Marvel HeroClix

Origins is one of the biggest conventions in the US for gaming, and they have been giving out their awards for the best each year.  The different categories include family games, role-playing games, card games, game accessories, board games, collectible games (CCG, TCG, etc.), miniatures, and finally a Game of the Year.  Some of the past winners include great games like Codenames, Imperial Assault, and 7 Wonders Duel, so you know bad games aren’t getting these awards.  But that’s enough background information, here are the nominees for the 2017 Origins Awards:

Family Games (6 Nominees)

Role-Playing Game (10 Nominees)

  • 7th Sea: Second Edition by John Wick Presents (designed by John Wick, Mike Curry, Rob Justice, Mark Diaz Truman, Jesse Heinig)
  • Curse of Strahd by Wizards of the Coast-D&D (designed by Jeremy Crawford, Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman, Adam Lee, Christopher Perkins, and Richard Whitters)
  • No Thank You, Evil! by Monte Cook Games (designed by Shanna Germain and Monte Cook)
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Fantasy Flight (designed by Tim Flanders, Corey Konieczka, and Sam Stewart)
  • Shadowrun-Seattle Sprawl by Catalyst Game Labs (designed by Raymond Croteau, Jason Hardy, James Meiers, O.C. Presley, Scott Schletz, R.J. Thomas, Malik Toms, Thomas Willoughby, CZ Wright, and Russell Zimmerman)
  • Symbaroum by Järnringen and co-published by Modiphius Entertainment (designed by Martin Grip, Mattias Johnsson, Mattias Lilja and Johan Nohr.
  • Storm King’s Thunder by Wizards of the Coast-D&D (designed by Jenna Helland, Adam Lee, Mike Mearls, Christopher Perkins, and Richard Whitters)
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire-Special Modifications by Fantasy Flight (designed by Blake Bennett, Tim Cox, Jordan Goldfarb, Sterling Hershey and Monte Lin)
  • The One Ring: Horse: Lords of Rohan by Cubicle 7 (designed by Shane Ivey, Andrew Kenrick, T.S. Luikart, Francesco Nepitello, and James Spahn)
  • Volo’s Guide to Monsters by Wizards of the Coast-D&D (designed by Jeremy Crawford, Ed Greenwood, Adam Lee, Mike Mearls, Kim Mohan, Christopher Perkins, Sean K. Reynolds, Matthew Sernett, Chris Sims, and Steve Winter)

Traditional Card Games (8 Nominees)

Game Accessories (4 Nominees)

  • Blood Rage Organizer by The Broken Token (designed by Greg Spence)
  • Dungeon Morph Dice Adventurer Set by Inkwell Ideas / Q-Workshop (designed by Joe Wetzel, Dyson Logos, Matt Jackson, Shane Knysh, Tim Ballew, Dave Millar, Sigurd Johansson, AJ Stone)
  • Flip ‘N Tray Mat Case by Ultimate Guard (designed by Adrian Alonso)
  • Improved D Total by Gamescience (designed by Dr. A.F. Simkin, Col. Louis Zocchi, Frank Dutrait)

Board Games (10 Nominees)

  • Blood Rage by (designed by Eric M. Lang)
  • Clank! by Renegade Games (designed by Paul Dennen)
  • Cry Havoc by Portal Games (designed by Grant Rodiek, Michael Oracz, Michael Walczak)
  • Feast for Odin by Z Man Games/Asmodee (designed by Uwe Rosenberg)
  • Islebound by Red Raven Games (designed by Ryan Laukat)
  • Mansions of Madness by Fantasy Flight/Asmodee (designed by Christopher Burdett, Anders Finér, Henning Ludvigsen)
  • Scythe by Stonemaier Games (designed by Jamey Stegmaier)
  • Star Wars Rebellion by Fantasy Flight (designed by Corey Konieczka)
  • Terraforming Mars by (designed by Jacob Fryxelius)
  • World’s Fair 1893 by Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games (designed by J. Alex Kevern)

Collectible Games (5 Nominees)

  • Yu-Gi-Oh Breaker of Shadow Booster by Konami (designed by Konami Digital Entertainment)
  • Pokémon XY11 Steam Siege Booster by Pokémon USA (designed by The Pokémon Company)
  • Magic the Gathering: Kaladesh Booster Pack by Wizards of the Coast
  • Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Booster Brick by WizKids (designed by WizKids)
  • Cardfight Vanguard Fighters Collection by Bushiroad

Miniatures (5 Nominees)

  • Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team by Games Workshop
  •  Konflikt ’47 by Warlord Games (designed by Clockwork Goblin Miniatures)
  • Dragon Rampant by Battlefront/Gale Force Nine
  • TANKS by Battlefront/Gale Force Nine (designed by Andrew Haught, Chris Townley, Phil Yates)
  • Dropfleet Commander by Hawk Wargames (designed by Andy Chambers and David Lewis)

heroclix spanish

Many board games are language-heavy, and it’s difficult to play a game if you can’t read the text. It’s exciting when publishers make the effort to provide translations in other languages. WizKids, creators of Marvel Heroclix, are planning to expand HeroClix products globally with full translations by May of next year. To start it off, they are releasing the Marvel HeroClix: Classic Avengers Starter Set and Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Booster Brick in Spanish. The Starter Set includes six Avengers figures, a rulebook, map, cards, dice, and tokens. The Booster Brick has more collectible figures, and all the text will be translated into Spanish.

For more information, see the press release here or below:

WizKids is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Marvel HeroClix: Classic Avengers Starter Set and Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Booster Brick translated in Spanish. This offering will be the first production of fully translated HeroClix products available May 2016 globally.

The Marvel HeroClix: Classic Avengers Starter Set features six iconic Avengers figures including Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America. The Starter Set also comes with a double-sided HeroClix map of the Avengers Mansion Grounds and Negative Zone Prison along with a rulebook, Power and Abilities Card (PAC), dice and tokens.

The Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men Booster Brick has 70 figures to collect and features three major sub themes of the All-New X-Men, Marauders and Freedom Force. All cards, text and packaging will be fully translated into Spanish.

As WizKids expands globally, they are excited to offer translation opportunities to distributors around the world.  Recently, Esdevium Games began offering free Italian and Frenchtranslations of the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set in the form of print and play PDF files.

Stores can pre-order the Spanish editions of these Marvel HeroClix products directly from their distributors today.

WizKids se alegra de anunciar el lanzamiento del Set de inicio Marvel HeroClix: Classic Avengers y la colección Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men traducidos al español. Estos serán los primeros productos de HeroClix traducidos íntegramente y estarán disponibles en todo el mundo en mayo de 2016.

El Set de inicio Marvel HeroClix: Classic Avengers incluye seis figuras de miembros emblemáticos de Los Vengadores: Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor y Capitán América. Este Set de inicio también incluye un mapa doble de HeroClix (la mansión de los Vengadores y la prisión de la Zona Negativa), un reglamento, una tarjeta de poderes y habilidades (TPA), dados y marcadores.

El set Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men presenta 70 nuevas figuras para coleccionar e incluye tres grandes subtemas: los Nuevos X-Men, los Merodeadores y la Fuerza de la Libertad. Todas las tarjetas, textos y empaquetado estarán completamente traducidos al español.

A medida que WizKids se expande globalmente, están emocionados por poder ofrecer oportunidades de traducción a los distribuidores de todo el mundo. Recientemente, Esdevium Games comenzó a ofrecer traducciones gratuitas al francés y al italiano de la colección DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman en forma de archivos imprimibles en formato PDF.

Las tiendas ya pueden reservar las ediciones en español de estos productos de Marvel HeroClix directamente de sus distribuidores.


May 2014

  • Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men Play Mat
  • Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool Gravity Feed
  • Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool “Thunderbolt” Fast Forces Pack

June 2014

  • Pathfinder Battles: Reign of Winter
  • Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men Organized Play Story-line Month One
  • DC HeroClix: War of Light, Sinestro Corps, Wave One, Story-Line Month 1-6

July 2014

  • Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play Story-line Month One
  • Justice League Strategy Game
  • D&D Fantasy Miniatures Starter Set Heroes

August 2014

  • Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Dominion
  • D&D Fantasy Miniatures Set One
  • Marvel HeroClix: Guardians of the Galaxy Gravity Feed and Inhumans Fast Forces Pack

September 2014

  • Marvel Dice Masters: The Uncanny X-Men
  • DC HeroClix: Alternate Color Lantern Pack

October 2014

  • Star Trek: Attack Wing Resistance is Futile Organized Play Month 1-3
  • D&D: Attack Wing Wave One, Green Dragon Expansion, Elf Wizard Expansion, Frost Giant Expansion, Elf Guard Troop Expansion, Hobgoblin Troop Expansion, Dwarven Ballista Expansion, Wraith Expansion

November 2014

  • DC HeroClix: The Flash
  • D&D: Attack Wing Wave Two, Black Shadow Dragon Expansion, Movanic Deva Angel Expansion, Aarakocra Expansion