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cones of dunshire

What started as a joke on the NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation may soon be making it to your table. The Cones of Dunshire was a parody of modern board games and was originally designed to be as complicated as possible with such complex mechanisms as rolling dice to see how many dice you roll.

The game recently made an appearance at GenCon as Mayfair developed the concept into a full, playable game. Mayfair now plans to launch a Kickstarter to make the game available to the mass audience, both as a regular and deluxe edition.

To read more about the history of the Cones of Dunshire, visit


Mayfair games has announced dates for their latest game from the newly acquired Lookout Games.  Johari is a game of gem and jewelry trading.  Get ready to practice your best deceit.  Not only are you going to be doing gem trading you are also going to try pass off the occasional fake as the real deal with fortune coming to you if you succeed and punishments if you don’t.

Picture Found on BGG

Picture Found on BGG

For details on the game visit Mayfair Games Facebook post here.

Catan Collector's Edition coming this November

catan ancient egypt

If you have ever wished to test your settling prowess across the plains of ancient Egypt you will have your chance this coming November.
Mayfair Games has announced Catan Collector’s Edition – Ancient Egypt. You will be settling along the banks of the Nile as you build villages and great temples in honor of the Pharaohs. But watch out for that ever present robber. He will stop at nothing to interrupt your progress.

The sun of Catan rises over the hot desert sands of Ancient Egypt. Klaus Teuber has re-worked his masterpiece The Settlers of Catan™ for this unique collector’s edition.

For more information, feel free to ride your oxcart over to Mayfair Games

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Mayfair Games reports that they will have the following Designer Demos running this year at GenCon 2014.  You can find them in the Mayfair Booth (#117) in Hall J.


5-6pm – James Ernest – Lords of Vegas / Lords of Vegas UP!


1-2pm – James Ernest – Lords of Vegas / Lords of Vegas UP!
1-3pm – Kane Klenko – Mad City


10am – 2pm – Phil Chase – Theophrastus
1-3pm – Kane Klenko – Mad City
1-4pm – Nicholas Trahan – Villainy
3-4pm – James Ernest – Lords of Vegas / Lords of Vegas UP!

cones of dunshire

Mayfair Games will be hosting a charity event at Gen Con 2014.  This event (BGM1466786 for Gen Con attendees) is limited to 33 players, with tickets costing $100. Check-in for the event will start at 7 pm on Georgia St. (just outside the Indiana Convention Center, the home of Gen Con). 

You’ve seen it talked about on the hit NBC television show Parks and Recreation®, you’ve seen glimpses of the bizarre gameplay, but this is your first chance to see The Architect’s vision in all of its conical glory! Mayfair Games, Inc. is proud to team up with Gen Con LLC and Parks & Recreation to present The Cones of Dunshire™ game!

This charity event will take place Saturday, August 16 at Gen Con®, in Indianapolis IN. Only 33 tickets are available for this game, which will give you the opportunity to play as one of the two Wizards, the Arbiter, or one of the other new classes of character! (The Architect is always making changes, so there will be some surprises in gameplay!) Players will be grouped into teams of three, with special sub-classes ONLY used for this event! Participants will receive special gifts commemorating the event and their participation, and other surprises are in store! And the game will be played on an oversized carpet version of the board, so that players and spectators alike can experience the Cones in all of their majesty!

In addition, the role of The Ledgerman, the scorekeeper, will be auctioned off live at the event.

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Today, Mayfair Games announced that those very cool Limited Edition Promo Expansions will continue.  If you have pre-ordered or obtained new board game in the game’s release month, then you might have been on the receiving end of this nifty bonus.  Now, GTM and Mayfair have teamed up to include these promo expansions in the Game Trade Magazine.

Well, we are pleased to announce that we will be doing it again for the foreseeable future! In the months ahead, look to GTM to bring you promo-expansions for more than a dozen of our most popular titles. Gamer’s games like Asgard’s Chosen™, Lords of Vegas™, Steam™, Alchemist™, Global Mogul™, Urbania™ and Automobile™. But not just games for the dedicated gamer in your life. We will also be presenting new options for our classic family games such as Ablaze™, Downfall of Pompeii™, Road Rally USA™, Elk Fest™, Nuns on the Run™ and Bacchus’ Banquet™!

