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“An unthinkable catastrophe has ravaged Europe. The main infrastructure of Paris has been destroyed. In a few weeks, the city is covered in strange, lush vegetation. The survivors of the apocalypse must reunite, and roll up their sleeves to rebuild civilization in this new Eden.”

Matagot Games has announced Paris: New Eden by designers Florian Grenier and Ludovic Maublanc (Cyclades, Dice Town). Paris is a lighter dice drafting, post-apocalyptic board game in which 2-4 players collect survivors, aquire buildings, resolve events and in general try to score the most victory points within 4 seasons. Players start by drafting custom dice 6 showing survivor types – tinkerers, brawlers, healers, sages, farmers, and wilds. These dice come from action spaces, and after taking a die, players execute the action from that location. Players next fight for buildings associated with each die type, spending the dice to purchase the cards. These cards are collected in order of strength – the player with the most tinkerers gets first pick of the tinkerer buildings, and so on. Players can then overcome events for victory points, using survivors and supplies from their location cards. Finally, all of those survivors need to be fed with collected farmers and cans of food, earning more points. After 4 seasons, players can collect on secret mission cards, and the player with the most victory points is declared the winner.

Paris: New Eden is scheduled to have a limited release in Essen this October, with retail to follow soon thereafter.  

Seasons of Inis, the soon to be released expansion by Matagot, has a lot to offer to fans of Inis.  Seasons of Inis is an expansion comprised of five very different modules that fans can add to Inis, customizing the game as they see fit. The first module is the addition of an extra player, including action cards and complementary pieces. With a fifth player, competition for leadership will be intent and the battles will be epic. The second module, called We Want a King, shortens the game by avoiding multiple ties for victory if the Brenn is not involved.  This module is ideal for 5-player games but it may also be used in 3- or 4-player games. The third module, The Seasons of Inis, introduces seasonal festivals and climate conditions.  As the seasons change, different climatic conditions affect player actions. Everything tends to slow down in winter while spring issues a renewal phase. Players will need to adapt their strategies to the cycle of the seasons. The fourth module, Sea Travel, introduces a new type of territory: the island.  Players can build harbors on a territory, enabling them to travel on the sea to any other territory with a harbor, including other harbors on the main land. Lastly, the fifth module includes 15 new Epic Tale cards to add to the Epic Tale deck.  

Seasons of Inis is available for pre-order now and is expected to be released soon.  Contents include Season board, Season marker, 5 Season reference cards, 2 updated Action cards (replacing those from the base game), 4 new Action cards (5th player), 1 Pretender token (5th player), 12 clan figures (5th player), 15 new Epic Tale cards, 6 new territories & 1 updated territory tile, 6 new corresponding Advantage cards, 9 Harbor tiles, 1 Deed tokens, 1 Macha’s Curse token, 1 Fili token, 5 Banshee tokens, and 1 King tile.

raptor traler

If you ever wondered what your favourite game designers would look like if they featured in a blockbuster movie dinosaur hunt, then look no further than this new trailer for the Raptor board game. This is a French language trailer (although still worth a look if you’re not a French speaker) featuring Raptor game designers Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti as well as many others as they embark on a dinosaur hunt.  You get a few close up shots of the board and components towards the end and the dino artwork is used as the dinosaurs that attack the explorers.  This is essentially a bit of fun for all the people involved in the production of the game and is a nice idea that shows all involved have a great sense of humour while still getting the word out about the new game.  I particularly like the disclaimer at the end declaring that no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of the trailer!

ultimate warriorz

Originally released in 2011 by Pulsar Games, Ultimate Warriorz is back in a new multilingual third edition published by Matagot. Designed by Guillaume Blossier, this is an arena combat game for 2-8 players who have all come to the sacred arena to participate in the great Tribal Rumble and be named chief of the legendary End of the World Island. But only the Ultimate Warrior will achieve that highest honor, so players need to choose their cards wisely and time their actions carefully.

ultimate warriorz game

Find more information on the game at Boardgamegeek, the online board game database, or check out the publisher’s own website here.

matagot banner

Matagot unveiled their FaceBook page, Matogot US, for North America and Asia.  Liked.

In addition, here is some information on their appearance at Essen this year.  AquaSphere, by Stefan Feld, has been riding the “hotness” for some time and I’m looking forward to the bluffing, deduction game Room-25: Season 2 designed by François Rouzé.



Titans releases next month from Asmodee Games and is designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc.  Previously reported here, this is the second expansion for Cyclades and features conflict around neighboring islands and 6 great, ancient Greek cities.  The game includes a double-sided game board, an offerings board, a large Kronos tiles, 5 Divine Artifact figurines & cards, 5 Special Metropolis cards tiles & cards, and 7 prosperity markers.

titans pieces

enwp solo

Expedition: Northwest Passage is an excellent strategy, exploration game with a very interesting sun mechanic that freezes or thaws the sea as it rotates around the board.  The game released in 2010, designed by Yves Tourigny, and published by Matagot.

Matagot released a variant that will make slight changes to game play and scoring to allow solo play.


Coming soon from Matagot Games

Later this year, the designers (Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc) of 2009’s Dice Town will bring a prequel to gaming tables.  In this American West dice rolling game, players are trying to free their bandits from jail and pick up jobs.  On a player’s turn, roll the dice up to three times, setting aside any to save them.  Combine hits and symbols to desperadoes to help them move closer freedom.  Once a desperado is free, the player can use him to rob from the other players.


Bonus cards are available when some dice combinations are rolled or if a player cannot do anything with the roll.  These cards prevent being robbed or alternate uses for the die symbols.  To win, be the first to free all your bandits or, if nothing else, being the last one standing.