Bezier Games is releasing Cabo with all new artwork.  Cabo is a hand management and memory card game designed by Melissa Limes and Mandy Henning.  Players are dealt four cards face down and only get to see the values of two of them.  The goal of the game is to have the lowest value of cards in your hand.  Players takes turns trying to lower the total value of their cards by swapping out their cards for cards from the deck or discard pile.  Some action cards allow player to peek at their own cards, spy on another player’s card, or swap cards with another player.  The Bezier Games edition include new artwork while keeping to the same whimsical style of the original version.  Cabo is available for pre-order now and is expected to be released in March 2019.

Embark on an adventure in a land where dinosaurs and humans live together, guide lost dinos safely to their farm, and create a remarkable story to tell.

Jason Heath, Game on 23rd founder and the author of Unstable, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm. Inside the box, you will find four educational games full of cute dinosaurs that, while aiming to improve memory and develop imagination, expose children to the world of prehistoric creatures.

Apart from a memory game that asks brave adventurers to find all the different dinos, the package includes Dino Match during which players pair dinos together, two puzzles that invite children to explore Dino Farm and its surroundings, and, finally, a storytelling game inviting everyone to be creative (or just plain silly) in order to illustrate what happens to the dinos.

Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm is scheduled to arrive to backers in July. The basic pledge includes 9 board tiles, 9 story cards, 4 character cards, and 24 dino cards. Among the additional pledge rewards is also an expansion package that contains more dinos and story cards. If you are interested, you can find more information on the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.


princess goblin layout

The Princess and The Goblin is a children’s novel from 1872 written by George MacDonald about Princess Irene and her adventure into the goblin kingdom to stop their invasion of the human world.  While she is exploring the cave she comes across Curdie, a young miner who has been searching for clues to the goblin’s plans.  Now together they need to escape and get back to the kingdom in time to warn them, and this is where the game of The Princess and the Goblin picks up.  In the game you have a stack of tiles that has been randomized and this is your draw pile, around that pile are 4 tiles face down that start the play area.  On your turn you will look at the top tile and place it out face down, then you get to look at the adjacent tiles to see what they are before putting them back face down.  At this point you can place down some tokens you have in order to help you remember which tile is which and will give you bonus points in the end.  The crux of the game is that you are trying to build a path leading from the goblin cave back to the castle.  The difficult part comes in the memory and because each edge of the tile has a symbol you must match in order for the path to be valid.  Once you finish a path you are done for the round and count up your points, and once everyone has escaped or there are no more home tiles to escape to, whoever has the most points is the winner.

This game looks stellar with some art I can definitely get behind, and the gameplay is simple so you can play with your family, which is what the creator is hoping for.  If this game sounds like something you would like then head on over to the campaign page to pledge today.

ty friends
Tactic Games, Inc., an international board games developer in Europe, the U.S., and Canada, has announced the launch of a bunch of new children’s games based on Ty® Beanie Boos™, the popular, cute plushies with huge eyes. There is already a Beanie Boos Friends game, which is a searching and memory game that teaches children about colors, shapes, and numbers (see the Dice Tower Review here). Three more games are coming out in the near future: Beanie Boos™ Kimble, Beanie Boos™ Party, and Beanie Boos™ Coconut, as well as classic games with the Beanie Boos™ theme.
To learn more, read the full press release below.

Grantsville, MD – (April 27, 2016) – Be on the lOOk out for more Ty® Beanie Boos™ games as Tactic Games, Inc. today announced the launch of several new games to its licensed line from Ty, Inc.