So look forward to the months ahead because now you will not only get the latest in gaming news and previews from GTM but your also going to get expansions for new and classic Mayfair Games covering our most popular titles along with brand new favorites that will become staples of your gaming shelf!


Villainy™ is a game about aspiring super villains competing to be the first to enact their evil plans and overcome Fantastiman™, that pesky superhero who watches over the city day and night. It is a fun card-driven character building game featuring a hilarious uncontrolled narrative that unfolds differently every time.

 As an aspiring super villain, you are trying to make your mark in the world. In Villainy™ you are trying to be the first villain to complete 3 plans beat Fantastiman™ (the pesky super-hero who watches over the city day and night). You must hire minions to aid you in your quest for world domination. You will have to do crimes and go to work as your alter ego to learn the skills necessary and the gain the cars requires to see your great plans through to their triumphant end.

Today is the day that Fantastiman will fall.

For 3 to 4 players and a play time of 90 minutes.


  • 168 cards
  • 4 Control Panels (1 per player)
  • 48 Control Dials (12 per player)
  • 48 Control Dial Bases (12 per player)
  • 4 Fight Markers(1 per player)
  • 35 Action Cubes (8 per player)
  • Cubes of Power aka: Dice (1 per player)
  • 48 Specialty Tokens (weapons, gadgets, skills, & more)
  • 6 Notoriety Tokens
  • 1 Help Wanted Token
  • 102 Villainous Name-builder tiles
  • 1 Rule Book (8 pages)


It’s the start of another day in the Shady Pines retirement home. Your abode is pleasant enough, but the home is not very exciting for someone like you. Why, back in the day, you were a mover and shaker… Or, at least you think you were. It’s hard to remember exactly…

The other inmates… sorry that’s residents… refer to you and the other more active seniors as the “Elders.” Today, the Elders are going on a field trip. After all it’s the 4th… or is it the Queen’s birthday… or … never mind. You’ve heard the staff talking, and it’s a nice day outside and you would really enjoy a walk along the beach and maybe a drink at a seaside cafe.

However, your bold plans have a few obstacles to overcome. The nurses, Doctor Tuur, and the rest of the staff have no intention of allowing unauthorized excursions. In addition, you cannot remember where the exit really is. Luckily, you have pieced together that the exits are on the ground floor, and that your room is on the floor above that.

So it’s custodial confrontation toe to toe with the Staff. Will you prevail and escape, or will you fail and remain safe and secure in the environs of the home.

Are you ready to Escape From Shady Pines?!?
Bedpans & Broomsticks: Escape from Shady Pines is designed by Frederic Moyersoen (Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan & Nuns on the Run) is for 2 to 5 players with a playtime of 60 minutes.


• 21 Room Tiles

• 50 Stuff Tiles

• 6 Staff Figures
• 4 Elder Displays
• 40+ Status Markers
• 3 dice
• 1 rules book



hot tin roof

It’s night and you, a clever cat living on rooftops high above the busy city, have a mission. Your lofty goal is simple: become the town’s “Top Cat.” Stealthily moving from roof to roof, stake out as many shelters as you can, connecting with your cat buddies and collecting tribute fish from your fellow felines. With fish you get valuable cans. Collect the most cans and you become Top Cat! To win, you’ve got to navigate the right paths, avoid the dangers of the city streets below, and dodge the fishy demands of your hungry rivals. Every game involves different paths to victory, so you better be nimble and quick, curious and catty… and oh so clever! After all, just being furry won’t make you the best cat on a hot tin roof.

• 1 board
• 16 cat pawns (2 shapes in 4 colors)
• 24 catwalks (6 each in 4 colors)
• 12 shelters (3 each in 4 colors)
• 65 fish
• 14 tin cans
• 52 cat path tiles
• rules