Play both sides of sanity in Gates of Delirium

Renegade Game Studios announces Gates of Delirium, a new 19th century horror-inspired game. Designed by the husband/wife game design duo Jordan and Mandy Goddard (Lotus), Gates of Delirium is not your typical Lovecraftian horror game.  While the arrival of the monstrosities may be inevitable, players in this game will shift between sanity and insanity, alternating the types of actions they can do and the points they can score.  Each action card has two types of actions: one for a sane person, one for an insane person. Each round, one player will decide if it is a sane round or an insane round.  During a sane round, players will search for maps and lost pages to a secret tome while assigning investigators to help them in their cause.  During an insane round, players collect ancient runes and work to build Gates to release the monstrosities.  In the end, the monstrosities will arrive, and the player with the most victory points when the last monstrosity is released is the winner.

Gates of Delirium plays 2-4 players, ages 14+, in about 45 minutes.  Contents include 1 double-sided game map, 80 action cards, 90 gates cards, 40 Investigators (10 per player), 4 Player Journals, 4 Score Markers, 24 Desperation Tokens, 7 Scroll Cards, 6 Monstrosity Discs, 1 Sanity Disc (double-sided) and rulebook. Gates of Delirium is available for pre-order now, or look for the game at your friendly local game store this fall.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Arkham Nights 2018, the ultimate celebration of Lovecraftian Horror. Taking place at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, Minnesota on October 19-20! During this awesome event, you will have the chance to play demos, receive exclusive gifts and meet the masters of madness who bring the Arkham Horror Files games to life.

This year, the event will feature both classic games and new adventures. Experience demos and playthroughs of Eldritch Horror, Elder Sign, Mansions of Madness, Arkham Horror: The Card Game and End of the World: Wrath of the Gods. You will also get a chance to look beyond the veil with previews of the highly-anticipated Arkham Horror Third Edition.

The thrilling final chapter of a two-part scenario for Arkham Horror: The Card Game will also be available to experience. This scenario, which began with The Eternal Slumber at Gen Con earlier this year, has already been shaped by the results of the previous investigation. Arkham Nights 2018 is your chance to leave your mark on the game!

“While The Night’s Usurper will have a wide release at a later date as part of Guardians of the Abyss, this event holds a special weight, as the final outcome will shape the future of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Based on the results of this event, one of three possible basic weaknesses will be added to a future product. Will you be able to lessen the blow for your fellow investigators, or will your actions doom the world to a terrible fate?”

Play games with the designers

Richard Launius (the original designer of Arkham Horror), as well as Matt Newman and Nate French (designers of Arkham Horror: The Card Game), will be special guests during the event. In addition, some of the designers will be leading “Play with the Designer” sessions of their games as well as other exciting special events. Who wouldn’t want to play 1st edition Arkham Horror with Richard Launius on a giant board?

On Friday night, seats will be raffled off to design a card for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Lucky attendees will be able to join a Card Council with Matt Newman and Nate French, granting a rare glimpse into these designers’ deranged minds. The cards designed at Arkham Nights 2018 will be printed and distributed to all attendees before the end of the event, so even if you aren’t chosen for the Card Council, you can still bring a unique piece of the madness home.

Swag bag of horror

All Arkham Nights 2018 attendees will receive a gift bag filled with Lovecraftian loot. These mementos include:
• An exclusive 6” by 9” black velveteen bag, emblazoned with an eldritch emblem
• A collection of acrylic health and sanity tokens
• A set of Arkham-themed dice
• A preview character from Arkham Horror Third Edition and one from Elder Sign
• A deck box
• A copy of The Night’s Usurper Scenario Pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game

The event costs $70 (worth every penny) and tickets can be ordered here. (If anyone wants to sponsor my trip (from Denmark) to the event, please just let me know.)

Fantasy Flight Games has released details about their newest expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, The Path to Carcosa. Fans of the Lovecraftian Mythos will love the exptensive references to The King In Yellow, the famous short stories by Robert W. Chambers, featuring the titular play which infects the mind and breeds insanity. Carcosa introduces new “hidden” keywords, causing terrors and abilities to a single player, which must be kept hidden. New concepts of Doubt and Conviction drive the personal nature of the game, changing the campaign line between stories.

You can read the full news story about The Path to Carcosa here, and look for the expansion in August 2017.

fates comp

Richard Launius, designer on hits, such as Arkham Horror, is revisiting Lovecraft in a new Kickstarter that is currently live. Fate of the Elder Gods is a 1-4 player game that has players take on the role of cultists with the sole objective of awakening the one they worship to bring an end to mankind. Fate is to be published by Greater than Games, famous for games such as VivaJava: the Coffee game, Bottom of the Ninth, and the newly released New Bedford.

