Mighty Boards

Vengeance: Director’s Cut is an expansion to 2017’s Vengeance, a game in which the players are downtrodden heroes seeking to get revenge against those who have wronged them. In Vengeance: Director’s Cut, the players are movie directors, shooting a film about the heroes attempts to confront their nemeses – in fact, the expansion is billing itself as “A revenge movie in a box.”

In the Vengeance: Director’s Cut expansion, a new gang is introduced as well as a new hero. The expansion also introduces Hero Perks and Story Missions, which are specific to each hero and add more narrative to the base game.

Through the currently running Kickstarter campaign, which has funded, those interested can get the base game as well as the expansion. For further information, be sure and check out the Vengeance Kickstarter campaign here. The campaign only has about a week to go!

Posthuman Saga is a competitive, adventure board game currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. In a post-apocalyptic setting, 2-4 players play as one of the last, human survivors in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet itself. If that’s not enough, the survivors also need to contest against humanity’s mutant offspring. The game is published by Mighty Boards and designed by Gordon Calleja (also know for Vengeance) with art by Mark Casha, and Arjuna Susini.

“In Posthuman Saga you’ll be venturing into a weird and wonderful world where unknown threats await at every turn of the road. You’ll need to forage for food, ammo and weapons if you want to survive. You’ll desperately fight off human and mutant enemies in brutal brawls in which your weapons break and your wounds can lead to mutation. You’ll meet a cast of strange and memorable characters and find yourself in unexpected situations during story encounters, which force you to make choices that might have consequences down the line. But don’t linger long – you need to complete your mission before others do! Your reputation is at stake!” [source]

Players start in the Fortress, the last human bastion in a region filled with mutants, and are sent out into the wilderness to gather supplies for the ever growing number of mouths to feed at the Fortress. Posthuman Saga has stories that blend the grit of post-apocalyptic survival with the quirks of human nature. The game includes modular map tiles and a variety of decks which creates a sandbox experience. Each hero has their own starting items and development cards and can be customized to suit a variety of play styles.

The Posthuman Saga: Resistance expansion continues the overarching story of the base game and takes players deeper into the wilds to track down Mutant Slave Trains transporting enslaved humans. Several new mechanisms and additional content are also added.

If you’re interested in the original Posthuman board game it will also be made available for purchase as part of this campaign via the Pledge Manager.

The Explorer, base pledge, of $59 (excluding shipping) secures you the base game, while the Mutant Explorer pledge of $89 includes the base game and expansion. The Kickstarter project is already fully funded and will end Friday, June 13th 2018.