The new products from Tactic Games are additions to its preschool and children’s games category that feature the adorably cute Ty® Beanie Boos™ branded character property.
Jay Knox, President of Tactic Games, said, “Ty is the number one plush company in the world and the Beanie Boos™ have been the perfect property to bring engaging interest and a refreshing new look to children’s games. Our initial Beanie Boos Friends game has led the way to a very successful line of products. With Ty, Tactic is now able to develop even more fun, educational games featuring the Beanie Boos™ characters.”The new line-up of games includes:

  • Beanie Boos™ Kimble, a classic chase game with pawns and bubble-pop dice mechanic;
  • Beanie Boos™ Party, where players have to draw, act and guess at characters on headbands;
  • Beanie Boos™ Coconut game, a concentration-memory game with half-shell coconut shapes hiding the character matches;
  • and classic games with a Beanie Boos™ theme such as Go Fish, Dominoes and playing cards.

The new games are a follow-up to Tactic’s breakout hit, Beanie Boos™ Friends Game (MSRP $11.99, for 2-6 players, ages 4–8), a fun game that sharpens memory and practices shapes and colors recognition skills.

The new Tactic Games Ty® Beanie Boos™ games are set to follow the top recommendations and endorsements for the Beanie Boos™ Friends Game, which was honored with the Dr. Toy Best Products Award, National Parenting Publications of America (NAPPA) Award and Santa’s Choice Awards

About Ty, Inc: Ty Inc. is the largest manufacturer of plush in the world. Peek-a-Boo’s are the latest innovation from Ty, allowing you to use your phones hands-free and eliminate “tech neck”.

 About Tactic Games: Tactic Group® is an international and fast growing developer and marketer of board games in Europe, now launching in the U.S. and Canada.  For the past 49 years, the Finnish board game company has provided consumers with innovative, high-quality products that have been warmly received by the public, including award-winning Mölkky® and iKNOW®.  Their mission is to produce entertaining games that offer moments of genuine delight and entertainment to family and friends the world over.

push monster pieces

Queen Games is running a lightning fast kickstarter for two new games in their Queen Kids line.  The first is called Push-a-Monster, a dexterity type game which has you trying to fit as many of your monsters on a raised 3D board, while having other players push monsters off so you can score tiles.  Play works by first rolling a die to see which monster you have to add, then using two monster pushers you then push your monster onto the board.  Make sure the entire monster is on the board and then if none have fallen off, play continues to the next person.  The board will get crowded quick and so you will push other monsters off eventually, and when you do, everyone else scores a tile of that monster.  In the end the winner is determined by lining up all your tiles and whoever makes the longest line wins.  Plays 2-4, ages 5 and up.

chef alfredo

The second game is Chef Alfredo, which is a memory type game where you are trying to put the right ingredients into the right pot.  The game comes with 4 big plastic pots where during setup you will place a recipe disc in the bottom of the pot that corresponds to an ingredient.  On your turn you roll a die and place the shown ingredient into the correct pot, you then get to check if you were right or not so try to keep a straight face.  Other players can call you out if they think you are wrong, and whoever is right will get a tile.  Sounds too simple right?  Well if Chef Alfredo is rolled, two pots swap positions making the memory aspect a bit more difficult.  Once the last ingredient tile is gone the player with the most tiles wins.  Plays 2-4, ages 5 and up as well.

For more information and to pledge to the campaign you can go here, but be quick, the campaign ends on April 8th.


In February, IELLO is publishing a children’s, dice rolling, pattern recognition game of farm animal fun.

The animals have escaped from the farm! You need to bring them back before they get into trouble and you want to do so faster than your opponents so that you can save more than they can!

In the fast-catching game Fun Farm, players compete to spot and catch the animal shown on the cards before all their opponents. Each round, the active player reveals the top card from the deck, placing it next to any others still on the table. Each card depicts an animal, a black die (showing one color on this die), and a white die (showing one color on this die). The player then rolls the black die and the white die. If a die depicted on a card matches the color rolled on that die, players race to grab the animal toy from the table that matches the animal depicted on the card. Whoever does so first claims the card, and once the deck runs out, whoever has the most cards wins

Fun Farm is for two to ten players, ages six and up and plays in 15 minutes.