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Matt Cave, owner of Batcave Games, loves Legendary Marvel, and after his first play of it he was hooked and owns all the expansions.  He even went so far as to start buying the Marvel 3D trading cards in order to get the exclusive heroes and bystanders for the game.  Though as he bought the Marvel 3D cards he noticed something, Upper Deck was running a contest, golden ticket style, to turn a lucky player into a new card.  So he promptly bought a whole case of the card packs to try to get that elusive card, and he did.  So after working with the entertainment product development team at Upper Deck, he is now an official bystander card that will be included in the new Legendary Civil War set.  You can read more about the story and see his card on the Upper Deck site.

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Last year’s re-implementation of the VS. System card game by Upper Deck has received pretty good reviews and is essentially a self contained card game similar to Magic in that you pick a hero, and then build a 60 card deck around that hero to battle with.  Initially the set released dealt with Marvel and the heroes in that universe, and another set coming out this year called The Defenders will also feature Marvel heroes.  Now they will be adding a set for the Aliens movie and will feature cards and characters from the iconic movies and even give you the ability to play as the vicious Xenomorphs.  Expected release is in August this year and you can check out the announcement on ICv2, however, not much is there as not much has been released about the new set.

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Dice Master fans look out. Looks like Wizkids! will be taking advantage of the new Captain America: Civil War movie coming out soon with an exciting new expansion set in, obviously, the Marvel Universe. Wizkids! had the following to announce. This was of particular excitement to me as, although I do enjoy the DC heroes – I’m preferential to Marvel and the movie looks amazing (I’m also on the the side of enjoying Spidey’s cameo in the trailer). Anyways, this was an exciting announcement, for me, regarding the Dice Masters franchise.

Hillside, NJ — March 23, 2016 – Marvel’s most divisive conflict comes to Dice Masters this May with the release of Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War! Based on the hit comic book storyline, players can join the fight and add their favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains to their teams! With all new game play mechanics, both new and veteran players will enjoy this addition to the Marvel Dice Masters line.

Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War features more than 30 fan-favorite Pro and Anti Registration Super Heroes including Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Thor and more! With gameplay that supports two players in epic dice battles, players can choose sides and create teams for whatever faction they support!

To expand your collection, WizKids also offers Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War foil packs, which contain two cards and two dice with additional heroes and villains. Available for $0.99 MSRP each, these make a great purchase for new and established Dice Masters players alike!

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The iconic American hero Captain America will be celebrating his 75th anniversary this year, and Upper Deck will be releasing a small box expansion for the Legendary Deck Building Game dedicated to the captain.  The new expansion will include new Heroes and Villains, as well as two new Masterminds and four challenging new Schemes.

Upper Deck would like to reveal the first “spoiler” for the new expansion, the keyword Savior. This keyword appears often on the cards of this set, and ask you to look at a player’s victory pile.  Here is a description of the keyword in detail:

If you have three or more Bystanders in your victory pile, then you are a “Savior.” Many cards, such as Liberate the Prisoners, will give a player a benefit if he or she is a Savior. In this case, if you are a Savior, you get to draw a card. It’s as simple as that.

There is one rule that should be mentioned regarding Savior. You will notice there’s one other effect on Liberate the Prisoners above. If you’ve already played an Avengers card before you play Liberate the Prisoners, you get to rescue a Bystander. What if you have two Bystanders in your victory pile, then you play a different Avengers card, and then you play Liberate the Prisoners after that? Does that third Bystander count towards being a Savior or not? The answer is that it does. The general rule is if a Hero card rescues a Bystander, that counts towards any Savior ability on that Hero.

More “spoilers” from this new expansion set will be released soon.  To read more about this expansion, visit the forums on here.