Players move around areas of a Fate Clock shaped board in an effort for area control to activate Astral Symbols and ready power spells. Once a spell is readied, it may cast at any time, and help in readying future spells creating an engine of power. As more and more cultists create activity at a location, investigators will be attracted to put a stop your evil machinations. Too much activity may cause an investigator to raid your lodge and place Elder Signs to slow, and eventually stop you from summoning your Elder God, thus, ending the game.

If your cult is able to build their Summon Track to 9 before investigators and Elder Signs they win, and the world ends.

The game contains:

  • 19 inch by 22 inch (480x550mm) quad-fold playing board
  • 80 Cultists
  • 25 Investigators
  • 2 Cthulhu Fate Piece markers
  • 65 Euro mini-sized Spell cards
  • 20 square Artifact cards
  • 20 Euro mini-sized Curse cards
  • 16 Euro mini-sized Gate cards
  • 8 player reference cards
  • 8 Elder God Lodge boards
  • 8 Elder God Selection cards
  • 10 custom dice
  • 4 Track tokens
  • 40 Elder Signs
  • 6 Squall tokens
  • 18-page rulebook

The campaign ends on Aug 19, so go head over to their Kickstarter Page for all the details.


madness at midnight

Madness at Midnight recently went live on Kickstarter. Now you, and up to 4 other players, can control a band of deranged cultist to fulfill sinister plots, and control key locations in Arkham. Beware, though, as your opponents will try to undermine you and possibly call in the feds to end the game and take the win away from you.

The first player to reach 13 victory points win, but if you don’t keep the investigators at bay, they’ll call in a federal raid and make everybody lose – except for the cult with the least points who escapes notice.

Madness at Midnight is a game from Mr. B Games, and it’s designed by Mads L. Brynnum and Richard Launius.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here.

misk school for boys

From Garrett Herdter and Fun to 11 Games comes a reverse deduction game sure to please – Miskatonic School for Boys. Having been playtested and demoed under the name “Delirium”, this game has gotten a lot of attention at championships, unpub events, and blind tests. Now it has been given the full Lovecraft treatment and is campaign ready to be funded on Kickstarter! Check out the brief and tantalizing description below:

The game takes place during the final 3-day test in the “Human Behavior” course. Each day of the test starts with the Lovecraftian horrors (players) in control of random human students from the school. Each horror uses deduction and deception to figure out which student they are in possession of (no mirrors in the classroom) before the other members of the class.

misk school for boys comp

Ever since playing the brilliant Tobago, I’ve wanted there to be more reverse deduction games to really sink my teeth into. Miskatonic School for Boys is really looking to scratch that awesome itch. An exciting aspect of the genre is the “race” it creates. To make an example, Tobago is about treasure hunting and once the location of treasure is “revealed” all the players may race to grab it. Fun to 11’s new production produces a similar feel – All players are quickly trying to form the best guess of who they are in the game. The earliest guess gains bonus points, and forces all other players to submit an answer, ready or not, as well. Given the 19 months of testing and reviews throughout it’s adolescence, Miskatonic School for Boys looks to be a truly worthwhile game to add to any collection. Check out the Kickstarter for more info!

cthulhu reign vid

F2Z Entertainment released a teaser video for the upcoming release of Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu.  Chuck D. Yager and Matt Leacock have joined forces to create a new game that pits players against the ancient Old Ones of Lovecraft mythology.  In the game, players will be working together to seal the cosmic portals before the Old Ones break out into the world.

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu is scheduled for release at Gen Con 2016.  You can view a teaser video for the upcoming game here.

Something is stirring in the Alaskan wilderness. Waves of freezing ice and terrible hunger roll across the land. The Ancient Ones have returned!

Omens of Ice is the latest expansion for Fantasy Flight’s cooperative horror dice game, Elder Sign, in which players must protect their sanity as they race to discover the eldritch symbols that they need to seal the Ancient Ones out of our world. In this expansion, players will embark on an Alaskan Expedition, with a whole new adventure deck, searching the wild places for clues about the source of these strange disturbances. Danger appears at all sides, from terrifying beasts to icy storms and freezing temperatures, all tearing at your sanity and your all-important supplies.

The expansion also includes a new Alaskan Mythos deck, new investigators, and two difficulty levels for your expedition – the relative calm and warmth of Summer, or the dark, foreboding, unforgiving winter.

Look for the Omens before the snows melt and the ice thaws! You can find it in your friendly local game store some time in the first quarter of 2016.

Read the full announcement here.

shuffle heroes

Shuffle Heroes, a new two-player card game, will be coming out on Kickstarter next Monday, July 27.

