Jolly Roger Games has introduced two new games, 13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis and Road Hog.

13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis  is a card-driven micro-game in which players will take on the role of either President Kennedy or Khrushchev, and will be striving to exit the Cuban Missile Crisis as the most as the most powerful superpower.  Players will be using five Strategy cards to place Influence cubes on battlegrounds to score majorities and manipulate battlegrounds on an ever-changing map.

Formerly known as TurnpikeRoad Hog is a game by Randall Hoyt that “captures the rolling shark tank that is our modern highway system where complete strangers shamelessly compete with each other in a race.”  Players will be striving to be the first player to drive their cars from the beginning to the end of the highway.

Both of these games have a street date of February 28, 2017.

Button Shy Games has taken it upon themselves to be your monthly pocket game supplier, both from Kickstarter and from their monthly micro game subscription service.  So in the new year they are already poised to launch the Kickstarter campaign for their first three games, Avignon: Pilgrimage, Turbo Drift, and Find Your Seats.

Avignon: Pilgrimage is a stand alone expansion for the original game, Avignon: A Clash of Popes, and is a tug of war style game where you are trying to bring three people into your congregation.  This version of the game will contain all new characters with new abilities, and there will be enough included to play the game without the base set.  Gameplay itself is easy, pick a card to activate and follow it’s actions either pushing cards away from you are pulling them in, first to have three cards on their side is the winner.

Turbo Drift is a racing game where you will be drafting cards from a display in order to build your track to victory!  Playing the game is easy as you pick up cards in order to build your track, moving along as you play them in order to reach the goal.  But you and the other players have a special ability, you can ‘Go Turbo!’, and zoom down all the cards instead of just a few at a time, the down side is that you can crash if you do this at the wrong time.  First one across the finish line is the winner!

Last is Find Your Seats, a set collection type game where you are trying to draft the best hand of guests for you to sit next to.  Not much else is said about it but I imagine the cards all play off each other so while some guests together will get positive points, having others nearby my cancel that out or go negative.  Draft the best hand to win the round, win the most rounds to win the game.


Button Shy Games continues to expand their micro game library with another entry, this time a 4X game called Universal Rule.  In this game there are 17 planet cards, you will use these cards in several ways to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate.  Exploring is easy and just involves you drawing a card from the deck, to expand you just play a planet from your hand, paying the cost of the planet in credits.  Exploit has you collecting the income from each of your planets, and exterminate has you using planets you have played down and in your hand to attack other players.  While this sounds easy, there are some wrinkles in doing these actions that make this game unique.  First is that you can follow any player’s action, but the cost for following that action is set by the active player, meaning the cost will vary from turn to turn.  Another interesting aspect is that everyone is involved when an attack happens, where other players not involved can play planet cards as fleet assistance on either the attacker or defender.  Then once all the dust settlers, they will reap rewards/penalties based on who they sided with and who was the victor.  First person to a set number of VPs is the winner.

The game looks good, and the multi-use cards are a great touch to the game, allowing for a small set of cards to be used lots of different ways.  As usual there are some upgrade packs you can get which will include trackers for credits and even alien cards that will inhabit certain planets.  Even if you get both upgrades, the price for this game is still only $16, a steal for a game promising 30-45 minutes of fun for 3-5 players.  Head over to the campaign page to pledge for your own copy.


Scratch off games are most notably associated with the lottery, buy a ticket and hope you scratch off the combination you need to win lots of money.  But what about creating hobby games out of them?  I can’t think of any who have tried, and so Notre Game is throwing their hat into the ring with two new games.

First is Planet Surprise, a game where you and your opponents are exploring a galaxy, trying to find the most valuable planets.  You will have ten actions throughout the game, but there are 16 planets so you will have to pick and choose which ones you land on.  So for an action you can scratch off a planet to see what you find, or you can direct your opponent to scratch off a planet.  How this can help you is that you will both be exploring the same galaxy, so if you have them scratch off a zero value planet, now you know where not to go.  At the end whoever has the most points is the winner.  This game was launched at Essen so look for it soon.

