An update to our story that Eurazeo had placed it’s stake in Asmodee up for sale – the unknown potential buyer has been announced. Released in a statement on Friday, Eurazeo is in discussions with PAI Partners, one of the largest private equity houses in Europe based in Paris, France. The sale, if it were to go forward, would have to go through an approval process as per French law and could be finalized by the end of 2018. The deal could mean a return of up to four times Eurazeo’s initial investment! We’ll post more information as the story develops.

Long time board game publisher Mayfair Games has announced it’s closure as a publisher.

After 36 years, this was not an easy decision or one we took lightly, but it was necessary.

Board game publishing giant Amodee has purchased all the assets of the former company, including the product lines of both Mayfair Games, Inc and also Lookout Games, GmbH.

Once we had come to this conclusion, we knew we had to find a good home for our games which is when we reached out to Asmodee.

This news marks the latest addition to Asmodee’s now very impressive arsenal who have been aquiring other high-profile publishers over the past few years.

Thank you to the many retailers, reviewers, customers, industry partners, and volunteers, who made us a success over the past 36 years!

With such household names as Catan and Agricola under their belt, Mayfair Games have left an undeniable mark on the industry of board gaming and introduced a generation of fans to what this wonderful hobby has to offer. For me personally the thanks, is very much mutual.

Mayfair Games have announced two new card games that will be coming in September of this year, Run Bunny Run and Food Chain.  Run Bunny Run is a family weight one versus many game where one person plays the bunny, and the rest play the pack of wolves that chases them.  Each turn the wolves will be playing movement cards to try and box in the bunny, while the bunny will be moving relative to the wolves, trying to make it home.  In the end it’s a matter of if the bunny escapes, or if the wolves manage to corner the bunny.  This is for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up, and plays anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes.

Next is Food Chain, a game about out-thinking your opponents in a Rock Paper Scissors kind of way.  Each player has a hand of cards depicting five different animals, each being the predator of one other animal in a circle like Rock Paper Scissors; dog beats cat, flea beats dog, worm beats flea, etc.  On a turn everyone will simultaneously reveal a selected card, any cards that are beaten are collected by the victorious player and then the next round happens.  The game ends when someone is eliminated, and then captured cards are counted and whoever has the most is the winner.  So in the end, the game is all about keeping track of what people have or don’t have, and trying to guess what they will play.  The game plays 3 to 6 people, ages 8 and up in about 30 minutes.

One of Uwe Rosenburg’s classic games is finally coming back into print courtesy of Lookout Games and Mayfair, and that game is Le Havre.  The game itself plays very simply in that on your turn you have two actions you can take, grab a stack of goods being offered, or activate one of the many buildings on the board.  The buildings will allow you to sell goods, upgrade goods, and even use the money you gained to build new buildings or ships.  After seven turns the round is over, your cattle and grain will increase based on how much you have, and then you have to feed your people.  After a set number of rounds the game is over and you get one final action to maximize your money, and whoever has the most is the winner.

This game is highly rated on BGG and has also been long out of print, with copies on the second hand market getting as high as $160.  Luckily with this reprint the price to acquire this game will come down to something more reasonable, so look for it on store shelves in the new year.

oh my goods

Mayfair Games has officially announced the upcoming release from designer Alexander Pfister (Port Royal) entitled Oh My Goods!  This is a card game in which players take on the role of medieval craftsmen striving to produce tools, barrels, glass windows, and many other goods, and must achieve the title of most efficient, profitable business owner in your village.  Players will have many decisions to make, such as whether to produce a higher (and sloppier) quantity of goods, or aim for the highest quality of manufacturing.

Oh My Goods! is for 2-4 players ages 10 and up and plays in 30 minutes.  The game’s street release date is June 2016.  For more information, visit Mayfair Games’ website.

steam 5

Steam, from Martin Wallace and Mayfair Games, is already chock full of expansion content and getting even more in the form of Map Expansion 5: Boxcar.  This release will feature two new maps – India and South East US – as well as an assortment of mini-expansions that can be added to other Steam maps.  From the press release:

New Action Tiles can be added to your games to change the dynamic of previous maps – The Surveyor, The Midnight Express, The Local Payoff, & Corporate Charity. The Gray Market Goods expansion adds a level of mystery to your goods supply and creates dual goods.

We’ve also included the previous mini-expansions that were only found as promos: Demanding Suppliers, City Growth Special Contractors, and the Five Way Town. In addition to all this, we’ve added more track tiles and have created new complex hard curve tracks.

The addition of promos as full retail release will undoubtedly be great news for many, but wait, there’s more!  A new Universal Display board is added allowing you to play expansions next to expansions maps rather than on top of the original board.  Finally, the box is designed to fit all existing Steam expansions and an updated omnibus of rules for all expansions.  Boxcar seems to be a very appropriate title for this release!  Get your tickets ready, Steam Map Expansion 5 releases in April 2016.

five year mission

Mayfair Games announces a new game by designer David E. Whitcher, Star Trek: Five-Year Mission.  A cooperative game for 3-7 players, Star Trek: Five-Year Mission creates a scenario in which players assume the role of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise for a…you guessed it…five-year mission.

