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This updated version of The Ancient World, features new cover art, updated components new and revised titans and even expanded gameplay.

The following design features take the game to a gorgeous new deluxe level:

  • Numbered, limited-edition boxes
  • “Ryan Laukat’s “signature” printed in metallic ink
  • Larger, double-sided player boards
  • Updated game board, district and empire cards
  • Metal coins!

“In an ancient world forgotten by time, enormous titans terrorize the land. Five tribes have been fleeing from the titans for centuries, but things are about to change. Growing city-states pledge to end the reign of terror, determined to take on the titans and make the world a safer place for all. Each city-state competes to attract the tribes, eager for the strength of the combined peoples, with the hope that the titans can be defeated once and for all.”

The Ancient World mixes card drafting, set collection and worker placement mechanism as players compete to grow the largest and most influential city-states, measured by owned tribe banners. Players take turns sending citizens to take special actions or using military cards to attack titans. Banners are collected via empire cards as well as by defeating titans. Victory points are gained for sets of tribe banners and after six rounds, the player with the most VPs wins.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until September 8th. The game is expected to ship in June 2019. Backers can choose between two pledge levels. If you own the original game, you can make due with just an upgrade pack (and perhaps some sweet metal coins). Players new to the game can go all in for the entire 2nd edition pledge.

The Dice Tower reviewed the original version of The Ancient World and you can see what Sam and Tom said here.

Gentres, designed by Stephen Risthaus, is being Kickstarted now by Tasty Minstrel Games and will be getting the Deluxified™ treatment.

Gentres is a civilization game for 2-4 players and will last around 90 minutes.  In this game, players take the role of an ancient people who are attempting to develop their society by building monuments and colonizing or founding new cities in the Mediterranean sea.

The game lasts 6 rounds with each round consisting of two phases.  During the Heyday phase, players will carry out their actions using two precious commodities (coins and time).  The more you spread out the time tokens, the fewer actions you can perform.  However if you combine time tokens, you can carry out more actions this round but fewer next round. Once all players pass, the Decline phase begins which is where clean-up and setup for the next round takes place.

Tasty Minstrel Games has listed the following upgrades to Gentes for the Deluxified™ treatment over the retail edition:  A Foil-Stamped box, Box Sleeve, 6 Oversized Silkscreened Meeples, 24 Normal-sized Silkscreened Meeples, 89 Metal Coins, 28 Stickered Wood Action Tokens, 20 Silk Silkscreened Lock Tokens, 60 Silkscreened Wood Hourglass Tokens, 4 Dual-layered Player Boards, and 4 Custom-shaped Score Tokens.

The Gentes campaign is running until February 17, 2018 and has already met the minimum level for funding.  A pledge of $45 will get you the Standard edition while a pledge of $59 will get you the Deluxified™ English Edition.  A pledge of $60 will get you the Deluxified™ Edition in either Dutch, French, German, Italian, or Polish.  Please check out the campaign page for more details on shipping costs.

Geek & Sundry have just partnered with Campaign Coins to create a series of gaming metal coins based on the popular TableTop board game show. King of the Castle Games Company signed a licensing agreement with Geek & Sundry to release the coins. Now Tom can finally replace all the paper money he loathes with some quality metal coins!

Mark Morrison of Campaign Coins discussed the coins as being the next level of components for the celebrities that frequent Will Wheaton’s TableTop show:

On TableTop, Wil and his friends show what is so wonderful about board gaming: getting together and having fun. Adding metal coins to the mix adds an extra level of immersion. It’s the way they clink!

Wil Wheaton offered plenty of praise for the design that designer Daniel Solis came up with for the coins:

Daniel is such a wonderful designer, and Campaign Coins are so beautifully crafted. I’m just thrilled to have them coming together to make something special for TableTop fans.

Daniel Solis designed the coins, so they can almost be guaranteed to have long-lasting appeal. Solis and his wife are the founders of the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge. The challenge was a $1,000 competition to create a game that could be enjoyed for the next 1,000 years, encouraging designers to think about eh sustainability and universality of games, designing for longevity. Solis has done graphic design and layout for a variety of both board and role playing games.

The final designs Solis created for the coins are very much in keeping with his preference for classic design, featuring timeless motifs, styles and shapes intended to be suitable for any board game regardless of the genre. The coins are clearly marked in dominations with a different size for each demonization, and are produced in a flat design for easy stacking.

Imprinted with standard tabletop game images, the dominations of the antique finished coins are marked and minted as:

  • copper 1 coin with imprinted with a meeple
  • silver 5 coin imprinted with a hand of cards
  • bronze 20 coin imprinted with a D20
  • gold 100 coin imprinted with a table and board game

The back side of each coin includes the TableTop logo.

The coins are available now. Keep an eye out on the current season of TableTop, with new episodes being released now through June 7 2017, for coins to make possible appearances.


Legacy games have become all the rage lately with games like Risk Legacy starting the trend and Pandemic Legacy bringing it notoriety. Now we have the first game built by Rob Daviau as a legacy game from the ground up, Seafall.

In Seafall you will be taking on the role of ship’s captain as you set out in the open seas to explore the coastal islands, discover lost civilizations, or just sail until the sea falls off the end of the world.  The exploration aspect is quite apparent when you look at the board because a majority of it is blank, and there are also status affects that will change things like breaking your sail until you can get it repaired, and abilities associated with different characters making it a true legacy experience.


The game will be released soon after Gencon with a few copies being available at the convention, you can pre-order the game now at the Plaid Hat site, and if you pre-order through them you also get for free metal coins to upgrade your game.  Also, starting on May 17th, they will be releasing designer blogs written by Rob Daviau that will go into more detail on the mechanics of the game, until then you will just have to satisfy yourself with the launch video.

Over on the German kickstarter type site Spieleschmiede, a campaign is going for Epic coins to help pimp out your board games.  These are full metal coins with several different designs and sets that you can contribute for.  One set is clearly meant to replace the coins in Lords of Waterdeep but they also have a more generic set with animals on them.  While the sets you can pledge for are small with only 5 coins of each type, they have plenty of add-ons so you can customize your set to suit your needs.  But keep in mind that since this is in Germany you will have to take into account the extra shipping cost to get it sent to the US (13 euro).  Head on over to the campaign page to see more information and to back the project, which is already funded.

rare elements

Enhance your board game, tabletop RPG or LARP with realistic fantasy currency, die struck in America’s oldest private mint. Rare Elements is a realistic fantasy currency system inspired by classic pen and paper RPGs. The coins are designed and minted by a team of passionate geeks in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a division of Osborne Coinage. The Alignment currency features unique art in nine denominations that can be used with a variety of tabletop RPGs and board games. Each coin is handcrafted from only the purest metal in a small family owned facility.

rare elements 2

The closing date on Kickstarter is May 25, 2014, the current pledged amount is $22,114 and the funding goal for the project is $25,000.  Pledge $35 for a Collectors Set (6 coins), domestic shipping included. The estimated delivery date is July 2014.