The other game uses the scratch off trick in a less direct way, and that game is Scratch Wars.  In this game it serves to obscure what card it is you are getting in the pack, you either pick a hero card or a weapon card and scratch away.  The stats on each hero and weapon are going to be truly unique, meaning that the cards you get won’t be duplicated.  From there you can equip your hero cards with weapons and battle it out with other heroes using a unique rod spinning mechanism.  Last one standing wins, look for this game to come out in 2017.

Button Shy Games has been making the wallet series of games for a while now and have entries like Movie Plotz, Pod-X, and Pickpockets.  Now the latest game in the series, Pentaquark, is the first solo game of the bunch, meant for quick plays on the go.  In Pentaquark you are trying to assemble a set of five quarks with 2 up quarks, 1 down, 1 charm, and 1 anti-charm.  You will do this by moving the cards through the collider and trying to confine them to be able to hold onto them for use later.  But be careful, if anti-quarks exist next to it’s normal counterpart, they can annihilate each other, and if too many quarks are annihilated you lose the game.

You can check out the campaign here, which ends in under a week, and get the game for a low pledge of only $9.  Also of interest is that Button Shy has started a new monthly game subscription service called Board Game of the Month Club.  It promises to have “unreleased microgames, promo cards, a newsletter with interviews and game-related comics, and big Kickstarter discounts” each month.  You can head over to Button Shy Games’ Patreon page to find out more about it.

eight epics

AEG is not slacking off as the year comes to a close with several new game releases and a few more expansions.  The first game on the list, coming in October, is the game Eight Epics.  Eight Epics is a cooperative dice game from Seiji Kanai, designer of the popular micro game Love Letter, and has you and up to 7 other players trying to save the world.  There are eight different obstacles that must be overcome and you will use red and black dice to play the game.  Red dice will activate heroes to help you in the game, black dice are what you use to defeat the enemies.  Each enemy has a value you must reach based on the number of dice you roll, so luck will have to be on your side in order to win.

treasure lair

The next game being released is called Treasure Lair, and it’s all about the money in this game.  In Treasure Lair you are forming your party to go adventuring to find the greatest treasure you can, but there in lies the issue.  Each cache of treasure has different requirements in order to get them such as strength, or stealth, or even wilderness lore.  So you will have to carefully craft your team in order to get the most treasure possible and be crowned the winner.  This game will be released in November of 2016.

royal decree

Next is an expansion to a popular dice game called Dice City: By Royal Decree.  This expansion to the game will add a new trade board with dice for that board, new locations, and a new type of card called Queen’s Plans.  From the sound of it the Queen’s Plans cards may work similar to the boat cards, but we will find out more as the release date gets closer.  Look for this expansion to hit stores in November of 2016.

letters seals

Last is an expansion to another popular game and that is Istanbul: Letters and Seals.  This expansion adds more tiles to the game for even more variety, but also adds a couple new mechanics.  The first is an added postal system which gives you the ability to deliver letters to shops to get points.  Another mechanic being added is the auction mechanic, where now there are places, like the auction house, where you bid to buy more bonus cards.  Last is the addition of a companion to your group, but what makes him different than your regular discs is that he can move and act independently from the rest of your pieces.  These new additions will bring more strategy and variety into an already excellent game.  Look for this also to hit store shelves in November of 2016.

rock paper wizard

WizKids, in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, have announced a new Rock Paper Scissor type game called Rock Paper Wizard.  In this game you have a bunch of cards depicting different spells from the iconic Dungeons and Dragons game.  In addition to the name and effect, there is also a hand gesture for each spell which is what you have to make with your own hands and then point them at your intended target.  The effects of these spells vary from moving your opponents, moving yourself, stealing from them or taking from a hoard of gold.  The object of the game is to take 25 pieces of said gold before any other wizard can, thus making you the winner.

Honestly I am not sure if we needed a more complicated version of Rock Paper Scissors, but with the addition of DnD spells, a board, and end goal beyond just wining the current game, it could work.  The game plays up to 6 people and will hit store shelves in January of next year, you can read the press release below for more information.