Shuffle Heroes is a fast-paced card game set in a dark fantasy steampunk world filled with Lovecraftian monsters. In the game, you draft two heroes, and each hero has a deck of cards with unique mechanics. Together, the cards build your draw deck. To influence what your opponent will have in his deck, there is deck de-construction – you can destroy cards from your opponent’s deck. To win, you defeat the enemy heroes by either killing them or wearing them down.

Shuffle Heroes will be coming out on Kickstarter on July 27 in 3 languages: English, German, and Czech, so keep an eye out for the Kickstarter! To learn more, check out the Facebook page here.

Impressions Game Distribution Services has announced an April 20th distributor ship date for the following new releases!



In this cooperative card game for 2-7 players, you are one of a group of laboratory scientists working for a giant chemical research conglomerate.  In a series of experiments, your group has accidentally released a deadly toxin.  You and the other players must work together to discover the antidote before it’s too late.  When all your cards run out, everyone must drink their antidote and hope that it’s the right one…

forge war

Forge War

In Forge War, players take on the role of leader of fledgling adventurer’s guild, and the king has tasked the guilds with ridding the hordes that are taking over the lands.  Guilds will be collecting resources such as metals and precious gems, as well as developing weapons to successfully meet the king’s demands.  Forge War is a competitive game of economic management and spatial reasoning in a high fantasy theme, and features much player interaction and many meaningful decisions. The core game lasts about 1 hour, with a longer 3-stage game for a full epic experience.

Metamorphosis Alpha: Book of Handouts

This book contains 16 illustrations that can be shown to players to supplement a game of Metamorphosis Alpha, to be used at the game master’s whim.

dungeon crawl

Dungeon Crawl Classics #84 and #85: Peril on the Purple Planet, The Making of the Ghost Ring

Two new modules will be released in the Dungeon Crawl Classics line, Peril on the Purple Planet (#84) and The Making of the Ghost Ring (#85).  In #84, players will be striving to conquer the alien world known as the Purple Planet without falling to its traps.

Peril on the Purple Planet is a 32-page adventure module with gatefold map and wraparound covers, and includes the following components:

• The Purple Planet Companion, a 64-page supplement detailing a Purple Planet campaign.
• Escape from the Purple Planet, a 12-page starter adventure for 0-level characters.
• Lost Tombs of the Ancients, a 24-page collection of five more short adventures.
• A three-panel judge’s screen.
• A 16-page Player’s Guide.
• A 12-page book of handouts.

In #85, a level 4 adventure, players will be coming to the aid of a ghostly enchantress, which will lead them to a quest to create a magic ring.  A separate version of module #85 will be available, which features original sketches by the artist.



Enter Rome at the time of the slave uprisings under Spartacus! The escaped rebels have managed to gain influence and power. Rome is attempting to undermine the stronger armies of the slaves in order to restore “pax”, or peace – but only for personal gain. Will the Empire collapse under the strain, or will their promises to insurgents succeed in drawing them to their side?

In PAX, players take on the role of the escaped slave underground.  Using their cards, they will attempt to undermine the Roman establishment and increase their sphere of influence.  Players will win the game by developing more strength than Rome (and any other player).  This game involves tricky tactical decisions, and a player can, through deception and intrigue, side with Rome to aid in a victory over the slave revolt.

PAX is for 1-4 players ages 10 and up, and plays in 30 minutes.



They were the most powerful nations of their time: the Carthaginians, Romans, Hellenes, Egyptians and Persians. Pergamemnon assembles all of these peoples for an epic showdown.

Pergamemnon is a deck-builder in which players will become on of the most powerful nations in antiquity, and through direct conflict, will vie for victory.  Nations will also be able to conjure mythical creatures to influence the battle in their favor.

Pergamemnon is a game for 2-5 players ages 10 and up, and plays in 45 minutes.

Shadow of the Elder Gods 

Shadow of the Elder Gods is a cooperative, card-driven game set in the Lovecraft universe, specifically in the city of Arkham.  As the citizens of the Miskatonic Valley, 1-4 players will work together to wield the awful power of the Ring of Shadows to stop the dark forces threatening to end all.

space junk

Space Junk

Space Junk is a board game that depicts a futuristic reality show, in which the players contest to clean up the heavily-littered atmosphere of Earth by building the most ridiculous space ships they can out of the junk.  What’s more, contestants will be jumping into hot-seated races against one another in their contraptions, making weapons out of whatever they can find to get an edge.  Space Junk is a game for 2-6 players with many different cards to allow for a greater variety of gameplay.

All of the games listed above are scheduled to be distributed to dealers on April 20, 2015.  For more information on these releases, visit the Impressions News page here.