As the crew of the Enterprise, players can choose whether to “engage” with either the Enterprise NCC-1701 or the next generation NCC 1701-D.  Players must overcome multiple obstacles throughout their mission that threaten to destroy the ship.  Cooperating as a crew to solve these threats will result in scoring points for your crew and winning the game.

Every great starship crew is made up of individuals with very different, specialized abilities, and it is no different in Star Trek: Five-Year Mission.  Each player will use their crew member’s special abilities cooperatively with the rest of the crew and their abilities to overcome each dangerous alert situation.

The game box will contain:

  • 1 Enterprise mat (double-sided)
  • 7 Crew mats (double-sided)
  • 3 Decks of alert cards (24 Blue, 24 Yellow, 24 Red)
  • 35 Six-sided dice (14 red, 14 blue, 7 yellow)
  • 1 sand timer
  • 1 damage marker

Star Trek: Five-Year Mission is for 3-7 players ages 10 and up and plays in 30-45 minutes.  The game is scheduled for release later in 2015.

Now all those worries of losing or damaging the Catan game components as you travel are over!  Mayfair Games has announced a travel edition of Catan that will feature a space-saving box that unfolds to reveal:

“The variable board. Roads, settlements and cities are safe in their locking drawers.  Cards are held securely in holder trays. Even the dice, thanks to the practical hex-shaped shaker cannot get dropped and lost.  CATAN compact is handy, fits easily into your luggage and contains all of the components and fun the “big” CATAN.

A copy of Catan Traveler will contain:

  • 1 folding tough plastic box
  • 6 double-sided plastic game board parts
  • 1 dice shaker
  • 97 plastic game pieces
  • 2 plastic card holders
  • 134 cards

It is important to note that this version of Catan, due to its unique design, will not be compatible with any of the Expansions or Extensions in the Catan line of products.  This new travel version is scheduled for release in the summer of 2015.

Treasures of all types! But the hard part is not capturing the ship’s bounty, but dividing it fairly to the pirates!  To the clever go the spoils in a new game of piracy and plunder from Mayfair Games!

Mayfair Games announces a new game from designer Alexander Cobian entitled Booty!  In this pirate-themed card game, players will begin each round by revealing treasure cards with varying types of booty such as immediate points, cards that cancel other cards, and hidden items to keep all the pirate players guessing.  Each round, the Quartermaster role moves from player to player, whose job it is to divide the treasures into shares.  The Quartermaster also selects the order of picking treasures in the next round. Balancing what you need, what others might want, and trying to get a little extra into your treasure pile is the key to success!

The game also includes building cards that provide special benefits and allow for unique game experiences every time you play.  A copy of the game will include:

  • 108 cards
  • 54 player flag tiles (9 of each color)
  • 6 player turn order tiles
  • 6 turn selection tiles
  • 4 stock market markers
  • 1 quartermaster token
  • 1 Quartermaster token
  • 5 islands tiles
  • 12 legacy tiles
  • 1 rulebook

Booty! is for 2-6 players ages 10 and up and plays in about 60 minutes.  Booty! is scheduled for release in August of 2015.


It may sound like a crazy idea. 10 Catanimals traveling through the northern part of India on Motor-Rickshaws. But if the reason for such a journey is the support for a great humanitarian project like Childaid Network, that idea may sound a little less crazy.

Mayfair Games would like to announce that this, the 20th anniversary of the now iconic game of Catan, will be a year chock full of surprises and special offerings.  Of these offerings, the first will begin on April 6th, where Mayfair will be teaming up with Kosmos Verlag and Catan GmbH to present the Catan Rickshaw Run 2015.

The Catan Team’s aim is to divide into 4 teams and travel the country of India via motorized rickshaws (in all 4 player colors from Catan), visiting the less-traveled areas of India that are far-removed from the usual tourist spots.  The teams will include a 10-person Catan Team made up of four members from Mayfair Games, two from Kosmos Verlag of Stuttgart, Germany and four members from Catan GmbH of Rossdorf, Germany.  There will also be international crew, composed of four Americans, five Germans and one French citizen.


They will begin on the west coast of India in the town of Jaisalmer, then travel for two weeks across 2700 km (1677 miles) of northern India, passing through Jaipur, Agra, Kanpur, Varanasi, Patna, Siliguri and Guwahati until they reach their destination in distant Shillong.

Through this tour, they will be showing the rest of the world what daily life in these more remote areas is like and the challenges the people of these areas are facing.  This endeavor will be raising support for Cool Earth and Childaid Network, an organization that is “doing an amazing job in the north eastern part of India building and maintaining several humanitarian projects that help street kids as well as setting up schools.”

To read more about this event, visit Catan’s website here.