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Have you been to all the national parks in the USA? Now you can learn all about them in the comfort of your home! Trekking The National Parks Second Edition is all about bringing the great outdoors to you. Collect Park Cards and Trail Stones as you travel across America visiting these beautiful places. The game offers multiple different setup options that increase replayability exponentially. Trekking The National Parks is a Mensa Select award winner and a great family game. This would be a great geography addition if you Gameschool! Play the game and then maybe visit a park or two!
Trekking The National Parks Second Edition is available through Underdog Games and can be pre-ordered now. The launch date is mid-September 2018

Azul has become a beloved boardgame the world over selling more than 320,000 games worldwide! Azul has been translated into 25 different languages and has become and international sensation since its release in 2017. Azul has been nominated for the Spiel des Jahres Award, Origins and our very own Dice Tower Award, is the 2018 As d’Or Game Of The Year and is a Mensa Select winner!

Next Move Games is honored by Azul’s warm reception – “Thank you to all of our fans for allowing us the privilege in sharing this wonderful game with you.”

Renegade Games has announced a stand alone Clank! game set not that far from the world of the original. Clank! In! Space!, designed by Paul Dennen, takes the anxiety inducing work trying not to make noise to a whole new challenging setting – an alien starship.

The evil Lord Eradikus has all but conquered the galaxy, and is now on a victory lap across the sector in his flagship, Eradikus Prime. He may rule with an iron grip, but his most prized artifacts are about to slip through his cyborg claws. You and your fellow thieves have challenged each other to sneak aboard his ship, hack your way into its command module, and steal from him.

Along the way, you’ll recruit allies and snatch up extra loot. But one false step and—Clank! Careless noise draws the attention of Lord Eradikus. Hacking into his command module and stealing his artifacts increases his rage. You’d better hope your friends are louder than you are if you want to make it to an escape pod and get out alive…

The original Clank! game was released at GenCon 2016 just one year ago. Attendees at GenCon 2017 were able to demo Clank! In! Space! and purchase the game ahead of it’s anticipated October wide release.

Clank! In! Space! will be a stand-alone game for 2-4 player with a suggested age of 13+. Explorers will need approximately 60 minutes to quietly search the galaxy for treasures and escape.

Contents will include:

  • 7 Game Board Pieces
  • 43 Reserve Cards
    • 15 FAZR
    • 15 Boldly Go
    • 12 Memory Core
    • 1 GØB-L1N
  • 4 Starting Decks (10 cards each)
  • 100 Adventure Deck Cards
  • 6 Artifacts
  • 11 Major Secrets
  • 28 Minor Secrets
  • 120 Clank Cubes (30 of each player color)
  • 1 Boss Marker
  • 24 Boss Cubes
  • 4 Bounty Hunter Cubes
  • 8 Market Items
    • 2 Master Key
    • 2 TelePass
    • 2 Med Kit
    • 2 Contraband
  • 1 Market Board
  • 1 Blockade Token
  • 4 Command Code Tokens
  • 5 Power Crystals
  • 8 Data Cubes (2 of each player color)
  • 4 Unique Player Pawns
  • 1 Boss Bag
  • 1 Rulebook

(the Original) Clank!

The Clank! base game had players attempting to sneak into an angry dragon’s mountain lair to steal artifacts using push-your-luck and deck-building mechanics. The deeper the delve the more valuable loot, but the more likely players would be to create noise which would attract the attention of the dragon. Acquire cards for your deck and watch your thievish abilities grow. Noisy players can get eliminated, and you only enjoy your treasures if you make it out of the depths alive! Released October 2016, less than a year ago, Clank! was immediately expanded with Clank! Sunken Treasures which took players underwater with a similar theme and mechanics.

The Dice Tower top 10 list has featured Clank twice already:

  • The Top 10 deck/pool building list featured Clank! with Tom ranking it 6th and The People ranking it 4th
  • The Best of 10 2016 list had Erik ranking Clank! 6th

Since 2015 a big box expansion has come out for Dominion every year and it appears that 2017 will be no different as Dominion: Nocturne has been announced with an anticipated October 2017 release date. Designer Donald X Vaccarino, artist Garret DeChellis and Rio Grande Games have begun exploring the darker side of the Dominion universe for the 11th expansion:

You’ve always been a night person; lately you’ve even considered becoming a vampire. There are a lot of advantages: you don’t age; you don’t have to see yourself in mirrors anymore; if someone asks you to do something, you can just turn into a bat, and then say, sorry, I’m a bat. There are probably some downsides though. You always think of the statue in the town square, that came to life, and now works as the tavern barmaid. The pedestal came to life too, so she has to hop around. The village blacksmith turns into a wolf whenever there’s a full moon; when there’s a crescent moon, he turns into a chihuahua. That’s how this stuff goes sometimes. Still, when you breathe in the night air, you feel ready for anything.

The next expansion is a big box expansion and includes:

  • 500 cards
  • 33 new Kingdom Cards
  • Night cards, which are played after the Buy phase
  • Heirlooms that replace starting Coppers
  • Fate and Doom cards that give out Boons and Hexes

The game is also listed as including a variety of additional cards that “other cards can provide.”

The game is currently scheduled for a mid-October release date.

The Last Expansion… Again

Dominion: Guilds was the 8th expansion, released in 2013, and was the final planned expansion at the time according to designer Vaccarino. Two years later the Dominion machine started working again with yearly expansions. Since then we have seen big box expansions Dominion: Adventures in 2015 and Dominion: Empires in 2016. New editions of the base game and Dominion: Intrigue were also released in 2016 alongside upgrade packs for the first edition of Dominion and the first edition of Dominion: Intrigue. Dominion: Nocturne will be the third box expansion for Dominion since the final planned expansion was released 4 years ago.

Award Winning Franchise

It’s not surprising that the world of Dominion continues to expand. The original Dominion spent 2008-2010 cleaning up major awards:

Though only Dominion: Prosperity has actually won the Golden Geek award for best board game expansion, all but one of the other 10 expansions have been nominated for the award. Safe betting odds in Las Vegas at this point are favorable at this point.

Dominion continues to make regular appearances on The Dice Tower’s Top Ten lists including:


mensa select

After 42 hours of nonstop board gaming through 63 different games, Mensa has announced their Mensa Select winners for 2016.  They are:

These are the second wins for Renegade Game Studios and Breaking Games who both secured wins last year with Lanterns and Letter Tycoon respectively.  The win by Bezier is it’s third with previous wins being for Castles of Mad King Ludwig in 2015 and Suburbia in 2013.  As for Columbia Games and Blue Orange games, these are their first wins for the Mensa Select award so hopefully this means good things for their futures.  You can see the article about the winners here, and visit the Mensa Mind Games site to see all the previous year’s winners.


Renegade Game Studios would like to announce that Pegasus Spiele, German board game publisher, is set to produce Mensa Select winner Lanterns: The Harvest Festival for the German market.  The German edition is on display this week at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg and is expected to release this March 2016.

For more information, see the official announcement here.

Mensa Mind Games each year evaluates dozens of games to determine which should earn the honor of being a Mensa Select game, and they have finished evaluating this year’s batch and announced the winners.  The five games that earned this distinction are:

Castles of Mad King Ludwig – Bezier Games, Inc

Dragonwood – Gamewright

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival – Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games

Letter Tycoon – Ad Magic/Breaking Games

Trekking the National Parks – Bink Ink, LLC

That is a second win by Bezier Games after winning in 2013 with Suburbia and Gamewright adds another to it’s list of winners with this year being their eighth win.  The announcement as well as a link to previous winners can be read HERE.