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cones of dunshire

Mayfair Games is making a second attempt at their first Kickstarter campaign relaunching “The Cones of Dunshire” on the popular crowd funding platform.  After having set a goal of $300,000 the first time they had the campaign up they obviously realized that the project was unlikely to fund.  Among the gaming community there was a fair bit of conjecture about whether Mayfair Games ever intended for the project to fund or if this was a stunt.  With the relaunch of the campaign at a more reasonable goal of $125,000 they seem to be sending the message that they really do want to make this game.  But it truly is a gamble on their part gauging demand for this product.

cones of dunshire 2

With a slated non-deluxe version of the product due to arrive if this campaign funds I will be interested to see how the game plays if this title is able to fund.  In addition to the lower goal they have also lowered the price for the deluxe version from $500 to $400.   with the game board being 33″ x 44″ wide along with cones ranging from 7-14″ tall this will truly be a hefty game that you should be prepared to see taking up a large portion of a game shelf.

For the full details on this campaign head over to its Kickstarter page here.

Cosmic Encounter Original Box

Cosmic Encounter is a board game that was originally published in 1977 by Eon games by designers Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Bill Norton, and Peter Olotka, and is still being produced (currently by Fantasy Flight Games). If one has spent any amount of time listening to The Dice Tower podcast, watching videos from The Dice Tower channel, or paying any attention to The Dice Tower at all, he would know how passionate The Dice Tower founder, Tom Vasal, is about Cosmic Encounter. Tom has placed this game at the highest spot of his top 100 games of all time, listed it as a top ten most influential game of all time, and even included a video of the top ten aliens of Cosmic Encounter. He’s a big fan. user, HaiKulture, recently posted an article entitled Foundation Gaming: Encountering the Cosmos, where she focuses mostly on the variable player power mechanic pioneered by Cosmic Encounter. Along with giving her observations of the game and its mechanics, HaiKulture interviews Bill Eberle and Peter Olotka. The interview gives great insight into the early stages of development, the designers’ mindset during creation, and their feelings about specific aliens.

Click here to read the full article.

catan brand logo arc gold 140724[5]mayfair games logoCatan day 2015 flat

Tuesday, announced the first ever Internation Catan Day to be held Friday, April 24th. Per the Facebook site, the event will be part of a wider Catan Con 2015 held April 24-26 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Converntion Center in Nashville, Tennessee and hosted by U.S. Catan publisher Mayfair Games.

The event will have all things Catan on display, a regular event schedule, and free open play.

Additional highlights per the event page include:

• Mammoth Carpet/Floor Games (Catan, Star Trek: Catan, Catan Junior, Pompeii, Hot Tin Roof and more)
• Giant Tabletop Games (Catan, Lords of Vegas, Shear Panic and more)
• Many of your favorite Catan games and even a few you probably haven’t seen in years including the original Catan Historical series, Settlers of Nuremburg, Das Buch and more.
• Be a part of a smaller version of “The Big Game” – a 100-player version of the world record setting Catan game.
• Play in the Catan National Championship Qualifier.
o 1st place winner will receive a trip to Gen Con 2015 (travel included, standard hotel room/double occupancy, and guaranteed seating into the semi-final on Sunday)
• The Train Gamers Association (TGA) will be joining us for a modified Puffing Billy game track and a Settlers of America Tournament.
o Winner of SOA tournament will receive a 4-day Gen Con badge & a TGA ribbon for Gen Con 2015
• Catan Teen Tournament (ages 12-17yrs)

For more info, check out’s announcement page, Mayfair Games’s info page and finally, the Facebook event.

extra extra

This March, Mayfair Games plans to publish a new worker placement game, Extra! Extra!, from up-and-coming designer (and artist!) Andrew Bond. In it players must assume the roles of rival newspaper publishers, attempting to beat each other to the scoop.

Per the press release:

Players place their reporters to claim stories, fit their stories into their paper’s layout, and get money from advertising or extra stories. Other reporters can bump yours if they have more money, so keeping a few dollars around will be helpful. Your newspaper has a specialty, so stories that match your readership will earn you more points. If you’re the first to press, you’ll score more points, but the best stories and the most complete newspaper will be the winner!

The game will be for 2-5 players and lasts 90-150 minutes for a solid evening of entertainment.

Read more about the game on the Board Game Geek entry, as more info is released. You can read the designer’s announcement here.

flea market

Flea Market, a game designed by Leo Colovini, and published by Mayfair Games, the publisher behind Catan, will be released late February 2015.

Flea Market is a dice game where players head down to the flea market to see what hidden treasures they can find. A players role is that of a buyer’s agent that is looking to buy popular items for cheap, and sell them for a profit. The first player to reach $45 wins the game. The game plays 3-5 players for ages 8+, and it plays in around 30 minutes.


  • Market board
  • 3 demand dice
  • 10 player dice (2 dice per player)
  • 5 player tiles
  • 1 active agent tile
  • 16 item tokens
  • 60 pieces of cash
  • 1 rule sheet


Kosmos and Mayfair Games the two powerhouse publishers behind The Settlers of Catan have rebranded and unified the look of ‘Catan’ internationally.

catan brand logo arc gold 140724[5]


Neither publisher has released what the new look will translate to for the numerous expansion sets and standalone variants.  But this should make the product stand out.  Though the responses seen on the Catan Facebook page seem to be very mixed.  Many respondents seemed unimpressed by such a simple piece of cover art.