Munchkin Marvel, not exactly what you think of when someone says a new Marvel game is coming out.  But that won’t stop Steve Jackson Games from capitalizing on the cinematic universe’s popularity by combining it with Munchkin.  Not much has been revealed yet about the game other than it will still be typical Munchkin gameplay (can we say Spiderman in an Ironman suit?) and that there will be level trackers in the game as well as special S.H.I.E.L.D. ID cards for player identification.  So unless Steve Jackson Games starts showing us some previews, we will just have to patiently wait until April 2016 for it’s release.

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Upper Deck has announced its latest expansion for the Marvel Legendary card game series, Captain America 75th.  In this small box expansion, players will be able to recreate 75 years of Captain America history with 5 new Heroes, 2 new villain groups, 2 new Masterminds, and multiple new schemes to expand the game.  The game will feature five new characters, all taking up the mantle of Captain America with the same level of strategy, depth, fun, and replayability fans have come to rely on in Marvel Legendary.  Each expansion set will include 100 playable cards, featuring all original art, including 4 pieces of unique art per hero.

The Marvel Captain America 75th Legendary Small Box Expansion has a scheduled release date of February 2016.  For more information on this new release, visit the publisher’s website HERE.


WizKids is pleased to announce the North American release of the latest version of their popular Dice Masters line, The Amazing Spider-Man.  This new set for the dice-building collectible line introduces new characters such as Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Kingpin.  Additionally, this new set premieres the Sinister Six, Allies, Underdogs, and other new and exciting mechanics.

One copy of Dice Masters:  The Amazing Spider-Man includes the following components:

  • 44 Custom Dice
  • 38 Cards
  • Two Dice Bags
  • Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook

As with previous Dice Masters sets, the Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man Gravity Feed, Playmat, Collector’s Box and Team Box will all be available for players to purchase in order to complete their collections.

For more information on this new release, visit the product page here.

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It’s about that time again! WizKids is gearing up to release the latest installment of their wildly popular collectible dice game Dice Masters, designed by Eric Lang and Mike Elliot. An excellent 2 player (or 4 player if using team rules) combat/dice building game which feels like the perfect combination of Quarriors and Magic: The Gathering, Marvel Dice Masters plays in about 30 minutes and allows you to build your dream team of all your favorite Marvel superheroes (or villains), which each provide their own special abilities to help you crush your enemies.

dice master spiderman

The newest set, The Amazing Spider-Man, is scheduled to hit stores in North America next month and will feature many classic Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Kingpin and the Sinister Six.

Read the full press release below:

Web-Spinning and Dice Flinging – WizKids Unveils Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man

Hillside, NJ — October 6, 2015 – WizKids, maker of the popular Dice Masters series of tabletop dice-building games, is pleased to announce the newest game in the platform, featuring everyone’s favorite wall-crawler: Marvel’s Spider-Man! The new Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider­-Man collection will arrive in North American retail this November, and promises plenty of fun and awesome dice-building adventures for fans and collectors.

The Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider­-Man Starter Set features fan-favorite characters like Spider­-Man, Ghost Rider, Kingpin, and more! Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider­-Man also premieres the Sinister Six, Allies, Underdogs, and other exciting mechanics!

With game­play that supports two players in epic dice battles, Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-­Man will let players build their own team of heroes or villains! The Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-­Man Starter Set is perfect for the Dice Masters veteran or someone looking to jump into the game fresh!


  • 44 Custom Dice
  • 38 Cards
  • Two Dice Bags
  • Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook

mutant revolution

Did you enjoy the gameplay of Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery but would prefer a different theme?  If so, X-Men: Mutant Revolution, from Gale Force Nine and WizKids, might be just the ticket for you.

Based on Gale Force Nine’s popular “Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery” tabletop game, “X-Men: Mutant Revolution” will allow you to play as classic X-Men characters, including Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, or Storm, as each leads a different school with unique powers and abilities. 2-4 players can take part in the mutant action, each recruiting heroes and students to their school, then training teams and sending them on missions to spread their school’s vision for mutants to the world.

The game features four pre-painted minis and other bits featuring WizKids’ HeroClix technology.  Read more about the game here and watch for X-Men: Mutant Revolution to hit stores in March 2015.