Matt Hyra

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Panic at the Pleasure Palace is the newest entry from Cryptozoic Entertainment in the popular, spell-casting card game. Panic at the Pleasure Palace “introduces Magically Transmitted Diseases,” or MTDs, which is about all you need to know to decide whether this fourth game in the Epic Spell Wars series is a fit for your particular sensibilities.

Coming Q3 2018, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Panic at the Pleasure Palace brings more of the inventive art and imaginative characters to the series while ratcheting up the vulgarity, swears, and mature themes. For more details on this game by Corey Jones and Matt Hyra, with art by RS Bixby, check out Cryptozoic’s website.

QST Tabetop Subscription Box is a really interesting new project just launched on Kickstarter. QST aims to deliver a brand new board game each month, created as a collaboration between a famous concept creator, board game designer, and artist. What makes this project special is the amazing caliber of the personalities already lined up. Get ready for a long impressive list.

The Concept people include Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty), Nolan Bushnell (Remember Atari and Chuck E. Cheese), R. A. Salvatore (Sci Fi Author), Kevin Eastman (Heroes in a half shell), and many others.

Board Game Designers include Richard Borg (Liar’s Dice, Memoir ’44), Bruno Faidutti (Citadels, Mission Red Planet), Bruno Cathala (Shadows  Over Camelot, Cyclades), James Ernest (Kill Dr Lucky), Seiji Kanai (Love Letter), just to name a few.

The artist list is no slouch either, with huge names from various field, such as Vincent Dutrait, Mihajlo Dimitrovski, and Marvel artist Walt Simonson.

The first game from QST will be Foreclosure: Dungeon Masters Tavern, by Cory Jones (Co-Founder of Cryptozooic), Matt Hyra (Adventure Time Card Wars) and Robb Mommaerts (Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis). In Foreclosure, the boss monsters have sought legal counsel and sued the dungeon masters over loss of treasure. Having won, they are now collecting on the loot from the Dungeon Masters Tavern, driven into foreclosure. 2-4 players take on the roles of varied monsters in a blind bidding game in an attempt to gather the most loot.

The Kickstarter Campaign will run through September 29, and is expected to start shipping in March 2018. Check out the complete list of people involved here.

Special effects studio wizards Weta Workshop and Cryptozooic Entertainment have teamed up with designer Matt Hyra (Attack on Titan: Deck Building Game, Ghostbusters: The Board Game, DC Comics Deck Building Game, and many others) to bring the 2-4p mech combat game GKR: Heavy Hitters to Kickstarter. In Giant Killer Robots (GKR) players create a squad, build their deck of cards and compete for fame, fortune, and salvage rights. GKR: Heavy Hitters combines mech building, dice rolling and tactical play with beautiful components. The 4 asymmetric teams each come with 1 large (139 mm) pre-painted miniature and a support team of three smaller (47 mm) units.

Players take the role of a unique pilot with special skills and upgrades, commanding one of the teams to battle with primary, secondary and orbital weapons. As players take damage, they lose cards from their deck, and if the cards run out, they are eliminated. The goal is to tag the large buildings on the board, which gains the player corporate sponsorship and tactical advantage. Four tags on a building destroys the structure, and four destroyed buildings wins the game.

The GKR: Heavy Hitters Kickstarter campaign continues until March 24, and is expected to deliver in December 2017. Click here to go to the Kickstarter page.