For the full announcement head over to Mayfair’s site here.

catan packers

As a Minnesotan this hurts to say but I love the Green Bay Packers at the moment.  They have taken up playing the Settlers of Catan.  While I might bleed purple and gold the Packers truly have done something amazing in their evangelizing the gaming hobby to the public.

The team is as competitive off of the field as they are on.

The competitive nature of the Green Bay’s Catan tradition is now legendary in the locker room. Two weeks ago, Linsley won the game, but Bakhtiari, who typically hosts the games at his house, had briefly gone outside to cook a chicken for the group. He furiously protested Linsley’s victory because of this. “He put an asterisk by it. I didn’t,” Linsley said. Backup quarterback Scott Tolzien is famous for slamming the board in frustration when he loses.

Popularity amongst the team has grown to the point where they have to play with the 5-6 players expansion.  As the enthusiasm for the game spreads throughout the team new players are learning that everyone is so competitive that they might not mention rules until the newbie has violated the rule.

When tight end Justin Perillo mentioned the game on local radio their local game store ‘Gnome Games’ saw a large influx of customers wanting to buy copies of Settlers.  The owner of the store cited sales of that particular game doubling over expected resulting in a need to reorder copies in mid December.

It is clear that this article was written by a non-gamer.  Many of the statements made both mock the intelligence of the players and the gaming community.  Referring to a game like Risk as notoriously complex.  the length of the game does not necessarily correlate to complexity.  Additionally he describes this as something you could correlate to being like a fantasy version of Monopoly.

Full article available here.

cones of dunshire at gen conCones of Dunshire charity game at Gen Con 2014

What began as a joke on NBC’s Parks and Recreation TV show is now a reality. Mayfair Games, in partnership with Cone Hill Games, is looking for funding for a deluxe edition of Cones of Dunshire that takes component quality to whole new dimension.

“Everything about this version of the game is designed to be impressive. The multi-level board will be over ten square feet in size, featuring artwork by Jared Blando. There will be more cards than you can shake a handcrafted artisan stick at. There will be components galore, to punch and explore! Imagine yourself punching out five or perhaps six sheets of the finest die-cut chipboard.”

Like in the episode, the game is ludicrously complex with 17 different characters, three different powers per character, plastic gems, metal coins, four sets of dice in two configurations, 48 cones in four different colors, metal miniatures featuring custom bases, and more.

If you’re interested in getting in on this unique campaign, head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge your support. You may want to bring an extra credit card just in case.


Mayfair Games and their subsidiary Lookout Games have announced one of their newest games Patchwork will be coming to market soon.  It seems that many games with similar themes come out around each other.  In the same way that Rio Grande Games has released their game Quilt Show Mayfair is releasing their own game about making quilts Patchwork.  This looks like a fairly interesting game designed by acclaimed designer Uwe Rosenberg.  Because of its length even if the theme is not overly appealing to you it is not as if you are playing it for some unbearable amount of time.

Read the Publishers description below.

Patchwork is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. In the past, it was a way to make use of leftover pieces of cloth to create clothing and quilts. Today, patchwork is a form of art, in which the designers use precious fabrics to create beautiful textiles. The use of uneven pieces of fabric in particular can result in real masterpieces and is therefore being practiced by a large number of textile artists.

To create a beautiful quilt, however, requires effort and time, but the available patches just do not want to fit together. So choose your patches carefully and keep a healthy supply of buttons to not only finish your quilt, but to make it better and more beautiful than your opponent‘s.

Ages 8+
2 Players
Approx 15 minutes

Patchwork™ contains

  • 1 neutral token
  • 2 time tokens
  • 2 quilt boards
  • 1 two sided central time board
  • 33 patches
  • 50 button tiles
  • 1 rule book.

This title is slated for release in November.  As always release dates can be delayed due to factors outside of the control of the publisher or the distributor.


Mayfair Games and their subsidiary Lookout Games has announced a new title to be released soon Murano.  If you are someone who likes variability in their gameplay this title appears to be one that will likely appeal to you.  Designed by Inka & Markus Brand with beautiful artwork from Klemens Franz.

Read the Publishers description below.

Murano seeks the most glorious of merchants.  There is a lot going on in the Venetian lagoon: glassblowers are creating breathtakingly beautiful pieces of art, which are sold to discerning customers by the businessmen of various shops.

Various and esteemed personalities visit the small islands of Murano in search of treasures to acquire.  If your work lives up to their high standards, fame and glory shall be yours and you shall achieve victory in this game.

Murano is an exciting mix of different game mechanics and challenging from beginning to end.   The game board changes from turn to turn and every move counts.

Only at the end of the game, will you find out who has spent his resources best, built most skillfully, and placed his gondoliers most profitably!

New Buildings must always be placed adjacently to streets. Murano tile-laying-game – the trick is buildings may be neutral or belong to a player, making profit from all the many customers in the alleys.

On your turn move a ship to the next free spot and play the corresponding action.  Murano’s simple worker placement mechanic  involves a lot of decisions, with each movement changing the options for everyone!

The building cards provide many special benefits that allow for a broad range of strategies every time you play.

Ages 10+
2-4 Players
60-75 Minutes

Murano™ contains

  • 1 game board
  • 8 ships
  • 40 character cards
  • 42 street tiles
  • 12 glass factory tiles
  • 12 shop tiles
  • 12 palace tiles
  • 12 special building tiles
  • 15 special building cards
  • 1 island tile
  • 1 bag
  • 30 acrylic beads
  • 32 gondoliers
  • 60 markers
  • 49 coins
  • 1 rulebook