting to expand it is a good idea to keep the game fresh and offer new content to veteran players.  However, these aren’t going to be expansions in the traditional sense, they are actually going to be called Upgrade Kits which do more to bling out your game than expand it’s content.  Don’t get me wrong though, the kits will include brand new cards designed by Uwe Rosenberg himself, but the bulk of the pack is going to be pre-painted minis to replace one of the families in the game.  Thus if you get all six you will have replaced all the colored discs representing the families with painted minis, bringing a whole new table presence to the game.  Look for these to hit store shelves in the beginning of 2017.


New Jersey-based game developer and publisher WizKids has announced a brand new line of unpainted miniatures featuring more than 150 unique fantasy sculpts.  This collection of miniatures will include iconic characters, creatures, and scene-building elements, which will be available in the form of three types of specialty pack: Hero Packs, Monster Packs, and Item Packs.  These packs will each contain a variety of sculpts, as outlined below:

  • Hero Packs: Include both a low-level and high-level sculpt of the same featured character
  • Monster Packs: Designed for army building. Include 1-3 miniatures with different poses of a single monster.
  • Item Packs: Include scenery and items for detailing adventures.

WizKids had the following to say about these miniature packs in their press release:

The highly detailed miniatures feature an enhanced sculpting process, which highlights minute elements, and includes deep cut surface detail and scaled features for easier hand painting. They also come in dynamic and exciting poses, are pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo paint, and are ready to go directly out of the box. Customize the look and feel of your characters and campaign like never before.

This new line of unpainted miniatures is set for retail release in the fourth quarter of 2016.  For more information about this new line of miniatures, visit the WizKids website here.

blokus american girl

The popular line of designer dolls, American Girl, has released a Pizza Party Set that serves as an accessory for the American Girl dolls (and their owners).  The Pizza Party Set features a heart-shaped pretend pizza, a matching heart-shaped pizza pan, colorful pizza box, two pretend drinks with straws, two napkins, two paper plates, and a mini book.

And how on earth does this have anything to do with board games?

Here’s why: the set also includes “a doll-sized Blokus game, including a board and tiles that girls can really play with, plus a box for storage.”  One comment made by a customer of the American Girl website stated, “I was very impressed with the Blokus Game because it is an exact miniature replica of the human version. The eighty-four pieces are well made and the doll can even hold some of them, which makes this set great for doll play!”

So apparently, the gaming hobby has permeated the lives of even the American Girl.

More evidence that can gaming can indeed be for anyone.

More information can be found about this set on the American Girl website here.

ardus comp

FFG continues to expand and improve Descent with the release of another Lieutenant Pack. This time Ardus Ix’Erebus gets upgraded.  The pack contains the usual mini to replace the Ardus Ix’Erebus token in the Bilehall set and a new set of 10 plots cards to be used by the overlord in any Descent campaign.  This set of plot cards focuses on beefing up small monsters by using tactics and positioning to improve their strength.  Cards like Strength in Numbers, which gives monsters pierce X where X is the numbers of monsters adjacent to the hero being attacked, or Rise to the Challenge, which transforms all minion monsters into master level when a fellow monster is slain, makes those small monster feel much bigger.  You can head over to the FFG page to read more about these new cards and preview some of them, then you can pre-order the pack at your local game store or online.

armada destroyer

Pew! Pew!

I know many of you are excited for Star Wars: Armada by Fantasy Flight Games and it will be here, all in good time.

In the meantime however, Fantasy Flight has posted an article giving gamers a preview of the combat system, mainly focusing on ship to ship combat this time around. If you’re wanting to be the best Fleet Admiral in the Imperial or Rebel fleets then stop on by and give their article a read.



wizkids con in your store

Today, WizKids announced the “Con In Your Store” program that will provide the opportunity for prizes and other exclusives you would normally find at a convention…at your local game store.

As its name implies, Con In Your Store brings the convention experience (except the long lines perhaps ; ) to participating friendly local game and comic shops by offering both desirable participation and competitive prizes as well as for-sale exclusives. There are three levels by which stores can participate in the Con In Your Store program, each with more content than the last, allowing stores to scale the in-store convention experience to the size they want.

con in your store

This particular Con In Your Store program is an Alliance Games Distributor-exclusive program wherein stores purchase a quantity of designated product at different tiers and then receive, at no additional cost, their Con In Your Store kit(s), each containing a number of participation and competitive prizes, and for-sale exclusives. 

Stores must be registered with the WizKids Event System (WES) and program kits will be available for the game store to procure. Here is an idea what you can expect in these kits:

DC HeroClix: White Lantern chase figures (Superman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, Ice, the Flash, Bart Allen, Superboy, Donna Troy, and/or Animal Man)
DC HeroClix: Wonder Woman convention exclusive figures
Marvel HeroClix: Horsemen of Apocalypse convention exclusive figures (War, Famine, and/or Pestilence)
Marvel HeroClix: Moonstone convention exclusive figure
KA2 HeroClix: Colonel Stars & Stripes chase figure

“Big” Kits are available based on the local game store’s WizKids product order.  If that order is $250 or more, then the “Big” Kits are obtainable and come with:

Marvel HeroClix: Shuma Gorath exclusive colossal figure
DC HeroClix: Trinity of Sin exclusive team base
Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends exclusive team base
Marvel HeroClix: Captain America Sentinel exclusive colossal figure