WizKids Announces its New Spell-Casting Game System: ROCK PAPER WIZARD and Taps Dungeons & Dragons® for the Debut Edition

Hillside, NJ — WizKids announced Rock Paper Wizard today, a fast paced, high energy card game that combines strategy, luck and a wee bit of hand coordination! The Dungeons & Dragons edition of Rock Paper Wizard gathers some of the most iconic spells from Wizards of the Coast’s popular fantasy roleplaying game for a spell casting challenge. The game will be available at your local game store for $19.99 in January 2017.

“We are proud to kick off our new spell-casting game system Rock Paper Wizard, a rollicking fun game of casting spells using hand gestures,” says Zev Shlasinger, Director of Board Games at WizKids. “We couldn’t be more excited about this debut and our partnership with our friends at Wizards of the Coast. Stay tuned for some really amazing games!”

Rock Paper Wizard is a fast-paced card game for 3 to 6 players who must try to outwit their opponents in an epic race for loot!

Choose your wizard’s spell and cast some magic by repeating one of the hand gestures found on the cards in front of you. Everyone says “Rock, Paper, Wizard” aloud, and upon saying “Wizard”, forms a hand gesture and points it towards a target. Each card describes the spell’s effect, which can push opponents towards the exit, advance themselves towards the hoard, or manipulate the coins wizards must collect to win.

The first player to collect 25 gold pieces wins a game of Rock Paper Wizard but it’s such a frenetic experience that you’ll want to jump right in and play again!

For additional information and images, please visit: http://wizkids.com/

love letter premium

Amazingly, this is not an announcement for another retheme of this versatile micro game, instead it’s for an upgraded version.  AEG has announced Love Letter Premium, an edition of Love Letter that has been given the royal treatment so to speak.

The cards have been up-sized to tarot size, sleeves for the cards are included, a fancy magnetic closure style box, and it includes an extension to expand it to 8 players.  It also comes with small heart tokens instead of regular cubes to make the upgrade complete.

The game is currently up for pre-order with a quarter 4 release date, you can read more about the upgraded version and see previews of the cards on the AEG website.

Passport Game Studios will release three new games in August.


From the designers of Sheriff of Nottingham and Warehouse 51 comes Quartz, a push your luck Dwarven mining game. Players each play as a Dwarf in a group of friends that find a new mine filled with crystals. After making a wager, you each have five days to mine and sell crystals. The dwarf who is able to navigate the risks of the mine, whatever challenges the other dwarves throw in, and make the most profit will be the owner of the mine.


In another push your luck game coming soon heroes must adventure to the dragon’s castle to recover the Golden Sacred Cheese. The kingdom is counting on a hero to step forward and return the symbol of prosperity and unity. In Mythe players draw cards from other players’ hands until they either decide to stop and move forward, or draw an obstacle which must be dealt with, delaying the hero for that turn.

3 wishes

When you and your friends are granted wishes from Genie, your wish doesn’t always go as planned. This is true in 3 wishes an 18 card micro-game. Players use memory, bluffing, and luck to end the game with set of three wishes. But be careful, if you end up wishing for time travel, you’ll end up in a paradox and lose the game.


movie plotz

Movie Plotz was on Kickstarter two years ago and is a 12 card movie selling type micro game where you pull a card or two and then come up with a movie plot based on those requirements.  Some of the things that can be forced into the movie are a twist ending, giving a character a fatal flaw, making the setting more specific and so on.  In this lightning fast Kickstarter, Button Shy aims to reprint the sold out game as well as add in a sequel to the game called MOVIE PLOTZ: THE STANDALONE SEQUEL and a micro game to play after the main game called MOVIE PLOTZ: BONUS FEATURES.  The sequel game plays just like the original but will feature 12 new cards to use in the game, and the bonus features game has behind the scenes type extras that you have to come up with to go with the movie you created in the main game.  Also of note is that Button Shy Games continues to expand the Movie Plotz game through their Patreon, so even if you don’t back them on the Kickstarter, for supporting them on Patreon you will receive a new card every month to expand the game.

If these sounds interesting you you or if you want to back for some of the other games in the wallet series of games, then head on over to the Kickstarter before it ends on June 18th.